You know…earlier during the day, I walked right past “The Study.” I walked right past it not knowing that there would be a speakeasy bar located right behind its walls. In fact, when I looked up where “The Library” should be, I couldn’t believe that I had already been there earlier during the day.

The Library Bar in Singapore - Hello Raya BlogThe Library Bar in Singapore - Hello Raya Blog

So that evening, Hubby and I make our way to The Library. I had already made a booking earlier in the week, so I was excited.

We arrive to the Library. I look around the area where the Study is and I’m thinking hmmm… where could this place be. I look to my right – nope, nothing there. I then look to my left – I see 2 guys smoking outside a door with a window that is slightly lit up. So I decide to check it out. From the outside, the shop doesn’t look like much, but I walk in anyway and find myself surrounded by what looks like spices and teas. Curiously I think to myself, “should I just stand here and hope I am in the right place?” Then a hostess comes out from the wall – AH-HAH! I am in the right spot.

The Library Bar in Singapore - Hello Raya BlogThe Library Bar in Singapore - Hello Raya Blog

The Library Bar in Singapore - Hello Raya BlogThe Library Bar in Singapore - Hello Raya Blog

“Can I please have the password?” she asks me.

Ummmm…awkward. I’m unprepared. A password? What password? Where do I get this password? While my mind is racing with possible solutions, I say to her “I did make a booking.”

“Oh perfect, what’s the booking under?” she asks. So I let her know, and then she tells me that a booking doesn’t need a password to get in. Phew, perfect!

The Library Bar in Singapore - Hello Raya BlogThe Library Bar in Singapore - Hello Raya Blog
I mean who would have thought this place would house a cool cocktail bar?

And together with the hostess, we walk through a hidden door in the wall, which takes us to a tiny room filled with mirrors. One of the mirrors then opens up to a hidden speakeasy bar known as The Library.

The Library Experience in Singapore

We are seated quite quickly, and our server hands us a menu. I have to squint my eyes to read the menu. I am struggling. Then I hear the server laugh at me, of which she then switches the small light on our table, which instantly brings our menu to life.

The Library Bar in Singapore - Hello Raya Blog

You see, to read the menu, you need a red light to shine over its pages. Without it, it looks like blurred images blended into the pages. Once the red light is turned on, the pages come to life and a world of cocktails awaits you.

The Library Bar in Singapore - Hello Raya Blog

For round one, I decide on an oddly named cocktail called “Duck Bath Forever.” Hubby decides to try the Pioneer cocktail… the competitive which the Library’s Bartender is currently competing in the World Class competition for. #WorldClass2017

We also decide on a few nibbles to pair with our drinks – a Beef Cheek Bao and the Chicken Tacos.

After around 10 minutes, our cocktails arrive.

“Is my cocktail seriously in a bathtub with a rubber ducky floating in it?” I think to myself. And the server places this odd looking cocktail in front of me, and I could not help to start laughing in amusement. HOW COOL!

The Library Bar in Singapore - Duck Bath Forever Cocktail - Hello Raya Blog
The Duck Bath Forever cocktail includes Akvavit, Gin, Pineapple, Ginger, Coriander, Lemon & Hopped Grapefruit Bitters

I mean how many times will you get to say that you’ve drunk a cocktail from a mini bath tub while Mr Rubber Ducky chills out in your drink… I mean most will never get to say this. So of course my camera comes out and I just needed to start snapping.

Hubby’s cocktail arrives in a sleek whiskey style glass with a giant square cube. It sits on a wooden board, with a small slice of honeycomb next to the glass. So elegantly presented.

The Library Bar in Singapore - The Pioneer Cocktail - Hello Raya Blog
The Pioneer drink, which includes Singleton 12 yo Whiskey, Burnt Honey, Malted Angostura Bitter & Bees Treat
The Library Bar in Singapore - The Pioneer Cocktail - Hello Raya Blog
The Pioneer Cocktail

Holy Wow – not only do the cocktails look great, but they taste great. Hubby even took his a step further to claim that his cocktail is probably one of the best cocktails he’s ever tasted. I mean I must agree; it totally sits in the top 10 for me.

The Library is delivering some seriously great cocktails…so once my bathtub of a cocktail drained, and Mr Rubber Ducky hung out at the bottom, it was time for round 2.

The Library Bar in Singapore - Beef Cheek Bao - Hello Raya Blog
The Beef Cheek Bao – yum yum!
The Library Bar in Singapore - Chicken Tacos - Hello Raya Blog
The Chicken Tacos

For round 2, I ask the server what the most ‘out there’ cocktail is on the menu. He points to “Deep in Forest.” With ingredients including bamboo charcoal, I said “what the hell! Go for it!” And believe it or not, Hubby decided to have the Pioneer cocktail for a second time. Yes, that is how much he loved it.

