If you’re after experiencing a resort that has been inspired by traditional Indonesian architecture, culture, and artefacts, with beautiful tropical gardens, then the Alindra Villas in Bali is the resort for you.

Located along the border between South Kuta and Jimbaran is the Alindra Villas. This property is a 4-star boutique resort owned by a local Indonesia family and managed by local Balinese hospitality management company Avilla Hospitality. The resort is about a 10-minute drive to Jimbaran Beach, and about a 10-15 minute drive to Nusa Dua.

Alindra Villas in Bali | The Entrance of the Resort | Hello Raya Blog
The entrance of the resort

The resort is located in a quieter and residential part of Bali, which means more opportunity to relax and rejuvenate during your Bali holiday.

The Alindra Villas

The property is divided into 4 areas – the Ethnic Compound, the Terracotta Compound, the Majestic Pool Villas, and the Two-Bedroom Pool Villas.

The Ethnic Compound is made up of 6 traditional Indonesian style houses, which you can stay in. You see, the Alindra Villas was originally a private family property. The owner used the area for his private collection of beautiful traditional timber houses brought in from different parts of Indonesia. Yes you’ve heard correctly – timber houses were literally brought over and set up here in Bali.

Alindra Villas in Bali | The Main Pool | Hello Raya Blog
The main pool is located in the area with the Ethnic Villas. Each villa is completely unique and has been brought over from different parts of Indonesia.

Along the way, the property was turned into a small boutique hotel, where guests could experience staying in a traditional Indonesia style timber house – talk about a unique experience!

Today the property has been expanded to include 2 main pools, a restaurant area, and also modern standard hotel rooms and private pool villas. This means guests are able to choose a room type depending on their needs and budget.

Alindra Villas in Bali | Majestic Pool Villa | Hello Raya Blog
The private pool in the Majestic Pool Villa. Dress by Get Frocked

The Terracotta Compound & Majestic Pool Villas are the newest additions to the Alindra Villas Resort. There is another pool in the Terracotta Compound and it overlooks the lawn and restaurant area. The Majestic Pool Villas are made up of private pool villas, which are much more modern. They each have their own private pool, and large bedroom and bathroom areas.

Alindra Villas in Bali | The Terracotta Compound | Hello Raya Blog
The Terracotta Compound area, which is also where you’ll find the restaurant and second pool

The Alindra Villas is managed by a local Balinese hospitality company called Avilla Hospitality, which means all the staff have been well trained to provide a high level of service to all its guests. I found the team to be so friendly, personable, and accommodating.

Quick Facts

Star Rating: 4 Stars

Location: Jimbaran, Bali (Indonesia)

Number of Restaurants/Bar: 1 Restaurant & 1 Bar

Number of Pools: 2 Main Pools, plus every private pool villa has its own pool


During our stay at Alindra Villas, we got to experience two types of rooms. The first was their 2-bedroom Ethnic Villa, and the second was their 1-bedroom Majestic Pool Villa.

2-bedroom Ethnic Villa

We first stayed in Ethnic III, which was a 2-bedroom timber house, originally from Makobang Minahasa in Sulawesi. The villa was spacious with an enclosed living room area, 2 bathrooms, an outdoor back porch with dining facilities and an outdoor kitchen area.

Alindra Villas in Bali | Ethnic Villa Entrance | Hello Raya Blog
The entrance to the Ethnic Villa III
Alindra Villas in Bali | Ethnic Villa Bedroom | Hello Raya Blog
The bedroom in Ethnic Villa III. Each Ethnic Villa is a completely different design.

What I loved most about the villa was its ethnic setting. It was such a lovely experience to be staying in an authentic Indonesian style home, which made our experience in Bali all the more special. It’s easy to find a lot of modern style hotels around Bali, but to find a hotel that really incorporates traditional Indonesian architecture is not as easy. At Alindra Villas, that is exactly what you get.

Alindra Villas in Bali | Ethnic Villa Living Room Area | Hello Raya Blog
The living room area of our Ethnic Villa.

While the Ethnic Villas may be in a traditional Indonesian style, it is fitted with all your modern comforts including Wifi access, TV, DVD player, Air-Conditioning, and fridge.

There are 6 Ethnic Villas available to be booked, and each offers easy access to the main pool, which was literally a few seconds walk from the front door.

1-bedroom Majestic Pool Villa

The 1-bedroom Majestic Pool Villa was a different experience from the ethnic villa. While Alindra Villas still aims to maintain a good amount of Indonesian style decoration, the Majestic Pools Villas are more modern and also have their own private pool.

Alindra Villas in Bali | Majestic Pool Villa area | Hello Raya Blog
The area where all the Majestic Pool Villas are
Alindra Villas in Bali | Majestic Pool Villa Bedroom | Hello Raya Blog
The bedroom in our one-bedroom Majestic Pool Villa

The outdoor area of the villa is made up of the pool, living and dining areas, and small kitchen. The area is a good size and gets some sun over the pool area during the day.

