Imagine this for a moment. You are surrounded by 40 acres of lush greenery, breathtaking views as far as the eye can see and unrivalled 5-star service at your beck and call.

Welcome to Sri Panwa Resort on Panwa Beach, Phuket.

Upon your arrival, don’t mistake the scenery before you for a postcard. This resort is what daydreams are made of and the best part – it’s the real deal (pinch yourself to check if you must!)

Sri Panwa Resort is perched on top of a cliff at 40-60 metres overlooking the Andaman Sea on Panwa Beach, Phuket. The view is beyond sensational. Apart from the resort’s undeniable beauty, everything about Sri Panwa is Thai – from the design, to the brand to the owners. If like me you want to support local business, Sri Panwa definitely ticks the box.

Quick Facts about Sri Panwa 

Star Rating: 5 stars

Location: Panwa, Phuket

Size: 40 acres

Number of rooms: 89 rooms (as of April 2016)

Number of restaurants/cafes/bars: 11

Numbers of pools: Over 200 (yes, every single room has its own private pool!)

The Accommodation

The resort has 52 villas and seven pool suites, plus 30 new units that recently opened in the new ‘Habita’ building in February of this year. And the best part – every single room has its own private pool. There are different types of rooms from the one-bedroom pool suite to over-the-top luxury 5-bedroom villas. All the rooms have been intentionally positioned around the 40 acres of land, which means maximised views and most importantly, your peace and privacy.

One-bedroom luxury pool villa

Entrance to the One bedroom luxury villa | Sri Panwa Resort | Hello Raya Blog
The entrance to the one bedroom luxury villa

Upon arriving at the one-bedroom luxury pool villa, you are welcomed by a beautifully designed wooden door, which leads you to an infinity pool. This pool wraps all around the villa and overlooks a view of the many islands that surround Phuket (as I said, beyond sensational!) To the right of the villa is a gazebo with a comfortable lounge. When you’re seeking some dry ground from the many hours in the pool, you can continue to gaze at the vista from here.

The Gazebo in the Villa | Sri Panwa Resort | Hello Raya Blog
The Gazebo in the Villa

The villa itself is stunningly designed. It is fitted out with a lounge room, kitchen, indoor and outdoor shower, a steam room, a jet powered outdoor bathtub and most importantly, a king sized bed that overlooks the unbelievable cliff views.

Bedroom | Sri Panwa Resort | Hello Raya Blog
The bedroom in the villa

The main bedroom’s sliding doors open all the way so you can conveniently, with a hop and a skip, plunge straight into the pool. In the living room, there’s a Bose sound system hooked to an iPod, which offers a superb selection of music that has been handpicked by the team at Sri Panwa. As for the kitchen, it is stocked with a vast variety of complimentary soft drinks, beers, juices, tea/coffee and snacks, and is replenished each day of your stay – just take your pick!

The Facilities

The range of facilities on this heaven of a property is endless. There are various restaurants, which offer all types of cuisines, an exceptionally amazing spa (if I don’t say so myself), tennis courts, many swimming pools of different shapes and sizes, and a sunset bar that will leave you speechless. Another postcard moment right here!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Sri Panwa offers a range of activities such as yoga classes, paddle boarding, cooking classes and more. Boredom is not on the cards during your stay.

If you are concerned how to travel from place to place on the 40 acres, fear not! The Sri Panwa offers its very own tuk tuk service (traditional three-wheeled motorised vehicle used as a taxi), which runs 24 hours and will take you to where you need to go on the property.

The Baba Poolclub and Pools

If having your own private pool isn’t enough, there are numerous pools around the property that you are welcome to use. At the Baba Poolclub, you will find one infinity pool, two restaurants and a pool bar. There is ample seating, which is nicely spread out to give you and your family privacy. My favorite spot is to the sit near the edge, watching the yachts sail on by.

Baba Poolclub | Sri Panwa Resort | Hello Raya Blog
The Baba Poolclub

The main restaurant at Baba Poolclub is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast is served buffet style, but there is an a la carte option also available for guests.

Baba Iki is a Japanese restaurant, which sits just atop the Baba Poolclub restaurant. Although I personally did not try the food here, the interior is so beautifully designed, and based on our experience of the food and service at Sri Panwa, I imagine Baba Iki would serve great quality Japanese food.

The Interior of Baba Iki | Sri Panwa Resort | Hello Raya Blog
The interior of Baba Iki

The Baba Poolclub also hosts a free Fire Dance Show, which is not to be missed. The performers are incredibly gifted and are able to twirl fire in extraordinary ways. You’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat – you just wait and see. The 15-20 minute show runs every Friday and Saturday evening at 7.30pm.

Fire Show Baba Poolclub | Sri Panwa Resort | Hello Raya Blog
The Fire Show at the Baba Poolclub

If the Baba Poolclub is not your scene however, head to Habita. Habita is Sri Panwa’s newest edition, officially opened in February 2016. The pool is much bigger and you can book yourself into one of the pool cabanas, or just hang out in the pool all day. If you forget your sunscreen, don’t worry. Just ask one of the staff and they will bring you a selection of sunscreens to use. I mean, seriously, talk about service!

Pool at Habita | Sri Panwa Resort | Hello Raya Blog
The Pool at Habita

The Cool Spa

A relaxing resort holiday is not complete without a trip to the spa, and the Cool Spa at Sri Panwa will not disappoint. If you are looking for something different, try the Edible Body Scrub, which is about THB2,900 (around AUD$115) and includes the scrub and a 30 minute massage. The Mango with Sticky Rice scrub is their most popular and is delicious, just like the Thai dessert.

