You’re on a tropical island. Beautiful beaches surround. Lush greenery fills the cliff tops.  And in front of you are stunning views over the Andaman Sea. SawadeeKrap and welcome to the Ayara Kamala Resort & Spa (Ayara Kamala), at Kamala Beach in Phuket.

There are so many different reasons why you should visit Phuket, from its stunning views to tropical villa living to beautiful beaches… and the Ayara Kamala offers its guests just that.

The Cliff-top Resort | Ayara Kamala Resort | Hello Raya Blog
The Ayara Kamala Resort & Spa overlooks the Andaman Sea

This 4-star boutique resort is set amongst the cliff tops above Kamala Beach and overlooks the turquoise blue Andaman Sea. The Ayara Kamala is a lovely escape from the crowds, and offers tropical boutique luxury at affordable prices.

Here’s my quick 30-second recap:

Quick Facts

Star Rating: 4 Stars

Location: Kamala Beach, Phuket

Number of Rooms:  42, spread over 9 different room categories

Number of restaurants/cafes/bars: 2

Number of pools: 2, plus the many private pools available in the villas

Our Arrival

It was early morning when we landed in Phuket. The Ayara Kamala kindly arranged an airport transfer to pick us up from the airport. Tum, a young gentleman from the hotel met us at the airport with a warm smile and a welcoming “SawadeeKrap.” It was a lovely feeling to have arrived in Phuket. “WE ARE ON HOLIDAY!” I thought to myself.

The drive to the resort took approximately 45 minutes and we arrived just in time for some breakfast. Upon arriving at the resort, we were met by Jane, Fern & Nu, the lovely ladies who checked us into our room. The process was smooth, with very minimal required from us. Instead, we got to enjoy the view around Kamala with a cup of Rosella juice in hand, and a cool towel to refresh ourselves with.

The Cliff-top Resort | Ayara Kamala Resort | Hello Raya Blog
The main building of the restaurant, which houses the lobby, restaurants, Ayara Parlour and main pool

The Accommodation

Let me tell you this… there is no better feeling then to wake up to a view of turquoise blue ocean and palms trees.

Being located in the cliffs above Kamala Beach, most of the rooms at the resort offer its guests some sort of ocean view. With stunning views over the Andaman Sea, you’ll definitely want a room with a view. From the standard hotel room to a private pool villa, this boutique resort offers eight (8) room types to choose from to suit different budgets and needs.

I personally recommend opting for one of the private pool villas or the rooms with direct pool access. I mean after all, you’re on holiday…right?

The Grand Pool Villa

We stayed in the Grand Pool Villa, a spacious 190sqm private villa.

The Grand Pool Villa | Ayara Kamala Resort | Hello Raya Blog
The outdoor area of the Grand Pool Villa

The villa is made up of two ‘buildings’ – one being the living room and small kitchenette area, and separate to this building is the master bedroom with it’s large (and I really mean ginormous) bathroom area. The bathroom comes fully equipped with large closet space, a large jet bathtub, and a large shower…notice how I have used the word large a few times? And between the two ‘buildings’ is my favorite part of the villa. *Drum roll* please.

The infinity pool with unobstructed views of the ocean – probably some of the best views at the resort.

Our Private Pool | Ayara Kamala Resort | Hello Raya Blog
Our infinity private pool in the villa
Our Private Pool | Ayara Kamala Resort | Hello Raya Blog
Can’t get enough of the view!

Ahhhh how I could lie all day on the sun lounge in the villa and just stare into the distance admiring the beautiful turquois blue colour of the ocean and the deep green of the lush nature surrounding the resort.

The Master Bedroom | Ayara Kamala Resort | Hello Raya Blog
The Master Bedroom
The Grand Pool Villa | Ayara Kamala Resort | Hello Raya Blog
This is only a third of the bathroom space in the Grand Pool Villa.

The master bedroom was decorated in a contemporary Thai style. The main feature of the room was a lovely painting of an elephant. In fact, the elephant was part of the overall concept of this resort. The resort explains that the term “Ayara” corresponds with the nature of elephants being kind and gentle creatures. And so the image and symbol of the elephant has been incorporated throughout the resort.

The Facilities

The resort offers a number of resort facilities for its guests, including two restaurants, a spa, a kids’ club, and a main swimming pool area.

Free wifi is provided to all guests staying at the resort. I had no issues connecting (and even getting some work done) while I was in the villa. I also found the resort had a strong wifi signal in the restaurant and pool areas.

The Main Pool at the Resort | Ayara Kamala Resort | Hello Raya Blog
The main pool at the resort


Daily breakfast is included in most room bookings and is taken at the Cradle Restaurant. The restaurant is situated where the main swimming pool is, and also has lovely views of the ocean.

The Cradle Restaurant | Ayara Kamala Resort | Hello Raya Blog
The Cradle Restaurant overlooks the main pool where you have breakfast

For breakfast the restaurant offers a good selection of food and drinks including a range of mixed juices, cereals, hot dishes and even a ‘Phuket Corner,’ which lets you tastes specialities from around here. They also offer a range of dishes you can select from their a la carte menu, which is included as part of the breakfast package.