The bedroom is generous in size, and has a king size bed. The bathroom is also equally generous, and is fitted out with a rain shower, sizable bathtub (which overlooks the pool), and a wardrobe that has an in-room safe.

Alindra Villas in Bali | Majestic Pool Villa | Hello Raya Blog
The bathroom overlooks the private pool and outdoor area of the villa. Dress by Get Frocked
Alindra Villas in Bali | Majestic Pool Villa | Hello Raya Blog
The private pool in the Majestic Pool Villa
Alindra Villas in Bali | Majestic Pool Villa | Hello Raya Blog
Breakfast in our villa overlooking the private pool


There are 2 main pools available for all guests to use. The first one is in the Ethnic Compound area, and it was my favorite. The pool receives plenty of sun, and it is surrounded by a well manicured tropical garden. It was definitely Instagram worthy!

Alindra Villas in Bali | The Main Pool | Hello Raya Blog
The main pool area, which is surrounded by the 6 Ethnic Villas. Bikini by Triangl
Alindra Villas in Bali | The Main Pool | Hello Raya Blog
Another angle of the main pool. Bikini by Triangl

While the Terracotta and Majestic Pool Villa areas have been built on the more modern side, the Alindra Villas have still ensured that they maintained an authentic Balinese experience for all guests. Throughout the property you’ll see a lot of traditional Indonesian artefacts and antiques, which is a great way to get a taste of the Indonesian culture. A lot of the items are actually from the owner’s private collection, and even many of the paintings have been painted by the owner himself.

Alindra Villas in Bali | The Terracotta Compound | Hello Raya Blog
You’ll find Indonesian influence throughout the resort. Top by Karma Collective
Alindra Villas in Bali | The Gardens | Hello Raya Blog
There are beautiful gardens that surround Alindra Villas. Playsuit by Sheike

The restaurant is located in the Terracotta building and offers a variety of international food. We were craving Nasi Goreng, so we ordered that. The Nasi Goreng came with a fried egg, satay, and prawn crackers. They have also started to offer a range of Thai dishes, because one of the chefs was trained in cooking Thai food. We were craving Indonesian food having just arrived to Bali at the time, but next time would love to try it out.

Hints & Tips to Making the Most of Your Stay

Do use the free shuttle service. Alindra Villas offers a free drop off shuttle service to either Jimbaran Bay and Nusa Dua. Confirm with the hotel regarding the shuttles times.

Have breakfast in your villa. You have the option to either have breakfast in the restaurant or villa…I opt for in the villa. I love being able to just roll out of bed in your PJs and eat breakfast.

Alindra Villas in Bali | Ethnic Villa Breakfast | Hello Raya Blog
Breakfast in our Ethnic Villa

Organise a car to get around. The best way to get around is by car. The hotel can easily call a metered taxi or can arrange a private driver for you.

Keep the address & phone number handy. If you are getting around Bali in a taxi, then it’s best to keep the hotel address and phone number handy as some taxis may not know where Alindra Villas is.

Try the Thai Food. One of the chef at Alindra Villas was previously trained in a Thai restaurant, and has now brought this talent to the Terracotta restaurant.

To help you decide on what type of room to get at Alindra Villlas… If you are traveling in a small group or family, then the multi-room Ethnic villas are the ones for you. If you’re on your honeymoon, and are after a bit more privacy and a private pool, then any of the Majestic Pool Villas are the pick for you. If you are interested in staying in a traditional Indonesian style house, then the Ethnic villas are for you.


Whenever I travel, I am always on the look out for experiences, which help you experience the local culture and support local businesses. At the Alindra Villas I got to do both.

Staying in the Ethnic Villa meant we got to experience traditional style Indonesian architecture, while enjoying the beautiful hospitality of Bali. And as Alindra Villas is managed by a Balinese company (Avilla Hospitality), it meant supporting a local business, which is always a plus for me.

Alindra Villas in Bali | Hello Raya Blog

The Ethnic Villas start at around A$100 (U$72) per night including breakfast, and the One-Bedroom Majestic Pool Villa starts at around A$170 (U$122) per night also including breakfast. Rates may fluctuate depending on season and availability. You can find out more about the Alindra Villas here. Avilla Hospitality also manage a range of other fantastic properties all around Bali.

If you are looking for a resort that has been inspired by traditional Indonesian architecture and culture, then this is the spot for you. If you are looking for a quieter, more relaxing resort, then this is the spot for you.

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Alindra Villas in Bali | Exploring Indonesian Heritage in Bali | Hello Raya Blog

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    • Totally! We’ve been to Bali 4 times already this year. It was a beautiful resort – a great place to rest and relax outside the hustle and bustle.

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