Ahhh Langkawi. The picturesque island located off the main land of Malaysia. A place for hungry adventurists, runaway workaholics, and nature and beach lovers. The rainforests and waterfalls are bustling, the beaches are dazzling, and the islands surrounding are intriguing – this is just the tip of the iceberg of reasons you should visit Langkawi. Now I can suggest all the more common things to do in Langkawi, but let’s be real here…you could just read it in your lonely planet guide. Instead, if you’re finding yourself on this beautiful Malaysian island, here are ten unique things you can do in Langkawi to make your stay worthwhile.

Unique Things to do in Langkawi

Spend the Day on a Private Island

Unique Things to do in Langkawi - Paradise 101 Private Island | Hello Raya Blog

Crowd-free, serene and somehow set out for only the imaginative, the private Paradise 101 island gives you ample time to reflect while soaking in the bask of nature. Take insta-worthy shots without series of people photobombing, while you can also relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the added personalized service from Naam. With restricted access, safety, and an unusual charm, Paradise 101 is your own eco-friendly day-resort private island that takes the island experience to an entirely new level. Plus there’s plenty of adventure to tickle the daredevil in you – from zip line to jet pilot to jetski.

Explore Langkawi Islands on a Jet Ski

Unique Things to do in Langkawi - Jet Ski Tour | Hello Raya Blog

Langkawi is a hub of islands…101 islands in fact. So how to pick which ones to visit? Well why not hop onto a jet ski in Langkawi and explore a few of them while riding the wide-open waters of the Andaman Sea. Start in the early hours of the morning and ride into the appreciable sights, until when the sun’s up to heat the fun. You’ll get to explore the Pregnant Maiden Island, the Fjords, and even the experience of riding beneath limestone structures.

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Eat Your Way Around Langkawi

Unique Things to do in Langkawi - Eating in Langkawi | Hello Raya Blog

Malaysia is a haven of food with so many delicious Malaysian foods you have to try when you find yourself in this part of the world.  And if you’re after your pick of island bites while in Langkawi, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our guide to places to eat in Langkawi. Eat and drink your way around the island, treating your buds and belly in amongst all the adventure and exploring. There’s dessert, local delicacies, beach-front dining, sunset drinks…you name it. The toughest decision you’re going to have to make today is…which one?

Ride on a Glass Bottom Cable Car

Unique Things to do in Langkawi - Cable Car | Hello Raya Blog

The Langkawi Sky Cab is one of the world’s longest cable cars and runs to the tip-top of the highest peak in Langkawi. Of course you can choose to chicken out and ride on one of the normal cable cars up to the peak… or you could spark that adventurous soul in you and treat yourself to a thrilling cable car ride.

Unique Things to do in Langkawi - Cable Car | Hello Raya Blog

From up the top, you’ll get a bird’s eye view over Langkawi and its islands, plus all that lush nature that surrounds. Also at the top you’ll get to walk along one of the highest bridges…which gets to my next point.

Trek Along the Langkawi Sky Bridge

Unique Things to do in Langkawi - Langkawi Sky Bridge | Hello Raya Blog

This 125-meter experience is a pedway that comprises an enclosed footbridge. To reach it, you have to first ride up the cable car (a glass bottom one if you dare?). If there is any other sky bridge in the whole of Malaysia, the Langkawi Sky Bridge is the one to add to your Southeast Asian bucket list. Relish in the charm of the rocky high-rises, fluffy clouds you can seem to almost touch, green vegetation, and overlapping waters. The bridge is the brainchild design of Peter Wyss, CEPAS Plan, and Angkasa Jurutera Perunding who designed the bridge to span 125 meters across and 660 meters above sea level.

Stay in a Living Museum

Unique Things to do in Langkawi - Temple Tree at Bon Ton | Hello Raya Blog

Accommodation options in Langkawi are rather too plenty to mention. But if you have an eye or taste for a resort that reeks of authenticity, uniqueness and marvelling quality experience, then the Temple Tree at the Bon Ton is the place for you –  your home away from home. Just twenty minutes’ walk from the Cenang Beach (or a very short drive), the Bon Ton estate houses 8 original Malaysian heritage homes. The owner is a collector of antique colonial-era buildings so when you’re on the estate, your surrounding by a wealth of history boasting centuries old.

