Pulau Weh is an island filled with a lot of natural beauty and beaches to explore. And in between all the adventure, there’s nothing better than a fresh coconut and delicious grilled fish or a house-made pizza or local delicacies to indulge on.

After having been to Pulau Weh a couple of times now, we have explored various places on the island and here are some of our favorite spots to eat in Pulau Weh / Sabang. Let’s dig in!

Places to Eat in Pulau Weh

Bixio Café

Best for Italian Food

Location | Long Beach

Places to Eat in Pulau Weh | Bixio Cafe | Hello Raya Blog Places to Eat in Pulau Weh | Bixio Cafe | Hello Raya Blog

This might sound odd, but Hubby and I have had some of the best house-made pasta at Bixio Café in Pulau Weh. Bixio is a beachfront gem located at Long Beach in Pulau Weh, which is not far from the town of Iboih and Gapang beach. The café is run by husband and wife, Luca and Eva who have created a menu inspired by the Emilian region of Northeast Italy.

Speakeasy Restaurant at Casa Nemo Resort

Best for Pizza

Location: Samur Tiga

Places to Eat in Pulau Weh | Casa Nemo | Hello Raya Blog Places to Eat in Pulau Weh | Casa Nemo | Hello Raya Blog

The Speakeasy Restaurant as the Casa Nemo Resort is located beachside at Samur Tiga. It sits on a terrace that overlooks beautiful turquoise blue waters so it’s a great spot for an afternoon coconut.

The highlight of the menu definitely is the pizza, which is thin crust and baked in a traditional pizza oven. It was delicious and our pick of the menu here at Casa Nemo. The local options are a bit average, but the pizza is recommended as it is definitely one of the better ones on the island.

On Saturday evenings from 8 until 11pm there’s a great local live band that play, which makes for a great atmosphere.

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Best for Themed Dinners

Location | Samur Tiga

Places to Eat in Pulau Weh | Freddies | Hello Raya Blog Places to Eat in Pulau Weh | Freddies | Hello Raya Blog

The main restaurant at Freddie’s Resort in Samur Tiga sits at the top of the resort, with amazing views over beach and water. In the main restaurant is where Freddie hosts his nightly themed dinners. It rotates each evening, so you can enjoy a different meal every night without getting bored! It is approximately IDR70,000 per person for dinner, and you’ll get to enjoy a starter, buffet-style main course, and dessert. The themed night dinners take place in the main restaurant. So if you are look for diversity in food whilst staying on Pulau Weh, then Freddie’s is a good option.

You can also make your way down to the beach side terrace of the resort where you’ll get to enjoy close up views of the beach. They have a food menu here which ranges from local and international dishes so there is enough variety. I suggest opting for local dishes here. If you are looking for an international food fare, then join one of Freddie’s themed dinners.

Tipsy Toby Café

Best for Delicious Coffee & Vegetarian Food

Location | Gapang Beach

Places to Eat in Pulau Weh | Tipsy Toby Cafe | Hello Raya Blog Places to Eat in Pulau Weh | Tipsy Toby Cafe | Hello Raya Blog

Tipsy Toby Café is located at Gapang Beach at the Bubble Addict Dive Centre and Flying Elephant Yoga Studio. It’s a lovely beach shack style café serving great food and coffee.

The food menu is simple, with a lot of vegetarian options to choose from. From pizza to sandwiches to breakfast delights, the quality of the food was really good. I also enjoyed my buttered coffee (also known at bulletproof coffee) which was the much-needed boost after a morning filled with diving.

Babah Alue Restaurant

Best for BBQ Fish & Seafood

Location | Iboih

Places to Eat in Pulau Weh | Babah Alue Restaurant | Hello Raya Blog Places to Eat in Pulau Weh | Babah Alue Restaurant | Hello Raya Blog Places to Eat in Pulau Weh | Babah Alue Restaurant | Hello Raya Blog

If you are after some fresh seafood such as grilled fish, then Babah Alue Restaurant is a great spot in Iboih. And for me the best way to enjoy is BBQ’d and then eaten with steamed rice, stir fried veggies, and the local dipping sauce. The restaurant is located at the beginning of Iboih village and is a simple restaurant just across from the beach.

