The chaos of the city felt so far away. The curated playlist for the day was the sound of nature that surrounded. Ahhh I have arrived at the Temple Tree at Bon Ton in Langkawi, a piece of serenity on this Malaysian island.

A living museum is the best way to describe Temple Tree at Bon Ton. What does that mean anyway? Well, the owner is a collector. A collector of antique colonial-era buildings that are of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian origin. Upon purchasing these antique buildings, they are carefully dismantled and then brought here onto the Bon Ton estate, rebuilt and delicately restored.

Temple Tree at Bon Ton Langkawi - Chinese House | Hello Raya Blog

When it comes to accommodation in Langkawi, there are plenty. But if you are after a resort with a difference that offers an authentic, unique, and great quality experience, then the Temple Tree at the Bon Ton in Langkawi is definitely the spot for you.

Located just 15-20 minutes’ walk from Cenang Beach, Temple Tree at Bon Ton houses 8 Malaysian heritage homes with each building being over 70-110 years old. It is possible to rent just a room or a whole house – either way, whether you’re a couple or a family or a group of friends, there’s something for everyone at Temple Tree.

Temple Tree at Bon Ton Langkawi | Hello Raya Blog

And the best part of all of this is that 50% of all profits generated by Temple Tree goes directly to LASSie, the Langkawi Animal Shelter and Sanctuary Foundation. A passion project by the owner of Temple Tree, LASSie aims to rehabilitate and care for neglected, abused and needy animals.

Temple Tree at Bon Ton Langkawi - Straits Club House | Hello Raya Blog

Quick facts

Star Rating: 4-star

Location: Cenang Beach, Langkawi (Malaysia)

Number of villas: 8 Malaysian Heritage House

Our Stay at Temple Tree at Bon Ton

It was mid-afternoon when we arrived to Temple Tree. We parked our GoCar and walked into the Straits Club House where we were greeted by a friendly receptionist. Being welcomed in the 90-year old Straits Club House was a beautiful start to our weekend here.

Temple Tree at Bon Ton Langkawi - Straits Club House | Hello Raya Blog

Temple Tree at Bon Ton Langkawi - Straits Club House | Hello Raya Blog

She checked us in and offered us a welcome drink – from wine to beer to a soft drink… it was possible to pick any drink to start off our holiday. But it was the pineapple mint iced tea that caught my heart and what a refreshing drink it was.

We stayed in the Colonial House, which found its origins in Georgetown, Penang. Built in the 1920’s by rich goldsmith traders, the Colonial House has been built with Western style touches while still maintaining the Peranakan aura.

Oh if only these walls could talk, imagine the stories and tales it would tell of a historical Georgetown.

Temple Tree at Bon Ton Langkawi - Colonial House Room | Hello Raya Blog

Our Room

Colonial 3 was our home for the weekend. It was generous in size, with a king-sized bed, a sitting area, a bathroom with not one but 2 rain shower nozzles and 2 bath tubs. It was the perfect room for a romantic getaway.

Temple Tree at Bon Ton Langkawi - Colonial House Room | Hello Raya Blog Temple Tree at Bon Ton Langkawi - Colonial House Room | Hello Raya Blog

The room was beautifully styled to suit the characteristic of the Colonial House. Asian antiques graced the room, giving the room a feeling of warmth and coziness. It’s impossible not to notice all the little detailing in the room. From a well-stocked pantry full of a variety of loose and bagged teas to a fresh bottle of local gamat to heal insect bites to sarongs hanging in the closest… ohh and have I mentioned that the tap water is also drinkable? Temple Tree at Bon Ton have thought about it all.

Temple Tree at Bon Ton Langkawi - Colonial House Room | Hello Raya Blog Temple Tree at Bon Ton Langkawi - Colonial House Room | Hello Raya Blog

And to those millennials, fear not, this resort is not all antique. The room comes equipped with a flat screen TV paired with a DVD player (and a library of DVDs to choose from), hair dryer, safe, plenty of power plugs, air conditioning, a number of fans… it’s enough to keep you comfortable. The only issue is that the Wi-Fi is a bit patchy, but you know what…you’re on holiday so go ahead, take a digital break and relax the serenity of Temple Tree and Langkawi.

