You don’t have to travel far to indulge in 5-star luxury. Just a mere 2-3 hours’ drive from the city of Kuala Lumpur is the luxury Kasturi Resort in the coastal village of Cherating in the east coast of Malaysia.

Beach frontage that spans more than 800m long, giving guests uninterrupted views of the beautiful ocean and the greenery that surrounds. The Kasturi Resort is truly embraced by land and sea…as it’s tag line suggests.

The resort spans over 15 acres, and fully embraces its rainforest home and uninterrupted beach frontage. The resort has been thoughtfully designed and built to incorporate into the nature, ensuring sustainable environmental practices are utilized.

Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya BlogKasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog

Designed and owned by one of Malaysia’s most acclaimed architect, Hijjas  Kasturi and his wife Angela, this Cherating resort is built with by a labor of love.

A love for architecture.

A love for the environment and preserving it.

A love for the local community.

A love for Malaysia.

During our trip, whilst sitting in the main clubhouse enjoying our afternoon cocktails, we had the pleasure of meeting Hijjis Kasturi himself, who shared more about the resort.

You see, it’s all in the details.

“Just look down at your feet and do you notice the terrazzo flooring?” he asked.

Hijjis shared that today it is not so easy to find because they don’t really make terrazzo flooring anymore. But through sheer determination, the Kasturi team managed to find a supplier who was able to produce and install this beautiful floor tiling. And ohhhh what a difference it makes.

Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog

Hijjis further explains that the villas in the resort have taken inspiration from the traditional Malaysian kampong style home, where the villas have been built with an A-frame roof. But for Kasturi’s villas, the rooms are slanted more and go right down almost touching the ground – why? To make the most of the lovely afternoon breeze.

You see, so much in the design has been thought about.

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Review of the Kasturi Resort in Cherating

Sustainable Practices at the Kasturi Resort

Environmental sustainable practices played an integral role in designing and building the Kasturi Cherating.

With 15 acres of land, in most other cases, developers would aim to try and maximise the land space. This is not the case for the Kasturi resort. The objective was to minimize their environmental footprint, which meant building only 19 villas.

Utilizing local materials and labor-intensive construction was a way that the Kasturi resort was able to support the local community and practice sustainability. This included terrazzo flooring sourced locally to building rubble walls to utilizing recycled timber that were reclaimed from old buildings.

Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog

And you know how some movies tell you that no animals were harmed in the making in this movie? Well in the case of the Kasturi Resort, every effort was made to minimize harming and clearing of the rainforest. Small plants were carefully bagged and used later on in the landscaping of the resort.

The Beach Front Villa

We called the Beach Front Villa our home during our stay at the Kasturi Resort.

It was like there was an auto-switch off as soon as we were in the resort, and we were able to forget all the woes of life. From the gentle breeze and sounds of the ocean waves, to the small sounds of the rainforest – Cherating had proven to be the perfect getaway weekend getaway from KL.

Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog

The Beach Front Villa, whilst ensuring environmentally sound practices, did not compromise on comfort and luxury. It was 261sqm of serenity…we didn’t want to leave. The resort itself is private and secluded, which makes for an absolutely relaxing holiday. Forget the woes of the city life, relaxing is on the menu when you’re at the Kasturi.

As soon as you enter the villa, you’re welcomed by your own private villa pool and uninterrupted views of the South China Sea. There is also an outdoor shower and a private gate to access the beach.

Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog

Inside the villa is just as beautiful as the outside. It’s minimally styled with statement pieces, enough to add that ‘wow’ factor. The extra-large king-sized bed is adorned with this amazingly indigo blue throw that decorates the end of the bed – I mean I loved it so much I wanted to buy it!

As you enter the inside, you’re welcomed by the sitting room area, which is surrounded by glass. This means you’ll always get to enjoy a gorgeous view of the outside. There’s a small set of stairs that lead up to the master bedroom, which is well-size with ample closet space. And as you guide yourself further into the villa, you’ll enter the incredibly spacious bathroom.

Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog

In the bathroom, there’s a standalone bathtub, and indoor and outdoor shower, his-and-hers sinks…ahhh how I would love this bathroom at home. And if you think the resort’s environmental practices stops here… think again. Look out for their green amenities – they’ve collaborated with Tanamera, a Malaysian company that produces natural and eco-friendly amenities. So once again, they are supporting local and maintaining their eco-friendly practices.

Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog

The villa is also well stocked to ensure you are kept comfortable during your whole trip. The mini bar is filled with a fridge full of non-alcoholic beverages, there’s complimentary water bottles, and you also have a pod-style coffee machine for that better-quality coffee. There’s all the modern comforts you’ll need, from a hairdryer to an iron to a flat screen TV, and an in-room safe. Truly, you don’t really need to leave the villa.

