If you are looking for a brunch fare that’s unique and equally delicious, then you’ll want to book yourself at Entier. A French restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Entier French Dining is located on the 41st floor of the Alila Bangsar Hotel, which boasts birds eye view over KL.

Now don’t let the words “French restaurant” fool you into thinking of stiff white table cloths and wine lists that will have you taking out a bank loan. Entier’s approach is more casual, with a ‘fun’ semi-fine dining experience that focuses on quality ingredients and creative French technique.

There’s a wholesome approach to food at Entier, which will have you thinking differently about French food, as well as produce from Malaysia.

Entier French Dining KL - Interior | Hello Raya Blog Entier French Dining KL - Interior | Hello Raya Blog

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The Entier Experience

I have to admit that Entier holds a very special and dear place in my heart because I used to work with Entier as part of their opening team, so I have been lucky to watch Entier open successfully and to grow and develop into the amazing restaurant that they continue to be today. Chef and the team at Entier remain some of my dearest friends. Putting that personal connection aside, I truly believe that Entier is one of the best restaurants in KL, most definitely in my top 5 favourite places. I am now no longer living in KL, but my family and I continue to visit Entier on a regular basis whenever we are in KL because hey, it is a great restaurant. And I will always recommend Entier to friends and family who plan a visit to KL.

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Friends for Dinner

Behind the scenes is Chef Masashi Horiuchi, the creative spirit who brought Entier’s concept to life. Chef Masashi is no stranger to the industry, with over 20 years of experience in restaurants across Europe and Asia, including several Michelin starred venues including his role as sous chef at the Michelin-starred L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in London.

For a hint on what Entier means, just look to their name. Entier, means ‘whole’ in French, and this is exactly the approach to the concept, which focuses on nose-to-tail dining where every cut of the animal and plant is celebrated. And for Chef Masashi, he takes this concept a step further, in which he strives to source most of his ingredients from within Malaysia or the region.

It’s easy to open a French restaurant and import all ingredients from France. Voilah, the job is half done! But not for Chef Masashi, who has taken a more sustainable approach to French dining, working with local farmers across Malaysia to source quality ingredients reminiscent of the beautiful seasonal produce of France. This dedication takes months of research, visits, tasting, negotiation to finally decide if it’s the right product to put on the plates at Entier. Some examples include:

  • Vegetables: Entier’s vegetable are primarily sourced from a local organic farm in Cameron Highlands, just north of Kuala Lumpur, who specifically plant and grow the vegetables just for Entier. Here they can trace exactly who planted the seeds on what date, and who harvested the crop and on what date.
  • Chicken: The chicken used is Anxin Chicken from Johor Bahru and are raised without antibiotics, hormones, and are never washed in chlorine – yup unfortunately that is a thing. The chickens are born in Sabres, France and are then exported to Malaysia, where the chicks are raised in Malaysia.
  • Caviar: Now who would have ever thought that Malaysia would produce their own caviar! Insert T’lur, Malaysia’s very own caviar brand from sturgeon fish bred in Tanjung Malim in Perak.
  • Duck: in France, duck plays an important role in their cuisine and economy, with France being one of the leading exporters of duck. But once again, in Chef Masashi’s strive to localize where he sources his ingredients from, he has chosen to use a duck from Malaysia which he feels is just as good (if not better) as French duck – Bidor Duck. The bidor duck comes from Perak in Ipoh, which is just a couple of hours drive from Kuala Lumpur.
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A Brunch Affair at Entier French Dining

If you thought Entier’s brunch would be anything but extraordinary then think again. The brunch menu is not your average classic menu, which you’ll find in so many restaurants in KL. Instead, they have taken brunch favorites and turned them on its head.

So, without further ado, here are 6 dishes you have to explore at Entier in KL.

Crab, Caviar & Waffle

This one is definitely a highlight of the special caviar feature of Entier’s brunch. Served in a classic caviar tin, delicious crab meat is topped with lobster jelly and T’lur caviar from Tanjung Malim. It’s best enjoyed with Entier house-made French waffle which has a lovely gentle sweet flavor, which works well against the saltiness of the caviar.

Entier French Dining KL - Crab Caviar and Waffle | Hello Raya Blog

Escargot & Caviar

Now traditionally you’ll always find an escargot dish prepared with herb garlic butter and served in its shell. But I am sure you would know by now, Entier will never do things ordinarily. Instead, the escargot (RM20 per piece) is prepared into a croquette and topped with sour cream and once again T’lur caviar.

Entier French Dining KL - Escargot and Caviar | Hello Raya Blog

Fish & Chips

Please! As if Entier’s fish and chips (RM87) would be ordinary. Instead of typically using fish fillets, a whole baby-flower grouper fish is fried and served on the plate with thick fries, garden salad, and a house-made tartare sauce. The fish is deliciously tender and pairs beautifully with the tartare sauce.

Entier French Dining KL - Fish and Chips | Hello Raya Blog

Entier Bavette Beef Steak

If you are after something more ‘breakfasty’ aka a fried egg, then this one’s for you! An Entier take on a brunch favorite steak & eggs. Entier’s Bavette Beef Steak (RM69) includes grilled flank steak is served with thick cut fries, smokey romesco sauce, and topped with a fried sunny-side up egg. It might sound simple, but it is far from this. The flank steak is prepared in a Josper grill, which gives the steak a lovely charcoal flavor, and pairs nicely with the smokey romesco sauce.

Entier French Dining KL - Steak and Egg | Hello Raya Blog

Côte de Bœuf

Keeping in line with Entier’s concept, you can still enjoy larger cuts of meat which is great to share between 3 or more people, including Côte de Bœuf (RM390). This dry-aged Australian prime rib (~1kg) is Josper-grilled just the way you like it (in my case medium) and served with crisp roasted potatos, charred garlic, and a delicious café de Paris. Chef Masashi’s crisp roasted potatos is bloody good – be prepared to eat them so quickly that you’ll definitely need round 2!

Entier French Dining KL - Cote de Bouef | Hello Raya Blog


One of my favourite vegetable dishes at Entier is Leek, that’s been in the Josper grill and then topped with anchovy butter – a wonderful pairing for the Côte de Bœuf, or even to enjoy on its own.

Entier French Dining KL - Leek | Hello Raya Blog

Salted Caramel Banana & Waffle

The waffle theme continues into dessert, where the delicious French waffle is topped with caramelized banana, sea salt, and a house-made caramel ice-cream…. Enough said because I am already salivating just thinking about this Salted Caramel Banana & Waffle (RM36). Entier French Dining KL - Salted Caramel and Banana Waffle | Hello Raya Blog

Honourable MentionThe Entier bread and butter is next level amazing. I remember I used to buy bread to bring home because it was that good! For brunch, they servce a house-baked corn bread served with their oh-so-famous kombu butter. Trust me, it’s worth all the carbs!

Entier French Dining KL - Bread and Kombu Butter | Hello Raya Blog

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The Verdict

From launch until today, Entier continues to make waves in the restaurant industry in KL. Just when you think that they have done everything possible outside of the box, Chef Masashi and the team surprise us with more. They continue to take their nose-to-tail concept to new levels and experiences, so it’s never a dull moment when you visit Entier.

Without hesitation, I highly recommend Entier for not only your brunch experience, but also for dinner because their menu is brilliant! Table reservations are highly recommended, and they host brunch every weekend from 12pm – 4pm, before switching over to dinner service starting at 6pm.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this place, Soraya! All the dishes look mouthwatering. Once in KL, I am gonna visit this place!

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