It was a sunset to remember. Friendly service, a fantastic boat, good food, generous amount of drinks, and a beautiful sunset creates the perfect recipe for a sunset cruise in Langkawi. And that is exactly what you get with Naam when you book their Evening Dinner Cruise.

It was the love affair with island life, the ocean, and sunsets that drew me to do a sunset cruise in Langkawi. After a full day of exploring Langkawi island, there is no better way to welcome the night than on-board an 85 ft boat sailing through the picturesque straits with islands that surround Langkawi.

The cruise was a gathering of visitors from around the world. A great way to meet other fellow travellers, share stories of the island, and enjoy the sunset and a good meal together.

Naam Sunset Cruise in Langkawi - Blue Dolphin Boat | Hello Raya BlogNaam Sunset Cruise in Langkawi - Blue Dolphin Boat | Hello Raya Blog

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The Naam Sunset Cruise in Langkawi

It was late in the afternoon, around 4:30pm when we all met at the Jetty. The usual pick up point is usually at the Langkawi Yacht Club, but for today we met at the Resorts World jetty.

Greeting us is a very chirpy man from Naam – Mark was his name. He greeted every guest personally, welcoming them to Langkawi and offering them a pleasant journey.

Naam Sunset Cruise in Langkawi - Blue Dolphin Boat | Hello Raya Blog

With all guests ready at the jetty, it was not long before we were ready to board. For our cruise, we boarded the 85ft Blue Dolphin Yacht. And boy was the Naam yacht spacious, comfortable, and it had a touch of luxury.

Upon boarding, we were welcomed straight away by the crew who offered us a refreshing towel and a mocktail.

Naam Sunset Cruise in Langkawi - Blue Dolphin Boat | Hello Raya Blog

Naam Sunset Cruise in Langkawi - Blue Dolphin Boat | Hello Raya Blog

For me, the first item on the agenda was to explore! Upstairs, downstairs, inside and outside. There was quite a bit of roaming around. The cruise was spacious, which meant it never felt too crowded. There were plenty of areas to sit and enjoy the ride. We had about 15 on our trip and the maximum Naam will ever book onto this sunset cruise in Langkawi is 30 pax.

Off we sailed into the sunset, heading further south of Langkawi out into the Andaman Sea. After about an hour of sailing, we ancorched down and guests were given the opportunity to jump off and go for a swim. Of course, Hubby took the opportunity to splash around in the ocean. We had forgotten a towel, but it was never an issue because Naam had plenty for guest use.

Naam Sunset Cruise in Langkawi - Blue Dolphin Boat | Hello Raya Blog

Naam Sunset Cruise in Langkawi - Blue Dolphin Boat | Hello Raya Blog

Naam Sunset Cruise in Langkawi - Blue Dolphin Boat | Hello Raya Blog

Naam Sunset Cruise in Langkawi - Blue Dolphin Boat | Hello Raya Blog

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From start to finish, there was never a shortage of drinks and good service. There were always Naam staff around who were attentive making sure that you were enjoying your trip and that your drink was topped up. And there was great music played on-board, which mean it was always a bubbly atmosphere on the cruise. Guests were also welcome to play their own jams…and if you really wanted to start a party, Naam even have a karaoke set on-board!

After swimming, we continued cruising further down the Andaman Sea off Langkawi. Never at high speeds, but slow and steady. This made it so much more relaxing, allowing for a beautiful cool breeze and never a feeling that you have to hold on too tight. It was truly so comfortable that I wish I could have stayed overnight on the boat.

As the sun began to the set, and the colors of the sky changed from light blue to tinges of burnt orange, pinks, and royal blue, the dinner was ready.

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Naam Sunset Cruise in Langkawi - Blue Dolphin Boat | Hello Raya Blog Naam Sunset Cruise in Langkawi - Blue Dolphin Boat | Hello Raya Blog

It was a buffet of food, offering a variety of meats and vegetarian options. My favorite item was definitely the chicken satay, which deliciously paired well with the peanut sauce. Then there was the Tahu Sumbat, which is stuffed fried tofu with fresh cucumber, bean sprouts and carrots – I haven’t had this in AGES and loved it. There was a sweet chilli sauce to match with it, but I loved the tofu with Naam’s peanut sauce…yum!

There was plenty of food for everyone, so no one had to fight over the buffet. All the food was fresh and it was quite good. A perfect way to enjoy this Langkawi cruise. And of course, to top it all off, the sunset was beautiful.