Enjoy Sunset Drinks & Dinner While Sailing the Andaman

Unique Things to do in Langkawi - Sunset Cruise | Hello Raya Blog

Soak in the allure of one of the most beautiful sunsets in Langkawi, and best done on a sunset cruise in Langkawi. Because the sun’s bedtime ritual matters to most, there is a tailored cruise on some of the best yachts waiting to glide you through Langkawi waters and watch the sun do its good night tradition. Experience one of those picture-perfect moments where the dwindling sun glistens golden patches of light onto continuously dancing, yet calming blue ocean waves.

Explore the Mountainous Rainforest of Gunung Raya

Set out for an enduring hike up the highest mountain in Langkawi – something worth your strength and time (plus it keeps you fit and healthy while travelling!). While the Gunung Raya is easy to drive up to via a paved road, you can challenge yourself by climbing up a fleet of 4,287 stairs. Or you can choose to trek through the dense jungle of Gunung Raya and discover hidden gems along the way on a guided tour. There’s so much flaura and fauna, plus the wildlife to explore that you’ll forget you’ve just trekked 6km.

Kayak Your Way Through the Mangroves

Unique Things to do in Langkawi - Kayak | Hello Raya Blog

Here’s the thing about mangrove cruises – you can literally spend 90 minutes here and there, and join every other tourist cruising along the river. So why not try something different and explore the Mangroves on a kayak in Langkawi where you can get up close and personal to beautiful nature. Your kayak will take you along the Kilim River in Geoforest Park Area betwixt limestone caves and out-of-sight canyons where monkeys, kingfishers, monitor lizards, and mud crabs are all in an utterly stupefying congregation along the river banks. Glimpse the lush flora and fauna, be at sea and have stops at the Dangli Island to watch coral fishes, as well as flying foxes, clung and dangling from treetops.

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Zipline Over One of Malaysia’s Oldest Rainforests

Unique Things to do in Langkawi - Zipline | Hello Raya Blog

Test your bravery and rekindle your adrenaline by zip-lining across Malaysia’s only UNESCO protected geopark – with 12 ziplines to explore, there’s plenty of thrill to keep you going for 1-2 hours. You’ll soar across a canopy of rainforest and waterfall, peaking in between the lush trees to spot wildlife along the way. And in amongst the thrill, you’ll also learn more about this beautiful part of the world.

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10 Comments on 10 Unique Things to do in Langkawi

  1. Aah Langkawi – paradise at its best. There is so much to do and see where do you start. I like the concept of ‘eat and drink around Langkawi’ and then walk the Sky Bridge. Then a relaxing day on Paradise 101. Hold on Langkawi I am coming!

  2. I will be visiting langkawi in the month of May this year. This post has come at the right time for me. Now I know how to plan my itinerary. The private Island visit sounds exciting.

  3. So many amazing things to do, personally I’d love to do the jet ski and the Sky Bridge – the both look pretty cool. The zip line over the rainforest looks great as well. I didn’t know there was so much chocolate sauce on Malaysian food.

  4. What a great timing of this post for me personally. I’m traveling to Langkawi this MAy and even booked into the Andaman. I really didnt knwo there is so mich to do there. Especially look forward to boating in the Mangroves and doing the cable car ride.

  5. I’m actually planning for a trip to Langkawi for end of April so your suggestions are perfect! The glass bottom cable car looks especially amazing. I mean, you can’t beat a bird’s eye view over a gorgeous paradise like this. The bridge looks like quite an adventure too and is totally bucket list worthy for sure. You’re getting me so excited to visit!!!

  6. Langkawi is amazing with so many beautiful things to do. I would love to go for sunset drinks while sailing Andamans. Stay in a living museum would be unique thing to do here as seeing culturally rich ancient colonial buildings sounds interesting.

  7. I was able to stay on a private island during my first cruise, and it was one of my favorite travel experiences. I’d love to spend some time on one in Langkawi. And, we pretty much always eat our way through the towns we visit. I’d take your lead on that one too. Thanks so much for sharing this great list.

  8. These are the things I would love to do too. I detest crowded places so spending a day on crowd-free and serene private Paradise 101 island would be perfect for me. And, I love to jet ski and ride a cable car. Watching the sun go down with a glass of drink is such a great way to end an action-packed day.

  9. You make Langkawi look like such a fun place! I have always read posts about the serene, calm honeymoon-like vibe of Langkawi. But this side was new to me. Oh, and the Langkawi Sky Cab had me sold! It’s about time I plan a vacay to Langkawi! Thanks for writing a great article!

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