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Your Guide to an Ultimate Malaysian Road Trip

Road Trip Malaysia with GoCar Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog

Ready, set, ROAD TRIP! It’s one of our favorite ways to travel, so of course, while in Malaysia we ventured on a road trip. When travelling, there are so many hidden gems to find along the way, and it’s not like you could spot them from the plane and say “hey pilot, can you quickly […] Read more…

11 Things to do in Malacca (Melaka)

Things to do in Malacca | Hello Raya Blog

Malacca is home to a colorful rich history and culture, along with wonderfully preserved heritage and colonial buildings. As I walk down the streets of this city, I feel like I am time travelling through its rich history of Malay Sultans, the Peranakan and colonization by the Portuguese, Dutch and British. The influences from its […] Read more…