Ayara Parlour

Ayara Parlour | Ayara Kamala Resort | Hello Raya Blog
The Ayara Parlour

Set atop the Cradle Restaurant is the Ayara Parlour. It’s a great spot to have afternoon tea or for cocktails at sunset. The main area of the parlour is glass walled, which means you’ll have some views of the ocean. But don’t feel closed in just yet, because there is an outer deck area which offers a lovely 180-degree view of the beautiful ocean, surrounding nature and the resort.

A Thai-inspired Afternoon Tea

Thai Afternoon Tea | Ayara Kamala Resort | Hello Raya Blog
The Thai Inspiring Afternoon Tea at the Ayara Parlour

Around the late afternoon, we enjoyed a Thai inspired Afternoon Tea at the Parlour. We chose to sit outside on the deck area, because the weather had cooled, and we wanted to witness the sun setting.

I tried a green tea with roasted rice, while Hubby went for a green tea with lemongrass. Then we were served a selection of canape style nibbles to enjoy with our tea, including spring rolls, fried shrimp, chicken skewers and mini muffins.

It was a lovely experience, and a great way to enjoy the late afternoon and eventually watch the sun set.

Thai Dinner

Thai Dinner | Ayara Kamala Resort | Hello Raya Blog
Enjoying a Thai Dinner in the Ayara Parlour

Another evening we opted to have a Thai dinner at the Ayara Parlour…and it was delicious.

For our starter, we had a Thai Beef Salad, probably my favorite dish of the evening. It combined cooked beef with tomato, cucumber, onion, spring onion and celery leaves… delicious! The spice level was good, enough of a kick to give the dish that extra flavour.

Then for our main we had fried chicken with cashew nuts, a Tom Yam soup and fried vegetables. And combine this with my Pina Colada cocktail, our Thai dinner was a really lovely (and romantic) evening.

Hints & Tips

The Main Pool at the Resort | Ayara Kamala Resort | Hello Raya Blog
Enjoying the view at the main pool

To make the most of your stay at the Ayara Kamala and Kamala Beach, here are a few things I recommend considering:

  • The resort offers a free shuttle service to take you to Kamala Beach. An excellent option to save you walking the hill to the resort. Don’t forget to take a towel with you!
  • Call for a tuk tuk/buggy service to take you around the resort. After a day of touring, I must admit I was tired of walking (or maybe in lazy holiday mode?). Just let the reception know and they will organise for a staff to drive you in a tuk tuk from the restaurant back to your room.
  • Do check out the Ayara Kamala’s ‘Sweet Deals’ for any special packages and discounts they are offering through their website. But best to avoid traveling to Phuket during the rainy season between September and October.

Need more reasons to visit Phuket? Check out my 10 reasons why you should visit Phuket

The Verdict

Our Private Pool | Ayara Kamala Resort | Hello Raya Blog
The pool in our villa

Hubby and I enjoyed our stay at the Ayara Kamala Resort & Spa, and do recommend it to anyone looking for a more affordable villa style resort option in Phuket.

Rooms start at around A$200 for a standard room, and A$250 for a room with a private pool.

This boutique resort offers lovely Thai hospitality, combined with the luxury of having stunning views from the cliff tops above Kamala Beach. So if you are after great customer service, million-dollar views, and a villa lifestyle that is more affordable, then the Ayara Kamala Resort & Spa is calling your name.

For more information or to make a booking, CLICK HERE.

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Villa Living at the Ayara Kamala Resort & Spa, Kamala Beach (Phuket) | Hello Raya Blog

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  1. wow what a lovely hotel, I really enjoyed you review and tip and what greats photo’s you have. I think I will be adding that hotel to my bucket list of places to stay private pool of course and I want a unicorn float to 😉

  2. I would absolutely stay here. I’m going to Thailand for the first time in March and would love to visit Phuket on that trip. I’m obsessed with the private infinity pool and your unicorn float! How fun!

  3. wow. I love the view. I went to Phuket last April and couldn’t find a good place so I stayed in Patong, which for me is too crowded. I wish I read this before so I could have better choice of a place to stay. 😀 Maybe when I come back soon.

  4. OMG I love a private villa when I travel and Thailand has some of the best. I want to be in that pool right now! How cute are the swam towels they made for your bed 🙂

  5. I love Phuket, its a great little weekend trip from home :)) I would love to experience that luxury- looks so beautiful, and usually I’m at the dodgy little hostels 😉

  6. What a pretty place! I love the details like the flowers sprinkled around the towel swans on the bed. It really screams vacation!! So, does the wonderful yummies for afternoon tea. Were they delicious? Did you venture out from the resort? I’m wondering what sort of day trips might be available.

  7. I love the way the Thai people always greet each other. I don’t particularly like the way the language sounds, but the way they say hello is absolutely beautiful. I’m also in love with your unicorn floatie. I need that in my life. I would love to stay at the Grand Pool villa to experience that infiniti pool and master bedroom.

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