Eye spy with my little eye… the KL Tower… the Twin Towers… the KL Skyline. It is… Dinner in the Sky in Malaysia.

Nope it is not dining in an airplane. But instead I am suspended 45 meters in the sky hoisted by a crane, and I am surrounded by a 360 degree view of Kuala Lumpur.

Dinner in the Sky Malaysia - The KL Tower | Hello Raya Blog
View of the KL Tower whilst hoisted 45 meters in the sky
Dinner in the Sky Malaysia - Before Lift Off | Hello Raya Blog
Just before lift off!

I am no daredevil. I won’t lie, I was sh** scared at first. But the adventurist in me told me to suck it up and book.

You see, I was looking for a unique gift to give Dad for his birthday. I mean what do you give a man who has everything. And so when Facebook kept advertising Dinner in the Sky Malaysia to me (I guess Facebook sponsored ads do work?), I thought hmmmm this could be the answer.

And oh boy the experience was incredible – what a feeling to be dangling 45 meters up in the sky while sipping red wine and enjoying a 3-course meal. It was no dining in an airplane scenario – this was next level.

Dinner in the Sky Malaysia - 3 Course Dinner | Hello Raya Blog
I beat my fear of heights and made it up 45 meters in the sky

The Dining in the Sky Experience

Before liftoff, we were all strapped into our seats. It kind of felt like we were about to ride a rollercoaster. The safety team did their checks and soon enough we were being hoisted up into the air.

As we were lifted up into the air, I could not look down. I dared not swivel my chair let along recline my chair. I admit, it took me a good 10-15 minutes to get used to being so high up. And my Dad being the Swiss that he is, who is used to heights, also needed a moment to re-group.

Dinner in the Sky Malaysia - 3 Course Dinner | Hello Raya Blog
Celebrating Dad’s birthday with Dining in the Sky

But once I gave myself those 10-15 minutes, I was good to go. I was swivelling my chair left and right, I was reclining my chair, and then I was reclining my chair AND swivelling – oh man I was having fun with the whole experience. I mean heck, you only get an hour so why not!

You are even able to take your phone up with you to take those “death-defying” photos of you hoisted in the sky. Just don’t drop your phone! And yes, that apparently has happened several times.

Dinner in the Sky Malaysia - Taking Photos | Hello Raya Blog

Whilst in the sky, you are served a 3-course meal. Most of the meal is prepared in advance by a catering company, however there is a crew on board who plate everything. You do need to pre-order any beverages that isn’t water, because once you are hoisted up, you are unable to order any more drinks – so just to be safe, we ordered 2 bottles of red.

Dinner in the Sky Malaysia - Staff Preparing Meals | Hello Raya Blog
There are a number of staff on board to ensure all guests are safe and comfortable. They also assist to prepare all the meals.
Dinner in the Sky Malaysia - The KL Twin Towers
View of the Twin Towers

To be honest, the food during the experience in Kuala Lumpur was average…nothing to shout about. However, I didn’t go for the food, I went for the experience, which was well worth it.

The Verdict

I felt Dinner in the Sky was worth it, and I would love to experience it again in Kuala Lumpur, and even other parts of the world.

Dinner in the Sky Malaysia is a traveling one – they travel to various cities across the country so that Malaysians all over the country get a chance to experience this. And hey, Dinner in the Sky is popping up all over the world, so a quick google search is all you need to get booking.

The experience in Malaysia varies depending on the city. In Kuala Lumpur the price starts at RM 229 (A$69 | U$55) per person, and can increase depending on if you pre-book any alcoholic beverages, photos, and if you book on the weekend. Do check out their website for updates on their location. Price correct as at April 2017.

Dinner in the Sky Malaysia - In the Sky | Hello Raya Blog

Reservation is a must because each session is limited to just 22 people. And if you can do the sunset session, that is the way to go. There are minimum height and maximum weight limits, so if this is on your bucket list, then do be sure to check out the FAQs before booking.

No compensation was received for this review.

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Dining in the Sky Malaysia | 45 Meters up in the Sky | Hello Raya Blog

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10 Comments on Dangling 45 meters in the Sky – Dinner in the Sky Malaysia

  1. What a really different adventure this is! A very imaginative experience indeed. I’m a bit afraid of heights so I’m not sure how well I would be able to digest my food 45 meters up in the air. I would probably be thinking ‘I hope that cable holds!’. Lovely views for some great photos though.

    • I totally am afraid of heights too, but the uniqueness of this experience helped me to overcome the fear. Plus the staff were very friendly and make sure everyone was feeling comfortable at all times.

  2. This sounds intense! I’d love to experience it if they ever travel to a place where I am. I wonder if the food quality changes depending on the city?

  3. Wow, that’s an amazing experience. I have never dined like that. Kuala Lumpur is sure full of surprises. It’s amusing to read that you had to wear seat belts. I am not scared of heights. So I think I will love this.

  4. Whoosh what experience it must have been. To be at a height and dining. I am sure the sparkling city from the top just added to all the fun. Good luck and hopefully i could also do this soon 🙂

  5. I felt a real shiver run up my spine when reading this! I’ve read about other Dining in the Sky cities, but not yet tried it. Were you nervous for long, or able to relax and enjoy it? Your photos sure look like you did! Shame the food was average!

  6. What an experience and what a beautiful city to enjoy it in. I think I would be nervous being hoisted up there too. You must have taken so many beautiful photos and photos of KL from unique angles up there! I would love to experience this.

  7. What a special and memorable way to celebrate your dad’s birthday! This is an AMAZING restaurant, can you imagine dropping your fork 😉 what was the menu like out of interest? And what’s the lower age limit, can kids go?

  8. This must’ve been such an exhilarating experience!!! I’m from Vancouver and over this summer we were JUST introduced to this new “dining in the sky” concept except the prices here are a lot more expensive. I haven’t been to Malaysia just yet either so maybe I’ll kill two birds with one stone!

  9. AAAAARRRRGGGHHH! I’m SO with you on not looking down – that experience would seriously freak me out!! I’d probably hurrying through the meal so I could get down faster, but maybe 2 bottles of wine would ease the pain a bit! Sounds like a really memorable gift – and the more I look at your pix the more I think I’d probably try it – just so I could conquer my fears 😀

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