The Cool Spa | Sri Panwa Resort | Hello Raya Blog
One of the treatment rooms in the Cool Spa

Or if yoga is more your jam, there is a fantastic deck (with great views, of course!) where you can practice. See reception for the class timetable.

Trust me, a visit to the Cool Spa is well worth your time and money (and I’ve enjoyed my fair share of spas around the world). The service is exceptional, the atmosphere is soothing, and it is the perfect mini getaway that will leave you feeling beyond refreshed.

The Sunset

If you are a sunset chaser like me, then sunset drinks at Baba Nest, dare I say, is the best spot on the whole of Phuket. Baba Nest is a roof deck, which gifts you magnificent views of the Andaman Sea. When I was here with Hubby, DJ Ben turned up the tunes, which made the sunset experience at Baba Nest even more incredible.

Baba Nest | Sri Panwa Resort | Hello Raya Blog
The Baba Nest

Space is limited to an exclusive 12 seats so I highly recommend making a reservation to save your spot. There is a minimum spend of THB500 for in-house guests and THB1,500 for outside guests (and worth every penny!) If you aren’t staying at Sri Panwa, there are only two tables reserved each day for outside guests so be sure to make a booking in advance.

And if you can’t get a table at the main deck itself, you can still enjoy a spectacular sunset from the sunset deck, which is just one floor below.

DJ Ben in the Sunset | Sri Panwa Resort | Hello Raya Blog
DJ Ben taking us into the sunset with his tunes

The Thai Food

When I travel, I want to experience as much of the local culture as I can. So my advice, when in Thailand, eat Thai Food! Hubby and I visited Baba Soul Food, which is located in the reception building and is Sri Panwa’s Thai restaurant on the property.

The Interior of Baba Soul Food | Sri Panwa Resort | Hello Raya Blog
The interior of Baba Soul Food

Everything on the menu sounded delicious which made it hard to choose. We asked the waitress for her recommendations and in a flash of an eye, she brought over an iPad with photos of every single dish on the menu. She recommended the signature dish Crab Yellow Curry, which was to die for. We accompanied her suggestion with Fresh Veggie Spring Rolls, Green Mango Salad and the Chicken Green Curry with a serving of white and brown rice.

Baba Soul Food | Sri Panwa Resort | Hello Raya Blog
The Fresh Veggie Spring Roll

I have had a lot of Thai food in my days, and I have to say, this authentic Thai meal was probably one of the best I have ever had. It was top-notch quality and mouth-watering delicious. I highly recommend you visit this restaurant.

My Verdict

If you are looking for a luxury holiday equipped with spectacular views, gourmet food and drinks, and a gorgeous sunset, then you need to add the Sri Panwa Resort to your next holiday. I have been to plenty of 5-star hotels around the world and it’s with great pleasure I add Sri Panwa to the top five 5-star resorts in the world from my personal travel experiences.

Rooms range in price starting from around AUD$450 upwards. When you compare the cost of this resort to other 5-star resorts in the area, and consider the quality and range of facilities at your disposal, the value you will receive at Sri Panwa is unbeatable.

Now, go enjoy!

For more information or to book a room at the Sri Panwa Resort CLICK HERE

No compensation was received for this review, however the Sri Panwa kindly offered a discount during my visit. All opinions remains my own.

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    • Same here! The area of Panwa is a quieter than Kata/Patong area, but it is just so beautiful. The facilities at the Sri Panwa will definitely keep you busy. Plus it’s not too far from Chalon port, which can also get you to Phi Phi island.

  1. Wow – now I have some serious travel envy! I know where to go when planning my next trip now – thanks for all the great information. X

  2. Soraya, you’ve made me want to hop on the next plane to Phuket! I’ll definitely be sending this to my bestie who has a trip planned this year! xo

    • You just made my day Anneka! Thank you for your comment. I think your bestie will love this part of the world and this gem in Phuket.

  3. OMG. I have been dreaming of venturing over to Thailand for the longest time, and this is the exact place I have in mind for my stay! It is so beautiful!! And you get your own private pool?! OMG. I must go there one day! It definitely is on the pricey side, but hell – how nice would it be to stay there just for the weekend?? I love it! Awesome post, and absolutely stunning photos! oxoxo

    • Omg Christel, trust me, it is absolutely worth every penny. I did consider the price tag, but once you compare it to other 4-5 star properties in Phuket that are around the same price, Sri Panwa definitely takes the cake. They really put so much effort into their resort that it is truly bang for buck.

      • Honestly you’ve completely sold me on it!! I’m currently emailing the link to this post to my BF – I hope he gets the hint!! 😛 hahahaha
        It just all looks so heavenly, and since Thai food is my all time favourite cuisine, it’d be rude not to go there! 😛 oxoxo Thanks again for a great post, you’ve got me in the mood to make some travel plans now!

        • That’s fantastic Christel! If you need any more guidance about Phuket, let me know. I’ve been several times and love it there.

  4. What a beautiful resort – I love the look of the exclusive baba nest at sunset. I have generally only stayed along Patong beach but this is defiantly worth a consideration next time.

  5. OH. MY. GOD. This looks absolutely so spectacular! How magical! Thank you so much for sharing – if I head to Phuket any time soon this will on the top of my list. That view is jawdropping! Love the detail in your post.

  6. This has never been on my bucket list until now! Wow you describe the place so well it’s hard to imagine it exists that beautifully!!!

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