The hotel is just a stone throw’s away from the airport. It is only a few minutes’ drive to the beach. And it offers an array of modern facilities for the comfort traveller. It is the Watermark Hotel & Spa at Jimbaran Bay.

The hotel is a modern and contemporary Japanese style hotel located in the Jimbaran bay area. It is a spacious place, offering a variety of dining options, 2 pools including a rooftop pool which is a great spot to hang out in the afternoon…especially if you are looking to get some sunbaking done.

Watermark Hotel Jimbaran - Bali, Indonesia - Rooftop Pool - Hello Raya Blog
The Rooftop Pool area

Quick Facts

Star Rating: 4-Star

Location: Jimbaran, Bali (Indonesia)

Number of Pools: 2 main pools, plus several private pools

Number of Rooms: 143

Number of Dining Options: 3

The Club Suite Room

During our stay at the Watermark Hotel, we enjoyed a Club Suite Room, which was located on the top level of the hotel (level 5). The balcony offered a view over the town of Jimbaran and also overlooked the main hotel pool.

Watermark Hotel Jimbaran - Bali, Indonesia - Club Suite Room - Hello Raya Blog Watermark Hotel Jimbaran - Bali, Indonesia - Club Suite Room - Hello Raya Blog

The room is spacious and is fitted out with most of the bells and whistles you would find in a comfortable modern hotel. One of my favorite parts of the room was the Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine. The hotel provided 6 coffee capsules, which meant I got to enjoy a nice cup of coffee throughout the 2 days we were there.

Watermark Hotel Jimbaran - Bali, Indonesia - Club Suite Room - Hello Raya Blog

The room was designed with a Japanese style in mind – the beds did not come with a bedframe, but rather the mattress sat on the ground. I actually really loved this, and it actually made the room look even bigger. There was a nice sized couch with coffee table in front of the bed, that overlooked a large sized TV. The TV had a large variety of channels – a lot of Japanese channels, as well as many other international channels.

The balcony was slightly more on the smaller side, but it was enough to fit a small day bed. There was some wooden panelling next to the day bed, which meant you didn’t get too much of a view from it. I would have liked to been able to enjoy the view while laying on the day bed.

Watermark Hotel Jimbaran - Bali, Indonesia - Club Suite Room - Hello Raya Blog Watermark Hotel Jimbaran - Bali, Indonesia - Club Suite Room - Hello Raya Blog

The bathroom was an excellent size, and came with an open style shower (no shower curtain) and a large size bathtub. There was a his and hers sink, with plenty of space to store your toiletries. The bathroom had a huge glass wall, which meant you could overlook the room while taking a shower.

The Club Suite Room of the Watermark Hotel was generous in their offering of toiletries – we had 3 sets of shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. This meant there was no shortage of toiletries needed. There was a separated toilet from the rest of the bathroom, which I really liked because it meant a lot more privacy.

Watermark Hotel Jimbaran - Bali, Indonesia - Toiletries in the Hotel Room - Hello Raya Blog

Because we stayed in the Club Suite Room, this meant we were able to have a one time offer of afternoon canapés in their club lounge. To be honest, the food limited, but we did appreciate the free drinks.

Watermark Hotel Jimbaran - Bali, Indonesia - Club Lounge - Hello Raya Blog


The Pools

The hotel has 2 pools available for guest use. The main pool is located on the lobby floor and is a great lap style pool with a small waterfall on one end. There is also a small waddle pool on the side of the main pool, which is perfect for kids. The second pool is located on the roof top.

Watermark Hotel Jimbaran - Bali, Indonesia - Main Pool - Hello Raya Blog
The Main Pool Area
Watermark Hotel Jimbaran - Bali, Indonesia - The Main Swimming Pool - Hello Raya Blog
The main pool also has a small waterfall like feature

The rooftop pool is not so deep – it came about waist deep for me. It is right next to a small bar area, where you can order your cocktails and drinks. There are also a few day beds available, which make for a fantastic spot to snap a few fun photos! Cheeeeeseee!

There were a few times when we didn’t find any staff around the pools, so I am not sure if there is any lifeguard on duty.

Watermark Hotel Jimbaran - Bali, Indonesia - Rooftop Pool - Hello Raya Blog
There are several day beds available in the rooftop pool area.
Watermark Hotel Jimbaran - Bali, Indonesia - Rooftop Pool - Hello Raya Blog
The rooftop pool is located on level 5 of the Watermark Hotel


The hotel comes with 3 dining options, which means choice and variety depending on what you feel like eating.

