28 Hong Kong Street is a boutique bar in Singapore that topped #1 on the Asia’s 50 Best Bars list, and is currently sitting at #7 in the world.

Being the organiser and researcher that I am, I did check out their website to find out more, but there wasn’t much information about the place. Facebook gave me their opening days and hours, but that was it. And so, being even more curious, Hubby and I decided to check out the bar whilst in Singapore.

We arrived to 28 Hong Kong Street, to what looked like a closed bar. “This couldn’t be where the bar is… could it?” I said to Hubby. It had to be it, because Google Maps told us that 28 Hong Kong Street was located here.

Entrance | 28 Hong Kong Street | Hello Raya Blog
The Entrance at 28 Hong Kong Street

With only 1 lamp hanging over a door and a small lock on it, the premise looked closed. We kept looking around the building trying to figure out the trick to getting into to this so called top bar in Singapore. It took us a while, but we figured out that the door at 28 Hong Kong Street does in fact open, despite it looking like it was closed. It must have been the hipster thing to do – weigh down the expectations only to receive a grander entrance.

And so we went in and was amazed that this secret nook on Hong Kong Street actually existed.

The Space & Seating

The space was cosy and hip. There were booth seating along the one side of the wall, with a few tables on the other side and a number of seats along the bar.

Cocktails | 28 Hong Kong Street | Hello Raya Blog
Our fantastic bartender – Joma – from 28 Hong Kong Street

The atmosphere was great – they played chilled lounge/house music, which made it easy to have a conversation, because I could actually hear Hubby when he spoke. And I loved the look and feel of the place. The bar was nicely lit up showcasing the variety of spirits and flavourings. It definitely looked impressive.

There wasn’t ample of seating available, and I would advise to make a reservation if you are planning to go. We went on a Tuesday and the only seating available to us was at the bar area. By 9pm, the bar quickly filled up and people were standing over us waiting to grab our seats.

The Experience

We sat at the bar area and upon arrival, one of the bartenders greeted us asking for our name and then he introduced himself as Joma. He was friendly and helped us to select the right cocktail based on our taste and mood.

Cocktail at 28 Hong Kong Street | Hello Raya Blog
The ‘Fresh to Death’ Gin based cocktail with the ‘Mac N’ Cheese balls,’ which are panko crusted and dusted with truffle salt – yum!

I loved sitting at the bar because I just watched in admiration as the bartenders prepared cocktail after cocktail. I loved it because each drink was prepared with extreme precision and care. I felt as if I was watching a Master Chef at work in the kitchen or an Artist at work in the studio.

Together with Hubby, we had 4 different cocktails, and all of them was delicious. If I had to pick the one I liked the best, it would have been the “Hard to Port,” which is from their Memory Lane selection.  It combined High West Double Rye Porter Reduction with lemon, egg white and all spice. My favorite bit was when Joma sprayed the numbers ‘28’ on the foam of my cocktail, which decorated it nicely.

Cocktail at 28 Hong Kong Street | Hello Raya Blog
The ‘Hard to Port’ Cocktail at 28 Hong Kong Street
Cocktail at 28 Hong Kong Street | Hello Raya Blog
Apparently not on the current menu, but specially made to order

The Verdict

We loved it and will be back again!

Having been opened for a few years now, the bar was well kept and maintained. The staff were all very friendly and professional, and this truly made the experience of a high standard.

Every single drink was prepared with absolute care and thought. Hubby had a cocktail which included a nice square shaped ice cube, which was a size of a mini rubrics cube. The ice had the number ‘28’ engraved into it, which I thought was such a nice touch.

The price per cocktail averages between S$20-25, but is well worth it because of the good quality of ingredients, the extreme care taken to prepare it, the friendly customer service and fantastic atmosphere of the bar. 28 Hong Kong Street is open Monday to Saturday from 6pm onwards. I highly recommend making a reservation to secure your spot.

If you would like to see more things to do in Singapore, here is my post about things to do at Marina Bay Sands – another place worth visiting!

To Visit

28 Hong Kong Street Bar

28 Hong Kong Street


For reservations, call +65 6533 2001

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Cocktails at 28 Hong Kong Street, Singapore | Hello Raya Blog


Please note that all food & drinks was independently paid for and no compensation was received for this review.

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  1. I’m so glad you persevered and opened the door! I must admit, I probably would have walked away. Love the engraved ice cubes. 🙂

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