The brightly painted wall might be instagrammable. Heck, the food, the drinks, the whole design of the café is instagrammable… but behind all the glitz of getting that picture-perfect shot of your OOTD or lunch is a good cause.

Give Cafe in Canggu Bali | Hello Raya Blog Give Cafe in Canggu Bali | Hello Raya Blog

Give Café in Canggu has been created by the guys behind Kynd Community in Seminyak, and is one of the only cafés in Canggu…heck Bali… that is 100% plant-based AND not for profit.

So basically – Give operates like a normal café. From all the revenue earned, a portion is taken to pay operating expenses in order to run the café. The remaining, which is the profit, is then donated to charity.

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Give Canggu Experience

Give is a quaint café located along Jalan Padang Linjong, about a 5-minute motorbike ride away from the heart of Canggu.

A white picket fence runs along the front of the café, and pastel paint splashes its walls – Give is the perfect spot for those insta-worthy food shots. And hey, for every insta-picture you take and post on your account from Give is a great way to promote this wonderful cause.

Give Cafe in Canggu Bali | Hello Raya Blog Give Cafe in Canggu Bali | Hello Raya Blog

The menu is 100% plant-based, and it is delicious. Like I was in Canggu for a week and I was at Give at least 3 days out of 7.

The café opens at 7am for all the early birds, which a delicious and hearty breakfast selection. For breakfast, expect a lovely selection of vegan varieties, including the gorgeous looking Berry Bowl, and the scrumptious Breakky Bruschetta, overflowing with smashed avocado and cherry tomatoes.

Give Cafe in Canggu Bali | Hello Raya Blog Give Cafe in Canggu Bali | Hello Raya Blog

For lunch and dinner, you still do have the option to order a la carte, but I totally recommend Give’s version of the Indonesian nasi campur – also known as mixed rice.

Basically you pick your rice for RM10,000 (A$1) – white, yellow, or red…and then you can pick up for 7 dishes from the display cabinet to add to your plate. For every dish picked, it’s RM7,000 (A$0.70). And then to top it off, you can choose your sides, either a hearty red sambal, shredded coconut, Balinese sambal…or all 3 if you prefer.

Give Cafe in Canggu Bali | Hello Raya Blog Give Cafe in Canggu Bali | Hello Raya Blog

Everything on the menu is vegan…so don’t be fooled when you see ‘chicken satay’ or ‘egg’ in your mixed rice section. It’s all made using vegan products – for instance, the egg is made using tofu and sweet potato.

There is also a lovely selection of beverages, including my favorite – the pink latte. And if you have a sweet tooth, Give offer a delicious variety of vegan desserts, including the must try magnum ice cream – yum!

Give Cafe in Canggu Bali | Hello Raya Blog

Give, Even When You’re on Holiday

“When you have more than you need, build a longer table not a higher fence.”

Everyone has to eat right? So when deciding what to eat in Bali, why not also do some good and visit the Give café in Canggu.

Give Cafe in Canggu Bali | Hello Raya Blog

Give say that 100% of its profit goes towards doing good in Bali, and they have an in-house voting system to help decide which charities to support. For every purchase made, you are given a wooden coin, which is used to vote. You can pick “People,” “Planet,” or “Animals.” For more information on the 3 charities that Give support, you can read more about it on their website.

The Verdict

The Give café in Canggu holds a special place in my heart, because I love its philosophy. I am always a bit weary of giving cash to charities because you don’t always really know how it is being spent. I do love the idea that for every cup of coffee or every breakfast plate purchased… it all goes to doing good in the world.

Operating Hours: 7am – 8pm daily

Address: Jl. Padang Linjong No.85, Canggu, Bali

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  1. Hey Soraya thanks for your support when you were in Bali. We are stoked that you loved our way of giving back to Bali.
    Thank you for the awesome review that you put on your blog.

    Warm Regards,
    Give Cafe.

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