Hint: Set your alarm and wake up for the sunrise. It is just stunning! The sun rises right in front of your villa and is such a wonderful way to welcome the new day. It’s a total rejuvenating experience.

Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog

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The Facilities

To get to any of the villas and the main clubhouse, you have to meander through the walkway that’s built into the rainforest. Your city life has left your site, because it is just you soaked into the nature – no sounds of honking cars, it’s just you, the sounds of the birds and insects chirping, and the cooling breeze. Simply beautiful.

And at night, the walkway is nicely lit up, which also makes for a lovely experience walking back to your villa after dinner in the main clubhouse.

Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog

It’s at the main clubhouse at the Kasturi Resort where majority of the resort facilities can be found. There’s a main resort pool, where is a great size if you’re also thinking of doing some laps to keep yourself fit and healthy while travelling. You could hit up the gym if you want to, which is located on the lower ground level of the clubhouse.

There is also a small spa called Ketapang Spa located on the second level of the club house. For each new guest, you are entitled to a free 15-minutes neck and shoulder massage, which is just delightful! It’s the perfect way to judge if the spa is any good, and trust me, the masseuses were fantastic. I was absolutely so relaxed during my massage.

Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog

Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog

Eating & Drinking

You’ll also find the main restaurant called Kenyang, where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served. We loved the local dishes here…after all, you are in Malaysia so go local. One of my favorites was the prawn cooking in a yellow coconut curry – wow was it oh-so-delicious!

The restaurant also offers quite a good wine selection, so you’ll be spoilt for choice here.

Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog

The mornings at Kenyang is where you’ll find the breakfast buffet. There’s a good selection of international and local delights…my favorite being the local breakfast offerings. I enjoyed the roti jala paired with the Malaysian chicken curry, and the spicy fried noodles. I remember learning how to cook roti jala during a cooking class in Kuala Lumpur, which brought back great memories. There were also juices, fresh fruit, a selection of cereal, and you could even order fresh-to-order eggs.

Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog Kasturi Resort Cherating Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog

Opposite to the Kenyang Restaurant is the KetunBar Lounge, which is the perfect spot to relaxed in the afternoon. Pick up a book, grab that cocktail, and just relax by the couch whilst enjoying the cooling afternoon breeze.

Getting to the Kasturi Resort

It’s simple really.

From Kuala Lumpur, it is a mere 2-3 hours’ drive, and it is a comfortable drive because the roads in Malaysia are fantastic. The majority of the way is on highway, which makes for good driving. We chose to leave Kuala Lumpur before sunrise, which was a perfect choice. We got to watch the sunrise during our drive and it was gorgeous. Plus, it also meant we got to Cherating by around 9am.

Cherating is a quaint and tiny coastal town located on the east coast on Malaysia, in the state of Pahang. It is about a 40-50 minutes’ drive away from the city of Kuantan. There is not too much to do in Cherating, but you’re surrounded by untouched lush greenery, and the sounds of nature. It’s a great place to rest and just breathe in a relaxing state of mind.

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The Verdict

The Kasturi Resort in Cherating is the perfect weekend getaway…heck, I could have even spent a week here! Being a couple of hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, it was easy to get to the Kasturi Cheratin and enjoy our mini holiday.

Rates start at RM1,025 per night for 2 adults (A$339 | U$263) for a  villa. It is best to book in advanced to secure your room as they only have 19 rooms available.

What’s the best time to visit? April to September, which is the dry season. Between October to March, Cherating and much of the east coast of Malaysia experiences the monsoon season.

If you are looking for a short from Kuala Lumpur, where you want to just relax, I do recommend the Kasturi Resort.

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The Kasturi Resort in Cherating, Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog

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  2. Looks like a gorgeous place to stay. I love that he didn’t try and overdo it and just built 19 villa’s properly and beautifully. The food looks absolutely fantastic as well!

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  7. Wow, what a beautiful place. I love how so much care has been taken to be sustainable and mindful of the nature that surrounds it. When you think of a resort, it can all too often be a sprawling mass that tramples over everything. I love how the buildings are inspired by traditional Malaysian housing too. What a haven to spend a few days, or even a week! Just beautiful.

  8. Sustainable & Responsible Tourism is a buzz word these days but still its hard to find hotels who are doing something impressive. It sure seems like Kasturi resort is one such hotel. love their minimalistic decor and the view from the pool in your beach villa. would love to stay there for a few night when we’re there!

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    I’m yet to head to Malaysia and when I do, this is indeed the perfect place to stay.
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