The “Deep in Forest” cocktail comes served in a champagne coupe, with a take away coffee lid stuck to the top. Sitting on the lid are 2 mini mushrooms and some rosemary. And on the handle of the glass is a bush of forestberry shrub. Interesting, interesting…my cocktail looks like a tree! And I must say, it has a botanic taste to it. Drinking through the take away lid, I first get a whiff of fresh rosemary, before a floral flavour from the cocktail. It is deliciously interesting.

The Library Bar in Singapore - Deep in Forest Cocktail - Hello Raya BlogThe Library Bar in Singapore - Hello Raya Blog
Deep in Forest Cocktail contains Double Juniper Gin, Bamboo Charcoal, Forestberry Shrub & Lemon

The Library Bar in Singapore - Deep in Forest Cocktail - Hello Raya BlogThe Library Bar in Singapore - Hello Raya Blog

The Verdict

Find the password, and find sometime to NOT study at the Library in Singapore. It’s a fantastic cocktail, speakeasy bar in Singapore, that it totally worth checking. The cocktails are creative, they are delicious, and the vibe is totally chill yet upbeat.

Cocktails start around S$20 (A$18 / U$14), and are totally creative and worth trying. And if experimenting with ‘crazy’ flavours is not your thing…it is possible to get your regular style drinks here. But I do urge you, get a little bit cray cray, and why not try one of their wild cocktails.

So where can you get the password you might be wondering? Check out their Facebook page – every Monday they reveal their password for the week in a form of a hint in the caption.

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The Library Bar in Singapore - Deep in Forest Cocktail - Hello Raya BlogThe Library, a Speakeasy Bar in Singapore - Hello Raya Blog

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No compensation was received for this review. My visit was independently paid for. 

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12 Comments on Not Studying, Only Cocktails at the Library in Singapore

  1. I’d have panicked too when asked for a password, you passed though! That is a cool secret menu, what a brilliant idea. The cocktail with the rubber duck in is the most inventive cocktail I’ve ever seen, someone put a lot of thought into this restaurant.

  2. “Can I please have the password?” – I think I would have answered “Fidelio” from Eyes wide shut haha… but no kidding , I love your personal stories with so many nice little details and in combination with your great food & drink photos – perfect!
    You somehow really have a talent to discover such great places. I mean just one look at the Chicken tacos and I immediately want to go there and try. Again, great inspiration Soraya, thank you!

  3. What a fun idea for a bar! And I love that rubber ducky. So cute. Glad to hear the food and drinks are so good, too. Sometimes places that are that niche, forget that the food has to be as good as the ambiance.

  4. What a cool place… I would love to have a password and whisper it .. hehe! The place seems resonay priced for the experience .. thanks for sharing the cost. I am surely going to try the drink with the ducky… so cute!

  5. Oh my word! I am loving secret restaurants at the minute and this sounds like a perfect candidate for my list. Chicken Taco, Beef Cheek Bao and cocktails – what more could a girl want?! I will be sure to make a booking though – I’m terrible are remembering passwords and I think my excitement would make my mind go completely blank!

  6. This sounds so perfect. The name, interior and the menu are indeed a bit different than what we normally are used to seeing at bars. The password thing would shock me a bit – but good to know they reveal it on FB 🙂

  7. I am so into secret restaurant right now – totally going to be adding this one to my list. And I’ll defiantly be making a booking – I’m rubbish at remembering passwords and I think my excitement would overtake my memory and they’d never let me in.. to be honest they might be put off by my excitement so I’d have to let my partner go first!

  8. I love places like this! They introduce a fun concept and everything else is based around that – from the decor to the food. It makes the entire experience of dining (or drinking) so fun. I need to check this out when I go to Singapore!

  9. Oh this is so cool! I adore a good speakeasy, and am quite smitten with the whole theme and that ADORABLE rubber ducky drink! This is totally a place I’d love to visit! Bookmarked!

  10. All the cocktails you described sounds and looks very interesting. Concept bars are huge trend now and it is always fun to explore these places. You never what surprise lies ahead for you here, like the rubber ducky in the bathtub cocktail ;). Good thing you had made bookings earlier, I’m not sure how this password thing works.

  11. I’ve heard about the Study but never been there. Looking at the photos and reading about it I surely missed out. Loved the atmosphere which is a bit trippy and the neon is so cool. The little rubber-ducky drink looks like a brilliant idea. Next time i’m in Singapore, I shall make it there for sure.

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