I love High Tea – it’s a fun afternoon English custom to share with family and friends. Plus, any excuse to dress up makes it all the more fun. Wherever I travel, I tend to keep an eye out on where to have High Tea. So when in Kuala Lumpur, I decided to experience the High Tea at the Majestic Hotel.

High Tea, known traditionally as Afternoon Tea, is essentially an afternoon mini meal. It is an English tradition, that has spread around the world. This mini meal usually consists of a good pot of tea, sandwiches, cakes and scones… and on some occasions, a good bottle of champagne! In Brisbane, my sister and I spoiled ourselves and had High Tea with a glass of Dom Pérignon.

High Tea at the Majestic Hotel

On this occasion, I had High Tea at the Majestic Hotel with my Father. Upon entering the Colonial Café, I ask to have the high tea. The waiter was quick to correct me and said “You mean Afternoon Tea?” That’s when I knew, I was in the right place for a good quality English-style afternoon tea experience. FYI, for the purpose of this post, I am going to keep referring this experience as ‘high tea.’

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Orchid Conservatory | High Tea at the Majestic Hotel | Hello Raya Blog
Enjoying High Tea with my Father in the Orchid Conservatory at the Majestic Hotel

We are seated to have high tea in the Orchid Conservatory, which is a beautiful glass room filled with orchids. The display and range of orchids in this room was just magnificent – I felt like I was in a botanical garden. What a great experience already and we haven’t even started high tea!

You can sit in the main tea room of the Colonial Café, which had such a regal atmosphere. There was a live piano player entertaining the guests in the tea room, which was just so soothing.

Tea Room | High Tea at the Majestic Hotel | Hello Raya Blog
The Piano Player in the Tea Room

The price range for the High Tea experience varies depending on where you sit – unfortunately for me, the Orchid Conservatory was the highest priced… but I have a soft spot for orchids, so this was my spot of choice.

Important tip – make a reservation… especially if you want to sit in the Orchid Conservatory. Over the weekend, having High Tea at the Majestic Hotel gets very busy and it may be hard to get a table as a walk in guest.

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The Dining Experience

We had a lovely waitress by the name of Chantelle serve us. She was fantastic, friendly and provided us with top notch, 5-star service.

After being seated, Chantelle presented me with a box of premium Twining’s tea to select from and I go with the Rose Garden black tea. The tea is then brewed using a Twining’s sand glass timer.

Tea Preparation | High Tea at the Majestic Hotel | Hello Raya Blog
Preparing the tea

The food comes out and it just looks delectable. It is all presented on a 3-tier tray, with the warm food served in a separate dish. On the High Tea menu today – desserts, scones, sandwiches, and warm savouries.

| High Tea at the Majestic Hotel | Hello Raya Blog
The meal

I am going to start off with the scones, because they were my favorite! The scones came in a plain and raisin version, and was served with a side of cream and jam – yum yum. They arrived to the table warm and buttery… just the way they should be. Eat these first.

Scones | High Tea at the Majestic Hotel | Hello Raya Blog
The scones with cream & jam

There were five (5) different desserts. My favorite was the profiterole type dessert filled with what tasted like a blueberry cream. Ok fine, I have another favourite too. I loved the Raspberry Mousse as well.

Desserts | High Tea at the Majestic Hotel | Hello Raya Blog
The desserts

The sandwiches came in a variety of flavours including Egg and Cucumber, Smoked Salmon, Prawn Cocktail and Vegetarian.

There were a three (3) different warm savouries. My favorite was the curry puff, which has a lovely potato curry filling. A bit of a bite from the chilli, yet delicious.

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The Verdict

High Tea at the Majestic Hotel | Hello Raya Blog
Loved my high tea experience

I loved the High Tea at the Majestic Hotel… I think you would have guessed that by now.

I’m definitely happy we sat in the Orchid Conservatory, because it was a unique experience. Eating and drinking, while being surrounded by these beautiful and colourful flowers was an experience on its own.

Orchids | High Tea at the Majestic Hotel | Hello Raya Blog
Some of the beautiful orchids

The portion was good – in fact we were quite full and couldn’t finish everything. So Chantelle  assisted to pack up the left over, which I got to enjoy later that evening.

My verdict – I can’t wait to be back again!

To Visit

For a High Tea experience in the Orchid Conservatory, it is RM110 nett per person on weekdays and RM120 nett per person on weekends (price correct as at December 2018). Reservations are a must, especially on weekends.

If you are happy to sit in their other areas, here are the prices per person (price correct as at December 2018):

The Tea Room – RM 60nett [weekdays] / RM 70nett [weekends]
Drawing Room – RM 80nett [weekdays] / RM 90nett [weekends]

Colonial Café at the Majestic Hotel

5 Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

For reservations, call +603 2785 8000

Please note that this meal was independently paid for and no compensation was received for this review.

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High Tea at the Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur | Hello Raya Blog

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10 Comments on High Tea at the Majestic Hotel in the Orchid Conservatory (Kuala Lumpur)

    • Thanks Rachael! It was such a unique experience to be surrounded by the beauty of orchids, whilst enjoying a wonderful high tea.

  1. I’ve stayed at the Majestic Hotel before but don’t remember seeing a High Tea being offered – I wish I knew about it, it looks like a lovely experience. I love the presentation of the food & the orchid setting is just beautiful – I think I’ll take my mum here on our next visit to KL, thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  2. I saw this on your 6 things to do post and had to read more about it; it looks so absolutely wonderful! I am a sucker for a good tea, and I love rose teas to boot. Those orchids look so pretty!

  3. Hi, Can I ask do they have air condition inside orchid conservatory ? Because I doesn’t want sweating while eating hahaha xD I planned to go there on weekdays, I think it should be not crowded I guess ?

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