It was four friends on a journey. Much like Dorothy and the gang as they headed down the yellow brick road to the Emerald City in the Wizards of Oz. That’s the story of Wizards at Tribeca in Kuala Lumpur.

Friends on a journey create some of the best stories. And this is one of them.

It first started with The Red Beanbag at Publika and then Yellow Brick Road at Plaza Batai. Fast forward a couple of years and the Wizards at Tribeca was born – another passionate project by the four dreamers and it’s made its mark in the KL food scene.

Wizards in Kuala Lumpur has been inspired by the Royal Palace of Oz in Emerald City, at the end of the yellow brick road in the Land of Oz.

You’ll find the Wizards at Tribeca in downtown Kuala Lumpur, just around the corner from KL’s shopping mecca Pavillion. The restaurant is brightly lit with floor to ceiling windows allowing a lot of natural light to come through – perfect for those instagrammable shots that you’ll definitely want to take for the ‘Gram’. The design of the space is tranquil with plenty of greenery, a splash of orchids, and modern furnishing that decorates the space.

Wizards at Tribeca Kuala Lumpur | Hello Raya Blog

Wizards at Tribeca Kuala Lumpur | Hello Raya Blog

Wizards at Tribeca Kuala Lumpur | Hello Raya Blog

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It doesn’t just stop there.

If you’re a sucker for good coffee, then Wizards nails it with a damn good brew. So damn good that they’ve won award after award for various categories under the sun with champion titles for the following:

  • Malaysia Barista Championship 2015 & 2017 – Champion
  • Malaysia Brewers Cup 2017 & 2019 – Champion
  • Monin Coffee Cup 2017 – Champion
  • Hilton Bar Challenge – Champion

Then you have the day time menu, filled with Aussie favorites that have been infused with Asian flavours. You’ll find comfort favorites with a few twists and turns (dare I say just like the yellow brick road), making Wizards the perfect spot for weekend brunch in KL with your besties and even for weekday lunch when you just need a break from the office.

Wickedly Delicious Dishes to Order at Wizards at Tribeca

Taro Mish Mash

Just when you thought no one could beat the Aussie favorite avocado on toast, Wizards trumped it with their Taro Mish Mash (RM28 | U$8). The Taro Mish Mash is avocado on toast gone mentally delicious.

Wizards at Tribeca Kuala Lumpur | Taro Mish Mash | Hello Raya Blog Wizards at Tribeca Kuala Lumpur | Taro Mish Mash | Hello Raya Blog

Infusing Asian flavors, the highlight is the mashed yam, which is earthy and velvety. Its spread over toasted French sourdough bread, and then topped with diced avocado pesto, tomato salsa, feta cheese and poached eggs.

The avocado pesto and tomato salsa introduce bright flavors to this dish, whilst the mashed yam and poached eggs adds a layer of creamy richness. It’s a complex dish with many layers that bring it altogether.

Turning Japanese

Taking inspiration from the Japanese somen, which is a dish using thin wheat flour noodles, Turning Japanese (RM30 | A$7) is served chilled.

Wizards at Tribeca Kuala Lumpur | Turning Japanese | Hello Raya Blog Wizards at Tribeca Kuala Lumpur | Turning Japanese | Hello Raya Blog

The noodles are dressed with a shiitake mushroom broth and topped with BBQ unagi (eel), flying fish roe and super crispy baby prawns. There’s a hint of truffle, adding a level of complexity to the dish yet it is refreshingly light – perfect for those who aren’t after a heavy meal.

Sally Bowles

Bowls are the craze at the moment here in Kuala Lumpur – and Sally Bowles is no exception. Sally Bowles (RM32 | U$8) is colorful and delicious, a hearty bowl of goodness that will surely brighten up your day.

Wizards at Tribeca Kuala Lumpur | Sally Bowles | Hello Raya Blog Wizards at Tribeca Kuala Lumpur | Sally Bowles | Hello Raya Blog

The star is the tataki salmon, which has been lightly seared and cubed. And then bringing it altogether is the onsen egg in the centre, and slices of fresh avocado, pickled cucumber, and seaweed. Everything sits on a bed of Japanese rice and a creamy wasabi mayonnaise – it was happiness in a bowl.

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Wizards Foie Gras Brioche

This is the first time I have seen foie gras on a breakfast and brunch menu.

Wizards at Tribeca Kuala Lumpur | Wizards Foie Gras Brioche | Hello Raya Blog

Wizards at Tribeca Kuala Lumpur | Wizards Foie Gras Brioche | Hello Raya Blog

The foie gras was generous in size and it was cooked to perfection. It was creamy in texture and paired beautifully with the brioche (which might I add was deliciously fluffy and only had a soft hint of sweetness). The duxelle mushrooms and mixed berries reduction helped to bring the dish altogether. And to top it all off, there’s another layer of texture – the crispy beef bacon.

An intriguing dish to say the least. The Wizards Foie Gras Brioche (RM44 | U$11) was deliciously complex; an interesting addition to brunch.

Unagi Benedict

Another very Aussie breakfast dish is the eggs benedict. Meet the Wizards version – the Unagi Benedict (RM32 | U$8) – an Asian infused eggs benedict that has removed out the smoked salmon and ham, and injected the dish with BBQ unagi (eel).

