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Hot Air Balloon in Wadi Rum

Hot Air Balloon Wadi Rum | Hello Raya Blog

I love Wadi Rum in Jordan. I find its Martian landscape so unique and interesting. So when my Dad suggested to do a hot air balloon experience in Wadi Rum, of course I jumped at the chance. We awoke early – it was still dark. The stars were shining bright, and everyone was still sound […] Read more…

Beyond Amman: Top 7 Places to visit in Jordan

Jumping in Wadi Rum | Places to Visit in Jordan | Hello Raya Blog

Jordan is a country that ranks high on my list of favorite countries in the world. It is an absolute gem and is definitely worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. There are so many places to visit in Jordan that it can be hard to plan where to go. The best time to […] Read more…

Things to do in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum Desert | Things to do in Wadi Rum | Hello Raya Blog

Wadi Rum is captivating. I first visited Wadi Rum back in 2005 and have been back numerous times since. Each time I visited, I felt so mesmerized by its landscape. Being in Wadi Rum is like you have just landed on Mars. I mean it’s no wonder the movie “The Martian” was filmed here. I don’t […] Read more…