Inspired by the cuisine of Gujarat in the western part of India is a quaint little Indian vegetarian restaurant in KL called Ganga. Located along Lorong Kurau, an enclave tucked away in the heart of Bangsar, is where you’ll find this foodie heaven.

If you are after a vegetarian restaurant in KL that is delicious, hearty, and provides a good variety of food, then Ganga is definitely the pick of the bunch. Whilst Indian cuisine is well known for its vegetarian Indian food, Ganga gets my vote and it’ll have you coming over and over again… just like we have many times.

Ganga Vegetarian Restaurant in KL | Hello Raya Blog

Ganga Vegetarian Restaurant in KL | Hello Raya Blog

We spotted Ganga by accident – as we walked around exploring the ins and outs of Bangsar a late Sunday morning, we saw a small crowd gathering at Ganga. Sparking our curiosity, we decided to stand amongst the crowd and wait in line to eat at Ganga. It wasn’t too long when we were seated and behold the crowd was drawing in because of Ganga’s Sunday vegetarian buffet in KL.

And it was love at first mouthful of Ganga’s delicious food, which was all well-balanced in flavor, without overpowering its dishes with too many spices or chili. They are all about creating healthy vegetarian Indian food that is hearty and delicious. And for the carnivore in me, I have to say Ganga definitely fills the belly and keeps me full for a while.  So if you’re after a good vegetarian restaurant in KL, you should definitely give Ganga a go.

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Sunday Brunch at Ganga

Every Sunday, Ganga hosts their version of brunch in KL, a vegetarian buffet that offers a range of vegetarian curries, breads, rice, dessert, and other goodies.

There is usually around 6 vegetarian curries, dhals, and soup in the warmers that you can pair with a range of 4-5 different types of breads and rice. There’s also a variety of snacks including samosas, pakoda, vadais and dhokla (one of my favs!). Plus to end, an Indian dessert, and warm cup of masala tea or coffee.

Ganga Vegetarian Restaurant in KL | Hello Raya Blog Ganga Vegetarian Restaurant in KL | Hello Raya Blog

Ganga Vegetarian Restaurant in KL | Hello Raya Blog

It’s all-you-can-eat so you can indulge in this vegetarian goodness for an affordable RM25 per person. Just make sure to book your table if you plan to arrive after 12pm as it starts to get busy.

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Everyday Eating

If you don’t get the chance to make it to Ganga on a Sunday for their buffet, they are open every day for lunch and dinner.

Offering a simple menu filled with Indian vegetarian dishes, and one of my go-to is their Thali. A thali is a round platter that brings together various Indian dishes to create a complete meal. Sitting in the centre is your choice of roti or rice / brown rice. Then surrounding it is either 2 or 3 different types of vegetables, 1 or 2 dals, papadam, and salad. And it’s budget friendly, starting at a friendly RM8.

Ganga Vegetarian Restaurant in KL | Hello Raya Blog

Other dishes which are equally delicious is Ganga Aloo Chat, which is a special yoghurt-based salad. This dish is inspired by a typical street food in India which brings together fried potato with spices and chutney. The Ganga version combines yoghurt into the mix creating a refreshing start to any meal.

Ganga Vegetarian Restaurant in KL | Hello Raya Blog Ganga Vegetarian Restaurant in KL | Hello Raya Blog

Another favorite is their Dhal Makhni, a black dhal. This dish originated in the Punjab region, and is made using black lentil, kidney beans, cream, and butter. This creates a rich tasting dhal that is perfectly paired with rice or roti.

Ganga Vegetarian Restaurant in KL | Hello Raya Blog

And of course, no meal is complete without drinks. Ganga does serve alcohol if you wish, but to be honest, when you are eating healthy, hearty Indian food, I prefer to dig into one of their delicious juices or lassies.

Their Pranic Juice is one of our absolutely favorites and is a refreshing combination of lemon and lime juice that is blended with mint, cumin, ginger and a sprinkle of pepper. Their mango lassi also is a perfect accompaniment, well-balanced with sweet mango and yoghurt. For something warm and soothing, their masala tea is delicious – rich in tea and oh-so creamy.

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The Verdict

Ganga Vegetarian Restaurant in KL | Hello Raya Blog

If you are looking for a delicious vegetarian restaurant in KL, then Ganga definitely hits the spot. It’s an Indian restaurant that has done vegetarian food so well, that you’d forget that you haven’t eaten a single ounce of meat all meal.

No compensation was received for this review. All opinions remains my own and I only promote products/services that I love. 

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