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Pulau Weh

For the Love of the Ocean – Diving Pulau Weh with Bubble Addict

Diving Pulau Weh - Bubble Addict Dive Centre | Hello Raya Blog

Bubble Addict, a dive centre in Pulau Weh is about community. They’re about creating a community of passionate divers. A community of environmentalists and ocean-lovers. A community of friendship and love for one another. Located along the shores of Gapang Beach, you’ll find the quaint diving shack Bubble Addict. This dive centre is owned by […] Read more…

7 Best Places to Eat in Pulau Weh (Weh Island | Sabang)

Places to Eat in Pulau Weh | Casa Nemo | Hello Raya Blog

Pulau Weh is an island filled with a lot of natural beauty and beaches to explore. And in between all the adventure, there’s nothing better than a fresh coconut and delicious grilled fish or a house-made pizza or local delicacies to indulge on. After having been to Pulau Weh a couple of times now, we […] Read more…

Casa Nemo Beach Resort in Pulau Weh, A Slice of Paradise

Casa Nemo Pulau Weh Resort | Hello Raya Blog

You go for the stunning views, and you stay for the peaceful atmosphere. Set along the beach edge of Samur Tiga Beach is the Casa Nemo Beach Resort, an intimate Pulau Weh resort that encourages guests to appreciate Weh Island’s beautiful nature and local culture. Casa Nemo is more than just a place to sleep; […] Read more…

The Beaches of Pulau Weh (Weh Island | Sabang)

Pulau Weh Beach - Long Beach | Hello Raya Blog

When it comes to beaches, Pulau Weh has plenty of them. North, South, East, West – whichever part of the island you plan to travel, there’s a beach awaiting your visit. Like with all other places, there are some better beaches than others. Below are the beaches I recommend, especially if you are looking for […] Read more…

15 Incredible Things to Do in Pulau Weh (Weh Island | Sabang, Indonesia)

Incredible Things to do in Pulau Weh - Sunset | Hello Raya Blog

Pulau Weh is Southeast Asia off the beaten path. We’re on island time on Pulau Weh. Life is just more peaceful, more relaxed, everything is more slow-paced. You spend more time admiring the beautiful nature that surrounds the island – the lush greenery, the gorgeous turquoise blue waters, and the beautiful underwater world. Pulau Weh […] Read more…