Nestled along the Millionaires Mile on the west coast of Phuket is the beautiful cliff top Paresa Resort Phuket. Views over the Andaman Sea as far as the eye can see from high on the cliffs of Kamala in Phuket. And we came for their delicious Thai food served at the Paresa Resort’s Talung Thai restaurant.

A Warm Welcome at the Paresa Resort

The arrival was subtle with little clue of what lies ahead. As we entered into the lobby, we heard “Sawadee Ka” to our right and the staff were quick to assist us.

“We’d like to dine at your Talung Thai restaurant,” I said to the Receptionist.

“Follow me” she gently replied.

And so we followed behind her as she meandered along the lobby to a set of heavy wooden doors. It felt like a mystery which was just about to be solved. As she opened, we could see a ray of sunshine shine through.

Phuket Restaurant at Paresa Resort Phuket - Talung Thai View from the Lobby | Hello Raya Blog

WOW – I could not believe my eyes. What a magnificent view over the Andaman Sea, with lush greenery views on either side. It was spectacular. I had butterflies in my tummy, especially to think that our food adventure here was only just beginning. The whole resort has been built along the cliffs of Kamala, which means every villa has gorgeous views.

The Receptionist continued onto the elevator where she escorted us to the lower level.

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A Magical Phuket Restaurant – Talung Thai

The Receptionist kindly dropped us right to the entrance to Talung Thai where we were then warmly welcomed by the Hostess of the restaurant.

The restaurant is located on a magnificent wooden deck that is set atop the Kamala cliff tops and offers unobstructed views over the Andaman Sea. There are indoor and outdoor dining options, so you take your pick. If you are worried about sitting outside under the sun, fear not young grasshopper. The deck has been built around a few Banyan Trees, which offer perfectly shaded areas.

Phuket Restaurant at Paresa Resort Phuket - Talung Thai Cliff Top View | Hello Raya Blog Phuket Restaurant at Paresa Resort Phuket - Talung Thai Cliff Top View | Hello Raya Blog

Talung Thai is one of two restaurant located at the Paresa Resort Phuket and they serve a delicious array of Southern Thai cuisine. This means you can expect to enjoy local Phuket food such as the Keang Pou (THB475 | A$19), which is a yellow coconut curry with crab or the Yam Pak Kood (THB465 | A$18), a fern tip salad. It’s actually not so easy to find authentic Phuket food especially in resorts, so this is what makes Talung Thai all the more special.

The menu is substantial and offers a great offering of meat and vegetarian dishes, which are all perfect for sharing.

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Phuket Restaurant at Paresa Resort Phuket - Talung Thai Lunch | Hello Raya Blog

Phuket Restaurant at Paresa Resort Phuket - Talung Thai Cliff Top View | Hello Raya Blog

We are both a huge fan of the Gaeng Kiew Wan Gai (THB480 | A$20), which is the green chicken curry. And so this was an absolute must for us. We paired it with a side of Pad Pak Boon (THB330 |A$13) which is the wok seared morning glory vegetable, some spring rolls (THB310 | A$12) and the Kao Klong (THB70 | A$2), which is the organic whole wheat rice. Now I love Thai rice, especially their wheat rice. It’s so vibrantly reddish brown in color and has a subtle nutty flavor. I find it pairs well with a good spicy Thai curry.

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The Verdict

Oh my goodness YES, I do highly recommend visiting Talung Thai during your next Phuket holiday. If you are looking for an amazing Phuket restaurant with a sensational view, then you need to head to Talung Thai.

Phuket Restaurant at Paresa Resort Phuket - Talung Thai Al Fresco Dining Area | Hello Raya Blog Phuket Restaurant at Paresa Resort Phuket - Talung Thai Al Fresco Dining Area | Hello Raya Blog

The food was equally delicious and perfectly matched the stunning views. The dishes were portioned well and we found the menu to be well-priced when you consider the location, the views, and the 5-star service at the Paresa Resort Phuket.

I don’t often say this, but this was truly one of the best restaurants in Phuket that we have experienced. To visit, best to book a table ahead to avoid disappointment, and well get a table with a great view.

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Phuket Restaurant at Paresa Resort Phuket - Talung Thai Cliff Top Restaurant in Kamala | Hello Raya Blog

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  1. It’s been too long since I last visited Phukhet, and this is making me want to return! I love Thai food, and I can imagine it tasted even better with that glorious view of the Andaman Sea! Will bookmark this for if I ever return.

  2. Althought the food looks delicious and the view over the sea is amazing, I must be honest I was a bit shocked seeing the price! But I guess for a place like Talung Thai in Phuket this kind of price is to be expected. I am glad you enjoyed your meal and when I think about it…why not right? We only live once!😊

  3. Paresa Resort’s Talung Thai restaurant sounds like an incredible place to dine – serious WOW on those views over the Andaman! The food looks incredible, and awesome value for money too! I love that it’s local cuisine.

  4. I can only imagine how absolutely amazing it must have been to enjoy a meal while savoring that vista. The food looks delicious as well. If I ever make my way to Phuket, I’ll certainly visit Talung Thai.

  5. I just love Thai food and there nothing that I don’t like that they make. Having Thai food at Paresa Resort Phuket with views over the Andaman Sea from high on the cliffs of Kamala in Phuket sounds amazing. And something I would love to try especially with my husband those glass deck area just wow.

  6. Whoa! This is just incredible! No matter how good or bad the food is, it would be totally worth it with this spectacular view. Good food, is icing on the cake! The cherry on top would be to know that veggies like me aren’t left out in the menu. I guess I would’t mind the sun also, if those shaded tables are occupied.

  7. I would love to dine at such an amazing place like Talung Thai restaurant, offering panoramic views of the sea. The view, definitely adds to the entire experience, and the yummy looking dishes are just the cherry on top.

  8. Wow..what a great view from the restaurant. I will only visit the TALUNG THAI for this absolutely gorgeously located restaurant. I love Thai food and it would be a great option to enjoy the Thai food with a view like this.

  9. Sawadee Ka !!! Seriously hearing that makes me miss Thailand SOOO much!! I love this hotel, will definitely check it out for my next trip. And the food, ahhh looks so yummy !!! And those views are to die for !! Now I’m going to be looking our for cheap ticket to Thailand again lol

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