If you are looking for an intimate and high quality Bali accommodation, that offers personalised service, then welcome to Karmagali Suites.

Karmagali Suites is located in Sanur, on the east coast of Bali, and is owned by French couple Magali & Fred. They opened the doors to this beautiful boutique bed and breakfast in December 2015. This B&B has 5 beautiful rooms available to stay in, each with its own unique Balinese style.

Now if you ever researched Bali accommodation, it can be quite mind boggling. There is truly so much choice that it is difficult to make a definite decision.

Hubby and I have both travelled to Bali many times and we have stayed in a variety of Bali accommodation – from your basic to the mighty 5-star resorts. When I look back at all the Bali accommodation I stayed in, only one really comes to the front of my mind, and that is Karmagali Suites in Sanur.

Quick Facts about Karmagali Suites

Star Rating: 4 stars

Location: Sanur, Bali

Number of rooms: 5

Distance from Beach: 10 minutes’ walk

The Accommodation & Facilities

Upon arriving at Karmagali Suites, you’re welcomed by a Balinese style villa compound, with a 50-foot swimming pool in the middle, surrounded by an array of greenery. The guest rooms line each side of the area.

Frangipani Suite at Karmagali Suites | Bali Accommodation | Hello Raya Blog
The Frangipani Suite, the room I’ve stayed in

Every room has been specially named because of the decoration in the room. There’s Frangipani, Garuda, Timor, Rama & Sita, and Naga. The rooms are all spacious, each with a large bed that feels like you are sleeping on a cloud. And the bathroom is generous in size, with a his and her sink, a fantastic size rain shower and lovely smelling bath products.

Bathroom Karmagali Suites | Bali Accommodation | Hello Raya Blog
The Bathroom in the Frangipani Suite

Each room has its own outdoor lounge area, which is where you have your breakfast. It is also the perfect spot to lounge about in the afternoon, before taking a plunge into the swimming pool. Plus, the villa offers excellent Wi-Fi connectivity, which means you are still connected with the outside world and can share snaps of your time in Bali.

Lounge Karmagali Suites | Bali Accommodation | Hello Raya Blog
The lounge area of the Frangipani Suite

When I stayed at Karmagali Suites, every evening, no matter how full I might have been from dinner, I always looked forward to breakfast. The breakfast at Karmagali Suites is fresh, because everything is homemade – from the brioche to the bread to the eggs to the jams. Plus, they provide you with a great selection of teas and coffees – I mean not many hotels will let you choose the type of coffee you want. So the hardest decision in the morning for me was whether I was going to have a cappuccino or a black coffee.

And my favorite part about breakfast time – I could just slip out of bed in my PJs and sit down for breakfast. No need to figure out what clothes to wear and fight with the crowds at the breakfast buffet. It’s all personalised service here at Karmagali.

The pool is the main feature of Karmagali Suites – it is the Bali dream. I literally spent many afternoons just enjoying the sunshine whilst swimming in the pool. Surrounded by greenery, coconut trees and flowers, you really feel like you are in paradise.

Pool Karmagali Suites | Bali Accommodation | Hello Raya Blog
Swimming in the pool at Karmagali Suites

And the best part of the villa – it is quiet. When you are on a relaxing holiday, the last thing you want is the noise of the hustle and bustle. You get the exact opposite at Karmagali – you get peace and quiet, and you get the feeling like you are well and truly on holiday.

The Verdict

Karmagali Suites is a hidden gem in Bali for those looking for an intimate Bali villa holiday.

It is easy to get carried away by expensive resorts that only sometimes gives you the 5-star service you deserve. But if you are looking for something more intimate and personalised, then you need to add Karmagali Suites to your list.

Karmagali Suites provides its guests with an excellent quality and luxurious product with personalised service. You can tell that Magali and Fred have both put so much of their heart and soul into Karmagali Suites.

And best of all, this Bali accommodation is at an affordable price point, with rooms starting from around AUD$120 per night, including breakfast.

Tips to Getting the Most out of Your Booking

  • If you are sensitive to street noise, then it is best to book the rooms Naga, Timor, and Rama & Sita
  • Karmagali Suites offers free bicycles that you can borrow. It is the best way to get around and explore Sanur – I particularly enjoyed cycling along the beach road in Sanur.
  • Try the French breakfast – I am in love with Magali’s brioche. It is fluffy with a perfect level of sweetness, and it pairs well with her homemade jams.
  • Now this is an absolute treat – you have to try Magali’s French cakes and pastries. Most days you will find Magali busy in the kitchen baking up a storm. And she uses only the best ingredients that she can find to ensure her pastries are of the highest quality. If you are the kind to only have dessert once in a while – then use your once in a while to try Magali’s dessert.
  • If you get sunburnt, try the after-sun massage. It’s a fantastic massage using aloe vera to help alleviate your sunburn.
  • Finally, if you want some tips on places to eat or see, just ask Magali & Fred.

For more information or to book a room at Karmagali Suites CLICK HERE

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Karmagali Suites | Bali Accommodation | Hello Raya Blog

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  1. Great review! I went to Bali with my family many years ago, and stayed elsewhere, but I’m pretty sure we went there for a swim! I remember that amazing pool! We had the best time walking and swimming up and down it. It’s just beautiful! You’ve just about convinced me that I need to go back. When my kids are old enough to be left behind 🙂

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