I’m Soraya and welcome to Hello Raya!

It’s a pleasure to have you here. 

Hello Raya is where I share my adventures around Australia & Southeast Asia.

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My Story

You know that travel bug? I have been well and truly nipped, infinite times.

I grew up in a family of travellers, who love nothing more than exploring and discovering this vast and magnificent world of ours. I was born in Australia, but I am half Swiss and half Malaysian – a third culture kid some might say.

Snorkeling | About | Hello Raya Blog
Snorkeling in Phuket, Thailand

As a family, we moved every few years due to the expatriate lifestyle. Although at times it was enduring, I am forever grateful of the life experiences. And so I have spent my life roaming the world, exploring new cities, eating new foods, making new friends across cultures and chasing the sunshine.

Now the idea of ‘settling down’ eludes me. And so now my home is where my feet have graced the earth, wherever that may be. And of course wherever my family is!

Satay in Singapore | About | Hello Raya Blog
Eating Satay in Singapore

I believe that every day is another opportunity to learn something new – that through experiences in travel and food, we can grow as individuals and expand our connections as a global community.

So I hope that you will follow me along this journey through travel, food & sunshine. I want to share my lifelong experiences of travel and food with you to help enrich your days and inspire you to explore the beautiful world that surrounds us.

Welcome to Hello Raya, the home of travel, food and a pocket full of sunshine. All the photos on this blog are mine (unless stated otherwise), taken on my journeys around the world. I only share about places and experiences that I recommend – if it’s not worth visiting, it won’t get posted.

My Travel Style

I am a slow traveller. Meaning I like to take my time when I travel.

Most of the places that I have travelled to, I have really gotten know. Whatever country I lived in whilst growing up, we spent a great deal of time travelling around.

Hot Air Balloon Wadi Rum | Things to do in Wadi Rum | Jordan | Hello Raya Blog
Hot Air Balloon Wadi Rum, Jordan

I now apply the same philosophy when I travel today. I try to spend at least a couple of weeks travelling a country or city  – exploring its culture, appreciating its history, trying new foods and meeting the locals.

 Where I have travelled to so far…

Australia | Austria | Canada | China | Dubai | Egypt | France | Germany | Indonesia | Italy | Japan | Jordan | Kenya | Laos | Liechtenstein | Malaysia | Netherlands | Singapore | South Korea | Spain | Switzerland | Tanzania | ThailandTurkey | United Kingdom | United StatesVietnam

And the many cities!

Start exploring your destinations here.

Winter in Switzerland | About | Hello Raya Blog
In Switzerland during winter

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