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Hawker Centre at Paradiso Beach

Best for Local Food & Satay Gurita  

Location | Paradiso Beach

Places to Eat in Pulau Weh | Satay Gurita | Hello Raya Blog Places to Eat in Pulau Weh | Satay Gurita | Hello Raya Blog

This spot is open in the evening onwards and is popular amongst locals and visitors alike. You’ll see the crowd building from sunset onwards who want to catch the golden colors of the sky. Satay gurita is the most popular stall here, which is the traditional Acehnese style octopus satay. Best to eat it with ketupat which is a packed rice inside a woven palm leaf pouch and lots of peanut sauce.

Pele’s Place

Best for Local Food

Location | Iboih

The restaurant at Pele’s Place is upon a terrace that overlooks the waters surrounding Iboih and Rupiah Island. In fact, the snorkelling in front of Pele’s Place is quite good as well. The local food fare here is the way to go, with a good selection of local Acehnese dishes and seafood dishes.

Local Dishes to try while on Pulau Weh

Some local dishes to try while you are in Weh Island includes:

Ikan Bakar

Seafood is delicious in Pulau Weh, with many that has been locally caught from the shores off the island. There are several restaurants around the island which offer BBQ’d fish, and it is best eaten with white rice, fried morning glory vegetable and sambal (chilli sauce).

Satay Gurita

Places to Eat in Pulau Weh | Satay Gurita | Hello Raya Blog

Satay gurita is basically octopus satay and it is a popular dish on Pulau Weh, with many locals making their way to the warong at sunset to enjoy this local dish. It’s usually served with house-made peanut sauce and ketupat which is a rice cake.

Avocado Smoothie

Places to Eat in Pulau Weh | Avocado Smoothie | Hello Raya Blog

The Indonesian recipe for avocado smoothie is delicious, almost border line dessert. Fresh avocados are blended with some condensed milk and sometimes fresh milk. Chocolate syrup is then added to the glass and then the avocado blend is poured into the glass. It’s a popular drink to enjoy and you’ll see many locals enjoying it with their meal.

Ayam Penyet

Places to Eat in Pulau Weh | Ayam Penyet | Hello Raya Blog

While ayam penyet is popular across Indonesia, it’s definitely something to try even when you are in Pulau Weh. Literally ayam penyet is deep fried chicken that has been marinated with local seasoning and served with steamed white rice, red or green chilli sauce, fried tempe (soya cake) and fried tofu.

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  1. So many excellent food choices here in Pulau Weh. Looks like I will have to plan to stay for a week to enjoy every one of them. The food looks amazing and the views incredible. I can imagine enjoying lunch at the Tipsy Toby Cafe. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh wow, I could definitely eat my way through Pulau Weh. That pizza crust at Casa Nemo and the buffet at Freddie’s are so hard to look at photos of. I now need to go eat something, because I’m drooling all over the keyboard.

  3. I don’t think I could resist some of that delicious pasta at Bixio Café. I would have to stay Palua Weh for a couple of weeks so I could try all of these restaurants! Everything looks so good!

  4. As someone from Indonesia I was shocked to find that you can find western food in Aceh, and Pulau Weh in particular. But I think after reading another of your post about Pulau Weh before, I got it. Seems like is easy to plan your meal when visiting. First lunch here, first dinner here, then the next day will move to different places as they all look delicious. Both western and local food.

  5. Seeing this gorgeous beach in Pulau makes me what to enjoy more of these foods you’ve shared. Geez, this is the situation that I would love to enjoy food and don’t care if I get bloated in my swimwear, hahaha. Glad you had a fabulous beach time and you are happy!

  6. The Satay gurita looks really delicious. I have never tried octopus satay but would love to try this local dish. Your post made me really hungry.

  7. Pulau Weh certainly has restaurants with great views. Even the food looks good. Biting on that thing crust pizza with sea views is all what I want know. Thanks for sharing so many options and also letting us know about local popular food.

  8. Pulau Weh looks like a paradise for foodie like me. What a great destination to have the thin crust pizza and pasta for that matter. I am a big Italian food fan and seeing that delicious pizza at Gapang Beach looks heavenly. I am suddenly hungry. Great guide I must say.

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