I’m a carnivore. There I’ve said it. I do love my meat, and so the thought of becoming a vegetarian… let alone a vegan… is daunting for me. BUT, and it’s a big BUT, but if I could eat vegetarian food like what I get at the Shady Shack in Canggu, I could totally go vego – heck I might even consider going completely vegan.

The Shady Shack has become an institution in Canggu. It opened its doors in 2016, and has been drawing in crowds who want to indulge in a little veg-perfection. It’s a delicious vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Canggu. On a side note, if you are loving the vegetarian theme, then you also have to check out Peloton Superfood, which is another one of those great cafes in Canggu.

In fact, I have met other carnivores such as myself who could never imagine loving being vegetarian…but with a café like Shady Shack, becoming a vegetarian is very much possible.

Shady Shack Canggu, Vegan Restaurant Canggu | Hello Raya Blog

Shady Shack Canggu, Vegan Restaurant Canggu | Hello Raya Blog Shady Shack Canggu, Vegan Restaurant Canggu | Hello Raya Blog

I have been to Shady Shack A LOT… and so far, it has never failed to be short from perfection. Every meal I have had has been so damn good, that I could very easily say goodbye to meat and a big hello to vegetables.

To be honest, you don’t even realise that there is no meat in the dishes, because every dish is packed full of goodness and is filling. Plus hey, the dishes are pretty damn instagrammable which makes it all the more fun.

The menu is generous – so there are a lot of options to choose from. The menu is completely meat-free, and mainly vegan for the most part with some items containing eggs and dairy. Every dish that comes out is colorful and packed full of goodness, oozing with nutrients.

And if you’ve got a sweet tooth – good news, Shady Shack has a great selection of vegan and vegetarian friendly desserts….sinfully healthy!

Shady Shack Canggu, Vegan Restaurant Canggu | Hello Raya Blog

Five Dishes You Must Try at the Shady Shack, Canggu

The Shack Attack Burger

Shady Shack Canggu, Vegan Restaurant Canggu | Hello Raya Blog

This burger totally hits the nail on its head – it’s absolutely delicious.

The patty is full of flavor and doesn’t completely fall apart when you eat it. You would be forgiven to think that for a moment you’re having a meat-based patty. And it’s generous in size, so you won’t leave feeling hungry. Oooo and I do love the mini potato spuds that come with the burger.

Jackfruit Tacos

Shady Shack Canggu, Vegan Restaurant Canggu | Hello Raya Blog

This one is super colorful, making it great for photos…but it is also so yummy, you’ll want to come back for more.  And it also comes with Shady Shack’s house-made chilli sauce which is an absolute must-have. Even if you don’t get the tacos, you totally should ask to try the house-made chilli sauce – it’s orange in color and comes in a small bottle.

But back to the Jackfruit Tacos… the jackfruit is slow cooked and then pulled apart, giving the filling a bit of a meaty texture – think pulled beef. The flour tortilla is chipotle infused is then filled with the pulled jackfruit, veg cheese, kale, corn, and pickled cabbage. Splash some house-made chilli sauce and you’re in for a real goodie with this one.


Shady Shack Canggu, Vegan Restaurant Canggu | Hello Raya Blog

Nachos might sound pretty simple, but Shady Shack have managed to create a delicious version of this staple, that it’s enough for me to go back wanting more. The crispy tortilla chips is topped with house-made guacamole, veggie chili con carne, tomato, jalapenos, melted cheese, and sour cream… making this delicious and filling. It’s perfect for sharing, but you could totally eat this on your own too.

Protein Bowl

Shady Shack Canggu, Vegan Restaurant Canggu | Hello Raya Blog

The bowls at Shady Shack are popular for all the right reasons, and our pick of the bunch is the protein bowl. Especially for those who have just surfed all day, this is the perfect dish to fill you up. From lentils to sweet potato to corn to green beans to broccoli to pumpkin seeds – the protein bowl is packed full of nutrient and vitamins.

Jack Stack

Shady Shack Canggu, Vegan Restaurant Canggu | Hello Raya Blog

My obsession with all things jackfruit continues with the Jack Stack at Shady Shack Canggu. Pulled jackfruit is cooked with onion and added on top of a root vegetable hash. It comes paired with a beetroot salad and a generous serving of green beans. Totally delicious and oh-so-filling. I was almost in a food coma after this one!

Bonus Suggestion – Choc Tops Smoothie

Shady Shack Canggu, Vegan Restaurant Canggu | Hello Raya Blog

I remember there was one visit when it was about 9:30pm and I was hungry, however I didn’t want to eat anything too heavy because it was already quite late. So, I was recommended to have the Choc Tops smoothie. Blending cacao, coco milk, banana, dates, cashew butter, maca and flax, the Choc Tops smoothie is filling and delicious.

The Verdict

Shady Shack Canggu, Vegan Restaurant Canggu | Hello Raya Blog

Shady Shack finds its home along Jalan Tanah Barak, in a quaint wooden house. Find a seat inside, or at any of the tables in the garden area. There is so much greenery at Shady Shack… making it the perfect tropical setting in the ‘Gu’. It does get quite busy especially around lunch time, so be prepared to wait for 10-15 minutes…but trust me, it’s worth the wait.

Operating Hours: 8:30am – 11pm, daily

Address: Jl. Tanah Barak No.57, Canggu, Bali

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9 Comments on Veg-Perfection at Shady Shack in Canggu, Bali

  1. How did I miss on visiting Shady Shack when I was there?!! It looks awesome, and I’m also a carnivore too! I love the look of the nachos, protein bowl and that choc top smoothie, just delicious! I’ve been twice to Bali, but it looks like a 3rd visit may be in order!

  2. The foods you’ve shared are something that I could eat. I managed to minimize my meat intakes and I noticed a lot of good effects on me.
    I like this restaurant, the ambiance is very cozy.

  3. I am a carnivore myself but if you insist that the vegetarian food in Shady Shack in Canggu is so good that you’re willing to quit on meat and eat only veggies, then I really would love to try the food here! I would normally not land up in a vegan place to be honest but you speak really highly of it!

  4. Oh, man! You make me want to go back to Bali again. I heard a lot about jackfruit is as equal as pulled pork lately, and I would really want to try the Jackfruit Tacos and Jack Stack by your description and pictures. Mmm…

  5. Shady Shack makes me appreciate vegan creativity. I’d be torn between the nachos and protein bowl. I’ve never tried jackfruit but you’ve convinced me that I should. And you’re right – all the food looks pretty Instagramable!

  6. I am vegetarian and therefore Canggu in Bali is the perfect choice for me. Right now I am saving this name because sometimes it becomes a struggle to find out nice vegetarian restaurants. House-made chili sauce is again another a brownie point to select this place as I use lots of chili sauce on my food. Jackfruit Tacos really look very colorful and tempting too.

  7. Oh wow!!!! Being a carnivore myself (says me, having a bite of chicken wings!),I totally understand your reluctance to go into a vegan place. But I would definitely do it. First of all, because of that extremely cool name 😂😂 what sounds dangerous definitely attracts 🙈🙈 second, the place looks gorgeous! I would definitely want to spend some time there. And last, but not least, thaaat food looks incredible!!! It doesn’t look at all vegan! Though I could enjoy a meal or two here, I don’t think I’d be able to ever give up meat 😁😁

  8. It being great liver if vegetables would not have bothered a out the place. Thanks to posts like these that can change a perception. Shady Shack in Canggu Is surely a great place to visit. The food looks very palatable and very well presented. I like the decor of the shack as well. Food would be tasty as well. Thanks for. sharing.

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