Absolute beachfront. Amazing turquoise blue water views. Excellent customer service. This are just some of the words I would use to describe the Bubu Long Beach Resort in the Perhentian Islands.

The Bubu Long Beach Resort is located in the northern end of Long Beach on Perhentian Kecil. At first I had heard that Long Beach was a backpackers haven and I had wanted to book something more boutique/luxury, so I avoided booking accommodation on Long Beach.

After speaking to a friend, he actually had recommended that Hubby and I stay on Long Beach, in particular the northern end near the jetty. And so, if you are looking for great accommodation along Long Beach in Perhentian Kecil, look no further because Bubu Long Beach has got you covered.

Staying at the Bubu Long Beach Resort at the Perhentian Islands - Hello Raya Blog

Quick Facts

Star Rating: 4 Stars

Location: Long Beach, Perhentian Islands (Malaysia)

Number of Rooms: 38

Number of restaurants/cafes/bars: 3

The Bubu Long Beach Resort

The Bubu Long Beach Resort is a boutique resort, and most rooms offer either a direct or partial view over the tropical turquoise waters of the Perhentian Islands.

The resort is on the quieter side of Long Beach, whilst still being extremely accessible to the rest of the strip. It is located very close to the jetty and also just around the corner from a beautiful snorkelling spot.

This resort exceeded my expectations.

As soon as we arrived to the resort, we were greeted by Eddie, 2 welcome cocktails, and an absolute beachfront location. Right from the beginning, we received excellent customer service. Because we arrived early in the morning (10am), we were unable to check into our room just yet. However we were able to chill out in the resort and enjoy the Perhentian Islands already.

Staying at the Bubu Long Beach Resort at the Perhentian Islands - Hello Raya Blog

While the room rates are on the pricier side, it is one of the better resorts within the Perhentian Islands. And you do have to remember that you are on an island this is about 1 hour from the main land so it’s usual for things to be slightly pricier. Nevertheless, we truly enjoyed our stay here and would happily stay here again.

The Accommodation

Since it was my birthday weekend, we decided to book into the “Honeymoon Seaview Room.” The room was modern and clean, the bed was comfortable, and we got to enjoy a gorgeous view overlooking the Perhentian Islands from our very own balcony. And we were warmly welcomed with a chilled bottle of white wine to enjoy.

Staying at the Bubu Long Beach Resort at the Perhentian Islands - Hello Raya Blog

There was no TV in the room, which was fine for us because hey, we’re on a beautiful island, why waste time watching TV…right? The internet connectivity was limited in the room, but was decent in the lobby/restaurant area – enough to upload those insta-worthy shots.

Staying at the Bubu Long Beach Resort at the Perhentian Islands - Hello Raya Blog
The view from our balcony

Every morning buffet breakfast was included, but to be honest, it was quite a basic buffet breakfast. However, I did really enjoy the freshly cooked omelette and the warm chocolate croissant.

One of my favorite offerings of the resort is the cocktail hour. From 5:00pm – 6:00pm each day, every Bubu Long Beach guest gets to enjoy two complimentary cocktails. The hardest decision of the day is really what cocktail to pick! And the best part, these can be enjoyed whilst floating in the clear blue waters right in front of the resort.

Staying at the Bubu Long Beach Resort at the Perhentian Islands - Hello Raya Blog
Enjoying cocktail hour at the beach, courtesy of the Bubu Long Beach Resort

Staying at the Bubu Long Beach Resort at the Perhentian Islands - Hello Raya Blog

Eating & Drinking

There are 3 restaurants at Bubu Long Beach – the Mahi-Mahi, which is where you have your daily breakfast buffet. Then there’s the Sho Doh, which is a Japanese restaurant, and finally the Santai Restaurant for some delicious Western meets Asian food.

The Santai Restaurant

Hubby and I explored different restaurants on the island, but truly nothing beats the Santai Restaurant at the Bubu Long Beach Resort. It was truly excellent!