Temple Tree at Bon Ton Langkawi - Colonial House Room | Hello Raya Blog

Each evening, your continental breakfast is brought to you and placed neatly in the mini fridge in the room. The breakfast selection is made up of house-made bread and cake, yoghurt, fresh fruit, and juice. So if you happen to sleep in till late morning, there’s no need to rush to the restaurant to catch the end of breakfast… it’s breakfast on demand here because it’s already in your fridge.

Temple Tree at Bon Ton Langkawi - Colonial House Room - Breakfast | Hello Raya Blog

The Estate & its Facilities

At the entrance to Temple Tree is the Straits Club House, which was built back in the 1920’s by a Eurasian family. Here you’ll find the main reception, restaurant, bar, library, and a pool table. The restaurant serves an array of western and Asian style dishes, with daily specials found on the blackboard.

Temple Tree at Bon Ton Langkawi - Straits Club House | Hello Raya Blog

Temple Tree at Bon Ton Langkawi - Straits Club House | Hello Raya Blog

As you meander through Temple Tree towards the centre of the estate, you’ll find the 100-year old Chinese House which overlooks the pool. Chinese House is eclectic, filled with color and exudes history where it once was a farmhouse in Johor, Malaysia. The pool stretches 110ft on the estate and is the perfect sanctuary to rest and relax. And if this pool isn’t enough, you are able to also use the pool at the Bon Ton resort, which is just next door.

Temple Tree at Bon Ton Langkawi - Chinese House | Hello Raya Blog Temple Tree at Bon Ton Langkawi - Pool Area | Hello Raya Blog

Then at the heart of the estate is a Taoist shrine – the very influence that has given Temple Tree its name. The shrine sits at the foot of two different trees, which now exists as one. It is said the temple has bought many lucky numbers to the Chinese who have prayed there.

Temple Tree at Bon Ton Langkawi - Taoist Shrine | Hello Raya Blog

Continuing to wander around the estate, you’ll find an eclectic village of antique buildings. And you’ll even meet a few friendly cats along the way, who are cuddly and sociable.

And if you are a lover of animals, the LASSie shelter for stray dogs is just a few minutes’ walk from Temple Tree. Here you are welcome to walk and interact with the dogs, which are beautiful and friendly. The cats that you’ll find at Temple Tree are also furry residents of LASSie.

Temple Tree at Bon Ton Langkawi - Furry Residents from LASSie | Hello Raya Blog Temple Tree at Bon Ton Langkawi - Furry Residents from LASSie | Hello Raya Blog

Getting Around Langkawi from Temple Tree

Temple Tree is just a few minutes’ drive away from Cenang Beach and the airport, and the best way to get around is by hiring your own car. There’s free parking on-site. So if you’re after hiring a car, do check out GoCar.

GoCar is an on-demand car hire platform, which means that you can hire a car at any time of the day. Whether it’s per hour or per day, GoCar offers flexibility… meaning you only pay for what you use. Currently GoCar is available in over 100 locations across Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi in Malaysia.

The Verdict

Temple Tree at Bon Ton Langkawi - Pool Area | Hello Raya Blog

A beautiful sanctuary on the lush island of Langkawi, the Temple Tree at Bon Ton is a must stay. This resort is a living museum that is full of eclectic personality, with every nook and cranny of the estate sharing its own story and history.

Prices start from RM810 (A$262 / U$198) per night for a room and is inclusive of continental breakfast… plus or minus depending on the season you travel and availability of the room type.

We loved our stay at Temple Tree at Bon Ton and are still daydreaming of our serene weekend away.

For more information or to book a room at the Temple Tree at Bon Ton CLICK HERE

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Stay in a Living Museum at Temple Tree at Bon Ton in Langkawi, Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog

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28 Comments on Stay in a Living Museum at Temple Tree at Bon Ton Resort in Langkawi

  1. I am always looking for authentic and unique accommodations. And this place sure has it all. So different and colorful and love that you can use both pools. The estate is also so lush and seems very relaxing. The fact that it is also a living museum makes it even better. Adding to my list for when I visit.