W Senses Restaurant is the Watermark Hotel’s coffee shop, which serves a range of international food. This is where you would have your typical breakfast buffet each morning. The breakfast buffet offered a good variety of food, and even came with fresh cold pressed juice! The breakfast buffet does get super busy, especially during peak season. So I recommend trying to get to breakfast first thing in the morning to avoid the crowd.

For lunch, there is a small menu of several dishes ranging from a Burger to a more Japanese-style lunch. I had the spicy mince with eggplant on rice, which was a tasty dish. It was more on the spicy side with a bit of black pepper, rather than chilli. Hubby enjoyed the Burger, which was huge! It was a great size and was very filling to eat.

Watermark Hotel Jimbaran - Bali, Indonesia - Lunch at W Senses - Hello Raya Blog
Burger for lunch at the W Senses Restaurant

Nishiazabu Imadoki is the hotel’s Japanese restaurant. It is also possible to have breakfast here. The breakfast is in a traditional Japanese style and you can’t choose what you have. There was a good amount of variety on our tray – from fish to meat to pickles to soup to rice. It was definitely an interesting experience as I have never had a typical Japanese breakfast.

Watermark Hotel Jimbaran - Bali, Indonesia - Breakfast at the Japanese Restaurant - Hello Raya Blog
The Japanese Breakfast
Watermark Hotel Jimbaran - Bali, Indonesia - Japanese Restaurant - Hello Raya Blog
The Japanese Restaurant at the hotel. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is available here.

The Angelique Café is a café, which offers a small selection of pastries and sweets, and also has a menu where you can order an international selection of dishes.

Tips & Tricks

  • Do book a Club Suite Room or higher if you plan to stay here. I appreciated the extras that came with the room, including the Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine and drinking water dispenser.
  • If you want to get some shopping down, book yourself onto one of the hotel’s free shuttles that will take you into the heart of Kuta and Seminyak.
  • If you are staying at least two nights here, do try the Japanese breakfast at least once for a different experience.
  • The hotel offers a free Airport shuttle

My Verdict on the Watermark Hotel

Overall we had a very comfortable stay at the Watermark Hotel in Jimbaran. It is conveniently located right near the airport, which is perfect especially if you have a late night or early morning flight.

The hotel is designed in a more Japanese modern style, which is best fit for a more comfort traveller. I found it unique to be able to eat a Japanese breakfast – it seemed quite authentic and was delicious.

Watermark Hotel Jimbaran - Bali, Indonesia - Lobby - Hello Raya Blog
The lobby area of the Watermark Hotel in Jimbaran
Watermark Hotel Jimbaran - Bali, Indonesia - Rooftop Pool - Hello Raya Blog
The rooftop pool area

The Club Suite Room starts at around A$150 (U$115) per night, plus or minus depending on the season you travel and availability of the room type. If you are more on a budget, then a Superior Room is more affordable at A$75 (U$55) per night (again plus or minus depending on availability and season).

If you are more of a comfort traveller, and/or are looking for something more modern with a Japanese twist, then the Watermark Hotel in Jimbaran is the choice for you.

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Watermark Hotel Jimbaran - Bali, Indonesia - Hello Raya Blog

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  1. This place looks amazing!! I love your photos and you provided such great information about the hotel. I love how it’s Japanese inspired and that coffee machine looks so cool! I definitely want to stay here!

  2. This is a great post to read first hour in the morning and dream about summer holidays, somewhere without the snow and cold that we have in Romania right now. Watermark Hotel & Spa at Jimbaran Bay look really great, I would love to stay there some day and especially the rooftop area of the swimming pool with the day beds. I always take a picture of me in a day bed, I don’t know why I love them so much.

  3. I love a good rooftop pool to chill in as the sun sets. Club suites can also be such good value for money, especially getting all of the benefits like the evening canapes. I’d love to go sometime!

  4. I have never slept on a mattress on the floor, but you are right, it does make the room look bigger without the bedframe. The swim up bar in the pool looks great!

  5. Looks so luxurious. I love those huts by the pools! Also sounds like a great menu. Sometimes I just need a burger, but I also like to dabble with new local foods! I really want to go to Bali. Bookmarking this for the planning phase!

  6. I loved Japan when I visited a few years ago so to try a Japanese experience in Bali would be a unique experience! That rooftop pool looks awesome, and the bed on the floor is a great touch – I often find it more comfortable sleeping on the floor anyway so I’d be in heaven!

  7. Private pools and a roof top pool!? I’m sold. Haha I’m all about being in the water. I do prefer deeper pools though. That coffee machine looks like a space pod. The lobby is gorgeous. I would definitely check this place out!

  8. What a gorgeous property!! The day bed on the balcony is interesting. I wonder why it is there? It isn’t far from the regular bed I see from the photo and you can’t see the view from it…. curious!

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