There is a lot to do in Cameron Highlands.

From different farms to visit, to a number of tea plantations, to a whole lot of restaurants to eat at. But to be real honest with you…while there is so much to do, not all of it is worthwhile, especially if you are limited in time.

So to help you make the most of your time in this beautiful part of Malaysia, I have put together 9 things to do that are worth your time to do and see in Cameron Highlands.

Explore the Tea Plantations at the Cameron Bharat Tea Estate

The Cameron Bharat Tea Estate | Things to do in Cameron Highlands | Hello Raya Blog
Overlooking the Cameron Bharat Tea Estate

Cameron Highlands has a history with tea. In fact, the first tea plantations were seen in the early 1900’s. There are a number of plantations that you can visit, where you can sip on tea and shop away.

But I say, go beyond the cafes and gift shops, and actually explore the tea plantations. I have found that the best one for this is at the Cameron Bharat Tea Estate, where you will actually get to walk through the estate and explore. One thing I absolutely love about the tea plantations in Cameron Highlands is that they are so photogenic. So take your time, explore, and appreciate where your local tea comes from!

Relax over Afternoon Tea at the Jim Thompson Tea Room

What better way they to enjoy the local brew then with pastries, scones and cute little sandwiches.

Afternoon Tea at the Jim Thompson Tea Room | Cameron Highlands Resort, Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog
Enjoying afternoon tea in the Jim Thompson Tea Room
Afternoon Tea at the Jim Thompson Tea Room | Things to do in Cameron Highlands | Hello Raya Blog
Sampling Boh Tea during afternoon tea

The Jim Thompson Tea Room, at the Cameron Highlands Resort, showcases the local Boh Tea selection, while offering up delicious afternoon tea delights to pair with it. It’s a lovely way to spend the late afternoon and relax after a day of touring.

Explore the Mossy Forest

Mossy Forest | Things to do in Cameron Highlands | Hello Raya Blog
The view over the hills at Mossy Forest

The Mossy Forest is one of the oldest forests in Malaysia, apparently over 2 million years old. Why is this forest called the Mossy Forest? Because it is filled with moss. Due to the altitude, the area provides the perfect environment for moss, and it absorbs water from the air, clouds and rain to help it grow. Here’s another fun fact – you’ll notice that the bamboo grows very thin in the mossy forest. The reason for this is because the moss takes up most of the water in the forest.

Mossy Forest | Things to do in Cameron Highlands | Hello Raya Blog
The moss grows everywhere in the Mossy Forest
Mossy Forest | Things to do in Cameron Highlands | Hello Raya Blog
The lovely fern that grows inside the Mossy Forest

About 70% of the plants found in the Mossy Forest can be used for medicinal purposes – for instance, you’ll find leaves including citronella, and even 60 varieties of ginger. But whatever you do…please respect the forest and don’t go picking plants.

I recommend doing a tour with Eco Cameron to learn more about this part of Cameron Highlands. The tours are affordable, and even includes a hotel pick up and drop off.

Enjoy Strawberries & Salad at the Big Red Strawberry Farm

There are many strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands. Each claiming to be the best and offering all kinds of deals to lure you in. I’ve been to a number of them and wasn’t too impressed, until I came by the Big Red Strawberry Farm, which is worth a visit.

Big Red Strawberry Farm | Things to do in Cameron Highlands | Hello Raya Blog
Strawberries growing at the Big Red Strawberry Farm

Not only does the farm plant strawberries, but they also plant other hydroponic vegetables, including the best looking salad.  The farm is clean, it’s well maintained, and so easy to manoeuvre through. Plus, it is also possible to learn more about the art of hydroponics farming – when you arrive, ask the reception about a tour.

Big Red Strawberry Farm | Things to do in Cameron Highlands | Hello Raya Blog
The hydroponics salad look amazing…like flowers.

There is a gift shop and café, which sells all things strawberry. And when I saw all things strawberry… I mean it. From strawberry plush toys, coffee, candy, chocolate, fruit loop, cookies etc. If you are craving that strawberry fix, then the gift shop and café is calling your name.

Hike to see the rare Rafflesia Flower

The Rafflesia Flower is the largest flower in the world, and only grows in very select parts of Southeast Asia. Once in bloom, the flower lives for up to one week, with the first few days being the best time to see it.


It is rare to see the Rafflesia Flower, so tour companies such as Eco Cameron will hold last minute tours to see this unique flower. So if this is something you would love to see, sign up with Eco Cameron to let them know you are interested, and they will keep you in the loop when the Rafflesia Flower has been spotted.

Learn about Tea Production at the Boh Sungei Palas plantation

I’ve said it earlier that Cameron Highlands has had a history with tea, and today there are several tea plantations set up in the area. Boh Tea is the largest tea company in Malaysia and have 3 plantations, 2 of them are located in Cameron Highlands itself and can be visited.

The best one to visit is the Sungei Palas tea plantation. The whole setup is much better for visitors, and here you can learn more about how tea is produced. If you want to actually visit the factory, it is possible to join one of the free factory tours which lasts 5-8 minutes.

Boh Tea Sungei Palas | Things to do in Cameron Highlands | Hello Raya Blog
The tea plantation at the Boh Tea Sungei Palas plantation
Boh Tea Sungei Palas | Things to do in Cameron Highlands | Hello Raya Blog
Enjoying tea & scones at the Boh Tea Sungei Palas plantation

When you are at Sungei Palas, check out the café, which has a lovely deck area overlooking the plantation. If you are after tea, definitely give one of the loose leaf teas a try – it’s much better quality than the tea bag. Also, try the Nasi Lemak cheesecake – sounds super odd at first, but it’s unique tasting and I have never seen it anywhere else before.