  2. This looks beautiful! And I’m an animal lover so the fact that some profits go to LASSie is a bonus. I’ll be going to Taiwan in a few months, maybe I’ll look into going here as well. This is a great review and I’m glad you enjoyed it. Also – not all millineals like to sit and watch tv 😉

  3. I studied history at University and just love this lodging option. Oh, if the walls could talk, what stories they’d have to tell! The location is so pretty and unique. I also love how 50% of the money collected goes to help another awesome project!

  4. I love this place! Your photos are beautiful and I love that in staying here, you are giving back to the community! It looks so tranquil there, I could definitely see myself checking it out next time I am in Malaysia!

  5. This is so quaint and charming. I love the interiors which speak about the local culture and traditions and of course the surroundings are beautiful. All the cats reminded me of the time in Greece where cats roam around freely just like here. The colours are especially to soothing to the eyes. Thanks for the recommendation.

  6. This is interesting. I’ve never thought of Langkawi as such a serene place. Its often seen a touristy spot. Good to know of such an interesting accommodation there! Will definitely check it out when I venture there!

    • Langkawi can be quite touristy, but it is definitely not like many other beach towns are. It is really love, calm and chilled – like being on island time. Great way to getaway!

  7. What a beautiful hotel! I wanted to go to Langkawi last year for vacation but couldn’t (went to Thailand instead) so I’m determined to go sometime next year. I love the design and architecture of the hotel and of course the cute kittens are always a plus 🙂 Thanks for sharing this stunning place. Would love to stay for a night or two here for a relaxing weekend <3

  8. What a unique place to stay at! The buildings have so much character to it! I love the big wooden bathtub! It’s nice that you have 2 of those in the room 🙂

  9. The Bon Ton Resort looks pretty spectacular. I love the colours and it seems to exude history. I usually work when I travel so I need wifi, but I think I’d be okay if I stayed here and couldn’t get any work done.

  10. You had me at the name Bon Ton! A pineapple mint tea sounds delicious and very refreshing too. The room and facilities here are stunning, and I’m sure you were so comfortable during your stay here. Will really remember this place for the future.

  11. Wow, can’t believe these buildings were dismantled and put back together! I’ve recently seen a library like this in Martinique and it was interesting.

    I really liked your room. It looks so spacious but somehow cozy. The gamat for the bug bites is a nice touch as well.

  12. Temple Tree at Bon Ton looks like the perfect place to stay in Lang Kawi. The whole location looks perfect for making photos for Instagram. I like how there is a flexible car hire service so you can hire a car when you feel like it.

  13. I love that so many parts of Malaysia are a collision of cultures and this place looks no exception. Your room looked great and I can’t believe you were drinking the tap water! I have not done that in ages!

  14. Staying at living museum at Bon Ton resort in Langkawi must be so enchanting. Inspired by colonial styled decor and wooden houses tempts me to have a stay here. This place looks peaceful and interesting as these houses are 110 years old. GoCar option given by you is also good and thanks for the promo code. I will try to share it with my friends.

  15. Temple Tree seems like the perfect little community to feel at peace and rested on your travels. The rooms are so spacious – was the photo with the stairs inside the room? I’d love to visit Langkawi one day and stay here!

  16. Such an authentic experience. If I were in Langkawi I would definitely love to stay somewhere away from the bustle of the city, which could provide me an authentic experience apart from the tranquil atmosphere. That was, bon ton resort looks just perfect.

  17. Now this is a place I would definitely want to stay! The owner sounds so passionate about purchasing beautiful and antique homes. They’re so beautifully restored and the fact 50% of the profits go to helping abused and needy animals fills my heart with so much joy! A place with passion and purpose is definitely high on my priority list!

  18. Thanks, Soraya. It seems utterly gorgeous! One question about the feline companions: while I don’t mind cute furry friends being around, I’ve had many a wonderful dinner in some places ruined by persistent cats, meowing incessantly for scraps and in some cases climbing on to your chair or table while you eat. Was that an issue at this resort?

    • Hi Issak, thanks for your comment. I too have had this issue in various places around the world, but I never found an issue with the cats at Temple Tree at Bon Ton. The resort takes great care of the cats, they are well-fed, so we never found them to be persistently begging for food when we were there.

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