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Southeast Asia

This travel blog shines the spotlight on travel, lifestyle, and food in Southeast Asia (and Australia). And so the journey starts here in this region, a place that I love so much and hold so close to my heart. Southeast Asia is one of those regions that leaves you with a warm smile, an open heart, and colorful memories.

I grew up predominately in Southeast Asia, moving every two to four years to a different city or town in the region. Along the way, we explored each country we lived in – like really explored. And so after almost 15 years of being away, I have found myself back in the region once again. My passion and love for Southeast Asia has me coming back for more. And now I get to share those experiences with you dear dreamers – if you’re looking to travel in Southeast Asia, you’ve come to the right place.

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I have spent many years living and traveling in Australia, and I continue to explore it at least one to two times a year. It’s a stunning country with plenty to explore, that it’ll have you wanting to come back for more.

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Beyond Southeast Asia + Australia

In between the travels within Southeast Asia + Australia, we’ve also made time to explore other parts of the world.