While the price of the menu may be a bit more than other restaurants along Long Beach, trust me it is worth it. The portions are generous, the taste of the food is fantastic, and the service is excellent. After having tried about 4 different places on the island, we decided to eat at the Santai for the remaining of our trip, because it was just unbeatable.

And I totally recommend the Nasi Goreng. You might be thinking nasi goreng? But oh my gosh yes, it was so yummy. Also the BBQ at night is pretty delicious!

And one thing that really surprised me is the huge list of wine available for purchase!

The Verdict

Hubby and I would happily stay at the Bubu Long Beach Resort again. For us, the location was fantastic, the customer service was excellent, and we loved the amazing views from our balcony room.

Staying at the Bubu Long Beach Resort at the Perhentian Islands - Hello Raya Blog

Rooms start at around U$150 (A$188) per night for a Deluxe Room. I personally recommend aiming to book a room on the 2nd or 3rd floor because you will get to enjoy some views of the beach. We loved our Honeymoon Room, which had excellent sea views from our balcony. These rooms start from around U$175 (A$220) per night. All prices listed are plus or minus depending on the season you travel and availability of the room type.

So if you ever find yourself traveling to Malaysia, I totally recommend paying a visit to the Perhentian Islands and stay at the Bubu Long Beach Resort. For more information on traveling to the Perhentian Islands, do check out my guide.

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Staying at the Bubu Long Beach Resort at the Perhentian Islands - Hello Raya Blog

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18 Comments on Turquoise Blue Water Views from the Bubu Long Beach Resort

  1. We did not have time to visit the Perhentian islands when we were in Malaysia this year. We did a tiny bit of Borneo and KL. Luckily our visa is still valid and we were thinking of heading back. Pinning it for when we do get a chance to visit.

  2. OMG this looks like heaven! I can never pass up a room with a view, and that photo with the cocktail makes me want to buy a ticket immediately. What a great find. I need to go here when I hit up Malaysia.

  3. Wow this looks like the perfect paradise! Have always been curious about Malaysia and this hotel looks to be a great choice. How lovely with free cocktail hour ?

  4. When I think of holiday, I think of a tropical paradise. The turquoise blue waters are calling my name. This is the first time that I’ve heard of this resort but I’d definitely be keeping this in mind. It is spectacular!

  5. I love the way they have thoughtfully decorated the bed. The towel art is my favourite. Japanese food is my most favourite along with Indian. Hope you found some great tasting sushi. The prices are quite reasonable for a place like this.

  6. Never heard of Perhentian Islands and this place is perfect getaway from hustle and bustle of city life. Crystal clear Blue waters are so appealing. Loved your room because of comfortable bed and a separate attached balcony with it. So romantic! Will book for BUBU resorts when visit to this place.

  7. Looks like a beautiful resort! We had hoped to go to the Perhentian Islands last year but didn’t end up making it. If we’re feeling like a splurge when we finally get there, we’ll have to check this place out!

  8. WOW! this place looks amazing! I really wanted to go to the Perenthian islands when I was in Malaysia at the beginning of the year, but it was impossible due to bad weather! I’ll definitely book the Babu Long when I am next there! thanks for sharing!

  9. The Bubu Long Beach Resort looks like the perfect place to stay. The views are incredible, especially the colour of the water! I love the idea of cocktail hour and I would have difficulty choosing which 2 to try!

  10. Perhentian islands is among the best Islands I’ve ever been. The beaches are really white fine sand and surely won’t disappoint anyone. It’s a great place for diving too!

  11. I absolutely fell in love with this property. The turquoise waters, the warm reception and the stunning views are enough to make anyone fall in love. I absolutely love a place with instaworthy shots and this looks a piece of paradise. No TV in the room? No problem for me either. Everyone should be outside for entertainment.

  12. What a perfect way to spend your Birthday weekend, isn’t it? Bubu Long Beach Resort looks amazing and a honeymoon suite with a view of those gorgeous waters, it doesn’t get better than that! And rooms starting from only $150 per night for this resort? Wow.

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