Keep Warm over a Steamboat Meal

Steamboat is a form of a hot pot. Basically on the table is a metal pot filled with a broth of your choice, and in that broth you place your choice of vegetables, dumpling, noodles, meat and seafood to let it cook.

Steamboat at Gonbei | Things to do in Cameron Highlands | Hello Raya Blog
Enjoying a steamboat dinner at the Gonbei restaurant at the Cameron Highlands Resort
Steamboat at Gonbei | Things to do in Cameron Highlands | Hello Raya Blog
Steamboat meal

While most parts of Malaysia are hot and humid, the weather in Cameron Highlands is quite cool. In fact, in the evenings you may even need to put on a sweater. So because of the cooler weather in this region, steamboat has become very popular and worth enjoying while here.

Some restaurants that I recommend trying steamboat includes Gonbei, Ferm Nyonya, and Cameron Organic Produce Steamboat Restaurant.

Learn More about Organic Farming at the Hatiku Organic Farm

The Hatiku Organic Farm is one of the only organic farms in Cameron Highlands, and is so different from the monocrop farms (growing only 1 variety of plants) you see in the area. It is a smaller farm, but it is worth a visit just to meet the owner.

Mr Fung at the Hatiku Organic Farm | Things to do in Cameron Highlands | Hello Raya Blog
Meeting Mr Fung at the Hatiku Organic Farm

The owner Mr Fung calls himself ‘one crazy greenman,’ and he has a true love and passion for organic farming. The whole philosophy of this farm is around learning how to appreciate nature, and working with it in order to maintain balance. The Hatiku Organic Farm plants over 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables, and the farm is planting and harvesting every single day. The farm is constantly rotating their harvest, which helps to keep the farm more sustainable in the long run. By rotating crops, Mr Fung is able to maintain the fertility of the soil.

Hatiku Organic Farm | Things to do in Cameron Highlands | Hello Raya Blog
I picked a few organic cherry tomatoes to try…and they were so sweet and delicious.
Hatiku Organic Farm | Things to do in Cameron Highlands | Hello Raya Blog
Tiny baby tomatoes

Mr Fung’s farm works with a number of restaurants in Singapore who promote the whole ‘farm to table’ movement. He also sells his produces to a number of boutique grocery stores in Kuala Lumpur.

To visit, get in contact with Mr Fung via his Whatsapp (+6019-278-5797) or email ( It is approximately RM10 to visit, and Mr Fung will take you around the farm and chat with you about his love for organic farming. It is also possible to buy some organic vegetables from the farm, but it all depends on the supply available.

Indulge in a Tea Bath & Spa Treatment at the Spa Village

With all the exploration, hiking, shopping, tea drinking, and eating you will do in Cameron Highlands, you’ll need some time off at the spa. The Spa Village is a lovely retreat to help you relax and rejuvenate in Cameron Highlands.

Before you start your treatment, you are offered to soak in their signature tea bath – yes a bath filled with tea. It’s such a unique and great way to relax before you start your treatment.

Spa Village | Things to do in Cameron Highlands | Hello Raya Blog
The Spa Village
Tea Bath at the Spa Village | Things to do in Cameron Highlands | Hello Raya Blog
Indulge in a tea bath, before you start your treatment at the Spa Village

The Spa Village offers a variety of treatments to choose from, using many ingredients that have been locally sourced in Cameron Highlands. For more information or to book your next treatment, click here.

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Worthwhile & Enchanting Excitements in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog
Worthwhile & Enchanting Excitements in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia | Hello Raya Blog

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  1. You definitely had me at strawberries and tea! Those are two of my most favorite things in the world. I had no idea that the tea plantation had a long history dating back to the 1900’s! I’ve always wanted to do the high tea thing and relax with a bunch of scones and the Cameron Highlands Resort seems like the perfect place to do so.

  2. What a lush, magical place this is! Is this the same Jim Thompson of the mysterious house in Bangkok? I would love to check into that spa for a while. My achy body from lugging kids around and sleeping on my Korean mattress could reaaaaaally use it!

  3. Moss gardens and strawberries and endless green hills. yes, yes YES PLEASE! Who knew all this was in Malaysia. Beautiful photos and great ideas for an itinerary. Just another place I need to see in Asia.

    • I know! This is totally on my bucket list and I would love to see it one day. When I went to CH, the flower was not in bloom so it was not possible to see it.

  4. I am not a big fan of damp and sweaty rainforesty, but this looks like my kind of trip! I’d love to check out the strawberries! I find it such a fascinating fruit! Your trip looks lovely, putting it on the list.

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  6. What a refreshingly different perspective of Malaysia. The tea gardens are such a treat, love tea gardens. In India, we have Darjeeling which has tea gardens. Cameron Highlands reminds me of Darjeeling. The organic farming is another thing that would interest me a lot.

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  8. Cameron Highlands looks just beautiful!! We missed Malaysia out on on our Asia tour and reading this makes me so gutted! It is firmly on my bucket list for our next trip!

  9. Must’ve been cool to see a rare flower such as the Rafflesia Flower! And wow that view at the Boh Sungei Palas Plantation is absolutely breathtaking!!! Glad to see you enjoyed it. Definitely adding Cameron Highlands to my bucket list, thanks for sharing!

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    Thank you for inspiring me for my trip to Cameron Highlands, you have a lovely blog with lots of good insiders tips. All the best for 2017! Angela

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