When life throws you a jet ski in Langkawi… ride it and explore the islands surrounding Langkawi.

What better way to island hop around Langkawi then on a jet ski. It was such an exhilarating morning, while also being able to appreciate the beautiful sights and sounds of Langkawi. Of course, you can choose to hop on one of the many tourist boats that will take you out on a tour of the islands. But why not try something different?

Island Hopping in Langkawi on a Jet Ski Tour - Hello Raya Blog

Our Jet Ski Tour in Langkawi with Mega Water Sports

There are a few companies running jet ski tours, and we decided to join Mega Water Sports. They’ve been running these tours for a number of years and a quick google search will already tell you that they have a great record.

The 8 Island Hopping was our tour of choice, and we decided on the morning option, because hey, we were just so excited. In total there are 3 tour options to choose from, and you can decide if you want to ride the jet ski on your own, or like Hubby and I, we decided to ride the same jet ski.

We arrived at 9am to the Mega Water Sports beach hut at Cenang Beach, which is located right next to Thirstday Bar. We picked up our waterproof bag that we rented from Mega Water Sports (RM10, and I do highly recommend it), then put on a pair of reef shoes and a life jacket.

In total, there were 15 people booked to do the 8 Island Hopping Tour, so Mega Water Sports divided us into 2 groups. Our guide was Shahrul, “but please call me Shadow” he said. No problem, Shadow it was.

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Island Hopping in Langkawi on a Jet Ski Tour - Hello Raya Blog
Our tour guide Shadow briefing us before we zoom off


Island Hopping in Langkawi on a Jet Ski Tour - Hello Raya Blog
Hopping onto our jet skis

Before everyone hoped onto their jet skiis, we had a briefing on the beach, which took around 15 minutes. Shadow explained how to use the jet ski, its safety features, and a brief overview of our tour. It was then not long after when we all hoped on our jet skis and off we went.

You know, coming to Langkawi, I really didn’t know that there were so many islands surrounding. I know, I know, I should have done more research…but hey, I left an element of spontaneity to this trip! Shadow explained that there used to be close to 200 islands around Langkawi, but over the years due to erosion of the limestone, this number has dropped to around 100 islands.

And so, of the 100 of islands around Langkawi, this tour took us to 8 of the islands, which filled up at least half of the day.

Island Hopping in Langkawi on a Jet Ski Tour - Hello Raya Blog

The tour was exhilarating.

Not only did we get to explore the beautiful surroundings of Langkawi, but we to explore on jet skis travelling between 40-60 km per hour….and oh boy was it fun.

Yes we did donuts in the water. Yes we went as fast as we could. Yes, we had so much fun on the jet skis and still got to enjoy the beauty around Langkawi. And no, we did not fall off the jet skis.

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Highlights of the Trip

Pulau Dayang Bunting, also know as the Pregnant Maiden Island. Why pregnant island you might be asking? There is an ancient love story attributed to its name, and also legand has it that the fresh water lake that sits in the island supposedly promotes fertility. Plus, the island itself from afar also looks like a pregnant lady. This is also the second largest island that surrounds Langkawi. Ohhh and this is a UNESCO site as well.

Island Hopping in Langkawi on a Jet Ski Tour - Hello Raya Blog
Having so much fun on the jet ski

“The Fjords” is another area that you’ll get to explore during the tour. It is a beautiful area surrounded by a small group of islands, which gives you a wonderful sightseeing experience. This area is typical for yachts to sail through and explore the beautiful surroundings of Langkawi. It is also a great spot to take a dip in the water.

Riding under the limestone structures was also such a cool experience. Shadow briefly explained to us the best technique to drive our jet skiis and ride slowly under the limestones. This gave us a great appreciation for the structures of all the little islands…and we even saw a small komodo dragon!

Free time…I have to mention this as a highlight of the tour, because we got to go nuts on the jet ski. This where our need for speed really kicked in. We did donuts, we went as fast as we could (like almost 70 km per hour!), we sped over small waves…ohhh it was fun!

Island Hopping in Langkawi on a Jet Ski Tour - Hello Raya Blog
Enjoying some free time on the jet ski
Island Hopping in Langkawi on a Jet Ski Tour - Hello Raya Blog
We got some time to swim around in the water. Bikini by Trifena Belle Swimwear
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Hints & Tips

  • Wear lots of sunscreen
  • Bring or hire a waterproof bag
  • Highly recommend a wet shirt
  • Wear your bathing suit, but also wear a wet shirt over it
  • Bring only some small change
  • Bring a GoPro
  • Book ahead of time to save $

The Verdict

If you are adventurous, then I highly recommend doing a jet ski tour of the islands surround Langkawi. It is a fun filled day of sightseeing and exhilaration. Our guide Shadow was fantastic – safety was always his number one priority, but he also made sure that we were all having fun.

Island Hopping in Langkawi on a Jet Ski Tour - Hello Raya Blog

For the 8 Island Hopping Tour, it is approximately RM 805 (A$ 261 | U$ 205) if you choose to ride on your own, or RM 980 (A$320 | U$250)  if you ride with your partner. The tour runs for approximately 4 hours.

To book, you can simply visit the Get Your Guide website to book.

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  1. While I have been to Langkawi and loved it’s natural beauty, I wasn’t aware of this fabulous tour option. This just looks like so much fun and a great way to explore the surrounding islands. I will have to remember this for next time. Great photos by the way.

  2. I am not very much lover of water sports. But the beautiful pictures of your write-up tempts me to do it specially for Pregnant Maiden Island. Langkawi Island is on my bucket list.

  3. We will be spending a little while on Langkawi next year as we make our way around SE Asia. I wasn’t aware you could do this so it is something we will look into for sure! Thanks for the tip

  4. There is no better way I guess to hop around islands than controlling it all by yourself by jet ski! Sounds like a superb idea! Photos are amazing and we will definitely do this when in Langkawi!

  5. Wow loved this idea of island hopping on a jet ski sounds super fun. Also great tips for the jet ski trip as well. I enjoyed and loved the picture. Thank you enjoyed your post.

  6. LOVE this idea!! I haven’t been back to Langkawi in a long time so this is sooo on my list and I’m definitely going to try a jetski tour. Seems to be so much fun! And I love that it’s flexible enough that you can really enjoy the open waters and stop by islands without too much fuss.

  7. Hopping in a jet ski looks so much fun! I think it’s the best way to explore the island, isn’t it? I haven’t been to Langkawi yet, but this post makes me wanna visit so much.

  8. That’s interesting that it costs more to ride with a partner! You’d think it’d be the other way around. For all the things you see and the time, that’s not a bad price either way. I love jet skis, though I tend to be cautious when driving them. My sister goes full throttle haha.

  9. This looks like so much fun! I must admit I’m a little Jelly – I would have loved to have done this when I was there!! But unfortunately not enough time!! I do love jetski riding in the Maldives and agree getting out on the water on a ski gives you a total different and fun perspective!!

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