Naam Sunset Cruise in Langkawi - Blue Dolphin Boat | Hello Raya Blog Naam Sunset Cruise in Langkawi - Blue Dolphin Boat | Hello Raya Blog

As dinner finished, everyone sat back and relaxed the remaining part of the cruise. The breeze was cooling and the air was fresh – there was nowhere else I would have rather been. All guests on-board were in wonderful spirits, so happy to end the day on a high note with Naam.

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The Verdict

I could do this cruise over and over again and not get bored of sailing in this beautiful part of the world. And best of all, Naam have managed to take CRUISING and turn it into a memorable experience. From start to end, the service was fantastic, the food and beverage selection was great, and the boat was amazing. It’s really hard to fault this experience because it was one of the highlights of our holiday in Langkawi.

Naam Sunset Cruise in Langkawi - Blue Dolphin Boat | Hello Raya Blog

It’s best to book your sunset cruise in Langkawi in advanced. For the sunset and dinner cruise, prices start at RM325 per person (A$105 / U$80) for a 3-hour cruise experience with other guests. Naam usually host this experience on either their Sea Falcon Catamaran, or if that is not available, it is hosted on their Blue Dolphin Yacht. Buffet dinner, an open bar (including wine & beer), a fully staffed boat, towels for swimming, great music, and a beautiful sunset are all included in this experience.

Now if you do prefer something more private or if you have a group of friends who would like to charter a boat, get in touch with Naam as they can put together the perfect package for you.

Getting Around Langkawi

The best way to get around Langkawi is truly by hiring your own car. There’s minimal public transportation and taxis are limited. It’s quite easy to drive in Langkawi, so if you have your license, I highly recommend hiring a car. And if you do so, you definitely should check out GoCar.

GoCar is an on-demand car hire platform, which means that you can hire a car at any time of the day. Whether it’s per hour or per day, GoCar offers flexibility… meaning you only pay for what you use. Currently GoCar is available in over 50 locations across Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi in Malaysia.

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Sunset Cruise in Langkawi with Naam Adventure on-board the Blue Dolphin Boat | Hello Raya Blog

No compensation was received for this review, however we were guests of Naam Adventure. All opinions remains my own and I only promote products/services that I love. 

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  1. That’s awesome. Cruises are just fantabulous always. That too getting to spend it with the one you love makes it all the more special and sunset is just perfect! Getting to swim after 1hr into the ocean and such a yummy buffet??? Sign me up! Lolz…

  2. This cruise looks amazing and the food too! I haven’t been to Malaysia, but this cruise is something I would do for a relaxing evening. Also, your outfit is too cute! Love the print

  3. What a memorable experience! If I ever visit Langkawi I would love to have a sunset cruise! It must almost felt like a private tour as you guys were only 15 guests! Thanks for the tips and hopefully we will get to enjoy the sunset on a cruise ship like you guys!

  4. Sunset Cruise is so romantic amidst nature and having glimpse of beautiful colors of sunset with delicious dinner on board. You must have have a memorable experience while cruising around Lankawi. Jumping in the Andaman sea must be lovely and provision of complimentary towel by NAAM also convinces me to book this trip.

  5. I love your sunset floral outfit haha, really sets the scene! As for sunset cruises, I think they are a must. Not too long and at the golden hour which is perfect for pictures, or a romantic date or anything in between. The boat looked amazing! I remember sailing down the Sienne River in Paris at sunset. Truly magical.

  6. I’ve never been on a cruise, but if I do book one, it’d be a sunset cruise! (I’m obsessed with sunsets and sunrises). Sounds like the crew and food were spectacular on this cruise, which is always a bonus. Love the photo of jumping into the ocean, so fun!

    By the way, I love your outfit in these photos, so adorable!

  7. What a special and unique way to get a different perspective on a city- I can only imagine how beautiful the water was in the evening light. Plus, that food looks absolutely delicious. If I ever visit Langkawi, I will be sure to hop aboard a sunset cruise!

  8. Well the sunset looks very worth taking this cruise. But reading your review has piqued my interest to try the vegetarian dish you mentioned – the Tahu Sambat! Good to hear it was so enjoyable you’d do it all over again!

  9. What a coincidence. I am actually planning a trip to Singapore and Malaysia. And I don’t have time to take an overnight kind of cruise but I did want to include a cruise experience. Sunset cruise with dinner sounds just perfect and seems you had a good time at this Langkawi cruise.I will check this out for my trip

  10. First of all, you look amazing in that orange romper and your lipstick was on point. I would love to be on this sunset cruise because the atmosphere was so good. I love a place with amazing service and the fact they were topping off your drink sounds like heaven! The cruise ship also looked clean, well maintained and the staff looked so nice!

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