You know what – packing is a real bitch. Well ‘was’ a real bitch for me.

Deciding on what to bring was my first problem. I was trying to squeeze in as many items of clothing for those “just in case” moments. That only resulted in a heavy suitcase, that I had to lug around, filled with items I probably didn’t really need.

Today I like to think of myself as the Queen of carry on packing. I swear by this way of packing now. If I go somewhere for up to a week, I will only bring carry on. If those heels can’t fit into my carry on then it’s not coming.

But the trouble is… as a travel blogger, I need variety in my photography work. I mean heck, I can’t be seen wearing the same bikini over and over again…boring!

So with carry on, comes smarter decisions…like find a bikini that can be worn in various different ways. It’s like I have brought 4 different bikinis with me, but really I only needed to pack 1. Perfect!

Well ladies… I have found Trifena Belle bikinis. Not only are they practical for travelling, they are amazing quality that are also absolutely gorgeous to wear.

Trifena Belle Swimwear - the bikini that is awesome for travel | Hello Raya Blog

The Most Practically Gorgeous Bikini You’ll Find

Last year I started following a new Instagram account… Trifena Belle Swimwear. It was the bikini that promised to be not only practical, but also beautifully made that is just gorgeous on.

As soon as I got my hands on the bikini, I put it to the test. And I must say, I love it.

All the Trifena Belle bikinis are fully reversible, and each set can be worn in at least 4 different ways.

Trifena Belle Swimwear - The Perhentian Islands - Hello Raya Blog

This is an excellent option especially for travelling, because it means less packing, but you can still have different looks and not end up with your holiday photos looking like you have worn the same bikini over and over again. So, for me as a carry-on packing travel blogger, this is a BIG CHECK HELL YES!

Plus, all of the designs and colors are gorgeous.

Trifena Belle Swimwear - the bikini that is awesome for travel | Hello Raya Blog

I personally have the lilac/seafoam bikini in the Yasmin Top and Saffira Moderate Bottom. The bikini has beautiful intricate detailing, which includes lovely plaited straps. The straps on the top can be easily adjusted and worn in different ways.

And best of all…all this gorgeousness is affordable. You can grab a bikini set for less than U$40.

The Trifena Belle Swimwear Story

All of the Trifena Belle bikinis have been ethically handcrafted in Bali.

So what does this mean?

It means that Trifena Belle does not work with factories, but rather has connected directly with a master artisan and a network of seamstresses who hand sew all of the bikinis.

So why is this important?

While many factories are paying a very minimal wage with extremely questionable working conditions… Trifena Belle Swimwear operates fairly.

Trifena Belle Swimwear - the bikini that is awesome for travel | Hello Raya Blog

The goal for Trifena Belle Swimwear is to create classic, luxe, high quality bikinis, that are affordable (you can get a set for under U$40), and are produced ethically and fairly. Trifena Belle Swimwear makes sure that all of their workers are paid a fair wage, and are operating under good working conditions.

So this means that when you wear your Trifena Belle bikini, you know that you are supporting local artisans in Bali who are being treated fairly. Plus, you get to look gorgeous in a bikini that will last.

I personally love my Trifena Belle bikini. It is such a practical option for travelling, and looks gorgeous on for all those holiday snaps. Out goes all my other bikinis, because Trifena Belle is here to stay.

If you want to learn more about Trifena Belle Swimwear or get your hands on one (or two!) gorgeous bikinis, learn more about them here. For all my friends in Australia, the good news is Trifena Belle Swimwear offers free express shipping on all their bikinis, and you have the option to Afterpay.

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Trifena Belle Swimwear - the bikini that is awesome for travel | Packing Carry On | Hello Raya Blog

No compensation was received for this review, however Trifena Belle Swimwear kindly offered my bikini complimentary. I truly loved this product and highly recommend it. All opinions remains my own. 

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12 Comments on Trifena Belle Swimwear – The Bikini that Keeps on Giving

  1. Ok, you had me at this line “All of the Trifena Belle bikinis have been ethically handcrafted in Bali.” I hear so many bad things about all our cheap clothing, how unethically it’s’s good to find more options that I can feel good about buying! Oh and it is a really pretty bikini btw, gorgeous color! I’ll keep it in mind if I ever need a new one 🙂

  2. Haha and here I thought I was the Queen of the Carry On. I perished the rest of your site and you are very well travelled. I’m always in awe of people who can do that. Keep up the great work.

  3. I like how the swimwear is so beautiful and employs local and talented seamstresses. It’s definitely a company I would support. Now about getting my bikini body ready… That’s another thing. Hahaha.

  4. Love that this bikini is reversible. I always end up packing 4-5 bikinis per beach trip because I want my photos to look different each day. Even moreso I love, love, love that they are an ethical company. I am always willing to pay a little more when I know a product is made by a company that treats its workers fairly.

  5. Love the colour you chose! It’s very romantic and fits your skin tone perfectly! I believe the price is a bit too high for the design you get, but considering the reason behind this brand, I totally would pay for it.

  6. Wow, Soraya, first of all so proud of you that you travel with carry-on only. That’s gonna be my next mission! The bikini pictures look gorgeous and the fabric so smooth. Do they also have the option for padded cups, or you never had any “nipple sticking out” problem?

  7. Gorgeous bikini – it looks wonderful on you. I’m always a fan of ethically made clothing and love the fact that it’s reversible. I’ve also become a fan of carryon luggage in the past couple of years, which is hard when I want to pack all the clothes I own.

  8. These bikinis seem to be the perfect answer to less packing. They are reasonably priced and will make a perfect gift! It’s good to know that they are made in a safe and fair environment too.

  9. Whenever I go somewhere where I’ll probably need a bikini I always pack at least 2 for the variety, but only really wear the 1! So it’s a waste of space. This bikini seems absolutely perfect!!! I’ve seen so many “wear it multiple way” sets before but mostly have been super cheap from China or really really overly expensive brands. This is like the perfect middle man, and the fact it’s all ethically produced makes it even better! I don’t have any sunshine-y holidays planned at the moment but as soon I do I’ll definitely be looking more into Trifena Belle!

  10. This bikini sounds wonderful and I agree that it would reduce the amount of clothing for carry-on packing! I wish I had a good bod for one of them, but i’m working on it!
    I like how you can wear them 4 different ways which gives you variety as a blogger in your photographs too 🙂

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