Wizards at Tribeca Kuala Lumpur | Unagi Benedict | Hello Raya Blog

Wizards at Tribeca Kuala Lumpur | Unagi Benedict | Hello Raya Blog

Sounds interestingly weird, the Unagi Benedict is actually delicious. The BBQ unagi (eel), poached eggs, and avocado sits on top of brioche. There’s a generous drizzle of the house-made sansho pepper hollandaise sauce, and a final touch is added – a generous serving of kale crisps.

Golden Molten Lava

No food experience is complete without dessert.

Now I am a true sucker for Liu Sha Bao – a steamed dim sun bun that’s filled with salted egg custard. It is oh-so-delicious and I was so excited to learn that Shaun, one of the owners of Wizards at Tribeca shares the same obsession.

Wizards at Tribeca Kuala Lumpur | Golden Molten Lava Cake | Hello Raya Blog Wizards at Tribeca Kuala Lumpur | Golden Molten Lava Cake | Hello Raya Blog

Meet the Golden Molten Lava (RM28 | U$7), a dessert that takes inspiration from the Liu Sha Bao. Using single origin chocolate from Venezuela to create the base, the cake is filled with a molten salted egg ‘lava’ that oozes from the cake.

It’s moist and goes well with the salted egg crumble and vanilla ice-cream, making this the dessert the perfect finale for our dining experience at Wizards.

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Coffee at Wizards at Tribeca

Coffee is a real culture at Wizards in KL.

It isn’t taken lightly.

And here in Malaysia we have been blessed, especially in the recent years, to be able to get good quality coffee.

Specialty coffee is a fine art that takes a lot of skill and practice to master. We spoke to Shaun, one of the owners of Wizards who shared with us that he actually practices up to four hours a day to continue mastering his skills. With this kind of dedication, it’s no wonder that Shaun recently took home the Champion Title at the Malaysia Brewers Cup 2019 and will have the chance to represent Malaysia in April when the World Brewers Cup takes place in Boston.

Wizards at Tribeca Kuala Lumpur | Hello Raya Blog

Wizards at Tribeca Kuala Lumpur | Coffee | Hello Raya Blog

Wizards at Tribeca Kuala Lumpur | Coffee | Hello Raya Blog

The coffee beans at Wizards in KL rotates ever 1 to 2 weeks, giving customers the chance to try different beans. It’s a menu of approximately 4-5 different varieties, each with its own personality. You can choose to have your coffee filtered, or made into an espresso or piccolo latte.

For those who prefer to stick with flavor they are used to, the team will always have coffee beans that are comforting and reassuring… the type that most people will understand. These usually are beans from places such as Brazil and Indonesia. But if you are keen to experiment, Wizards introduces a number of specialty beans which are refreshing, uplifting, and playfully different.

KISS (“Keep It Simple Stupid”) is the motto Wizards follow when brewing their coffee – don’t overcomplicate it. Let the flavors of the beans and the roasting do the talking.

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The Verdict

Wizards at Tribeca is a beautiful space that’s perfect for those insta-worthy shots. The food and coffee menus are filled with gems that’ll keep you coming back for more.

As they say, food is always better when shared with good friends! And so Wizards makes for a great spot for this… especially for those loooooong (and maybe even boozy) brunch dates with your besties on the weekends. So perfect that it does get very busy so bookings are a must. Wizards is open every day from 10am until 10pm.

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  1. I keep reading Tribeca and forgetting this restaurant is not in New York! I like that they took their inspiration from the Wizard of Oz, that is a unique idea. Also, that food looks simply delicious. Beautiful food presentation with every single dish!

  2. I’m drooling just looking at all the photos of the delicious food. Wizards at Tribeca seems like such an eclectic place to have the perfect meal. I particularly like Turning Japanese, but more than that, as a coffee drinker, I would love to taste what I am sure is among the best coffee in KL.

  3. This looks like a really rad place for especially coffee lovers. The pictures of the food and the descriptions make my mouth water. It seems to be fusion-based (best ideas for marrying culture ever) So i will be saving Wizards at Tribeca for a visit the next time I’m in KL.

  4. What a beautiful café – I especially love the cascading greenery, the bentwood chairs, and all of that natural light from the windows. The food is so artfully presented, and I’m intrigued by the unusual combinations of ingredients. Definitely Instagram-worthy, and definitely a place I will try if I’m in Kuala Lumpur!

  5. I am so impressed with this restaurant. The food looks incredible and the presentation is superb. Your photos are excellent, really capturing the food in its best light. I think I just need to travel to KL just to try Wizards out!. We will be in KL in April but unfortunately just transiting with not enough time to dash in and try it out. Thanks for sharing.

  6. The food served looks so good that I would not like to spoil it with spoon and fork and eat it. I want to keep them in a showcase. It’s actually drooling. Wizards at Tribeca is definitely on my list next time I visit KL.

  7. Your post is so appetizing! I loved the energy in the cafe in terms of light, design and the Buzz. Now about food…..I think you did a great job with the pictures. Sally Bowles and Unagi Benedict made me so hungry. No wonder they have won so many awards. The food looks truly delectable. I will surely visit Wizards at Tribeca when in KL

  8. This looks like a great place for coffee lovers like me. I knew KL had some awesome cafes and restaurants but I never knew about this place. It’s awesome that they drew inspiration from the Wizard of Oz, I love the theme. The food looks simply delicious too, I’m drooling just by looking at the pictures.

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