Who would have ever thought that some of the best pasta I have had would be on Pulau Weh in Indonesia? Enter Bixio Café, a beachfront gem located along Long Beach in Pulau Weh, which is about short distance drive away from Iboih and Gapang Beach.

Run by husband and wife duo, Luca and Eva – they have created a menu that has brought traditional pasta recipes from the region of Emilian in Northeast Italy to Bixio Café. Eva spent several years living in Italy with her husband Luca, where she learned the art of Italian cooking. And you know what, she knows her stuff because the pasta here is to die for – and she has trained her team well. We met Leah who cooks at the restaurant, and cooked delicious pastas for us on our visit.

Bixio Cafe Long Beach in Pulau Weh | Hello Raya Blog

Bixio Cafe Long Beach in Pulau Weh | Hello Raya Blog
Hubby & I with Leah

The Menu at Bixio Cafe

The menu is filled with so many pasta choices, so there’s something for everyone on the menu. The Italian food is the way to go when you’re here. If you’re after local food, I recommend to check out other places for this.

Bixio Cafe Long Beach in Pulau Weh | Hello Raya Blog

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Pasta, Pasta, Pastaaaaaaa

There are two pastas in particular that are house-made –gnocchi and tagliatelle noodles. The other pastas such as spaghetti, penne, fusilli are not house-made noodles, however all the sauces are made from scratch. Either way, the pasta dishes are absolutely delicious, that they have us craving for more. The pastas range in price from IDR45k-IDR60k.

The gnocchi al gorgonzola (IDR60k | U$4.3) was to die for – they were soft and delicate, not tough or chewy at all. Every piece of gnocchi had a silky-smooth texture, which made it oh so delicious to each. We enjoyed ours with gorgonzola cheese. There was robust taste from the gorgonzola, which paired nicely with the gnocchi. I also would have loved to have the gnocchi simply with the basil tomato sauce, however unfortunately they had run out of this sauce.

Bixio Cafe Long Beach in Pulau Weh | Hello Raya Blog Bixio Cafe Long Beach in Pulau Weh | Hello Raya Blog Bixio Cafe Long Beach in Pulau Weh | Hello Raya Blog

Ohh and the tagliatelle al Frutti di mare (seafood tagliatelle) (IDR55k | U$4) was divine – the seafood was a great size, not too big and not too small. The pasta itself was perfectly cooked al dente and it was well seasoned, and tossed nicely into a tomato-based sauce. The sauce was well-seasoned, light and refreshing. This pasta was the highlight for us.

The spaghetti aglio olio pepperoncino (IDR45k | U$3) is a traditional style pasta that is lightly sautéed with garlic, chili, and olive oil. It was light and easy to enjoy – I just wish the chili had a bit more of a kick to it. But otherwise, the dish was well-balanced and the spaghetti was cooked just right.

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For the Sweet Tooth

For dessert – move aside pancakes (which is such a common dessert around here) – meet the Bixio house-made tiramisu (IDR35k | U$2.5). The tiramisu is divinely creamy with layers of ladyfinger biscuits that are well-soaked with a lovely coffee flavor. The only thing missing was the alcohol, but nonetheless, it was delicious.

Bixio Cafe Long Beach in Pulau Weh | Hello Raya Blog

Long Beach at Pulau Weh

The beach where you’ll find Bixio Cafe is one of the most beautiful on the island – it’s our favorite for sure. It’s white sandy beach with turquoise blue waters – perfect for a stroll, capturing those grammable pictures, and swimming.

Pulau Weh Beach - Long Beach | Hello Raya Blog Pulau Weh Beach - Long Beach | Hello Raya Blog

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The Verdict

A definitely must-visit for the best Italian food in Pulau Weh (dare I say Sumatra?). With beachside views and home-made pasta, you can’t go wrong at Bixio Café. The price point is on the higher side compared to other parts of the island, but when you consider the quality and portion of the pasta dishes, it’s worth it.

Bixio Café in Pulau Weh is open every day except Tuesdays. On the weekends, it can get busy and waiting times can be a bit long – so try to avoid the weekends if you can. Otherwise get there early for lunch.

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