The festive season’s in full swing, and Kuala Lumpur is far from short of festive offerings. The city’s celebrating and we can’t get enough…and something even more magical has happened at Copper, Kuala Lumpur.

Something transformational.

Something oh-so-delicious.

Something Potter-licious.

Copper Kuala Lumpur - Fantastic Beasts Dinner | Hello Raya Blog

Copper Kuala Lumpur - Fantastic Beasts Dinner | Hello Raya Blog

Copper Kuala Lumpur - Fantastic Beasts Dinner | Hello Raya Blog

If you’re a true Potterhead, then you would’ve known that Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Gindelwald was recently released. This is the second film in the five-part saga by director David Yates, the very same man behind the final four Harry Potter movies.

Celebrating its release and taking inspiration from the new Fantastic Beasts movie, Copper by FAV hosted their themed dinner, Fantastic Beasts Degustation Nights on 14 and 15 December 2018. The dinner was a 5-course degustation menu created by Chef Chai, and paired with 4 delicious drink concoctions by mixologist Zeehan.

Copper in Kuala Lumpur is a modern European fare owned by married couple Chai Chun Boon and Zeehan Zahari. Over the past years, Copper Kuala Lumpur hosted several themed dinners including a Star Wars one. Two years ago, the team at Copper ran a Harry Potter themed dinner, which was a great success. Previously the dinner was more casual, so this time around they set to do things a tad differently.

This year, the Fantastic Beast dinner was more refined, using complex European cooking techniques and interesting ingredients. And what’s even more different, each course was paired with a non-alcoholic concoction, also carefully curated to the dinner’s theme…even including the quintessential butterbeer, which is a must at any Potter do.

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The Fantastic Beasts Dining Experience at Copper, Kuala Lumpur

Grab your wands, hide your gold, and get ready for a magical dinner adventure as Copper transforms into the Wizarding World, with a hint of 1920’s New York.

The room is filled with Potter-spired and Fantastic Beasts knick-knacks, decoration, and books, that you’d be forgiven for thinking you had teleported back to 1920’s New York.

On one end, a desk filled with books, journals, and scientific drawings. Niffler even made an appearance through a collection of scientific drawings that filled the backdrop. Sit back, relax, grab yourself a copy of the Transfiguration Today, and immerse yourself into Newt Scamander’s world.

Copper Kuala Lumpur - Fantastic Beasts Dinner | Hello Raya Blog

Copper Kuala Lumpur - Fantastic Beasts Dinner | Hello Raya Blog

The main dining table was beautifully laid out in the middle, and was decorated right down to the micro detail. The menu was still a mystery. Placed on every setting, the menu was wax sealed with the Hogwarts emblem to maintain the secrecy of the dinner until everyone was seated.

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A Fantastical Dinner

After admiring all the details in the decoration and the way the room transformed, everyone took their seats; each of us eager to open the menu to find out what our magical dinner was going to look like.

We were all strangers on the table, but with a common shared love for all things Potter and the wizarding world, so naturally all conversations went straight to it. It was perfect – immediately we all bonded, and the fun and energy of the dinner was well underway.

Each just as eager as the other, we picked up the menu and unveiled the pickings for this magical feast. Our eyes widened as we each tried to imagine what every course might look like – what magic did Chef Chai and Zeehan have in store for us?

Copper Kuala Lumpur - Fantastic Beasts Dinner | Hello Raya Blog

As we all admired the menu, we were first served water infused with lemongrass as a palate cleanser – could this be giggle water? The 5-course dinner was carefully curated to reflect various scenes from the second instalment of the Fantastic Beasts movie.

First Course – For the Greater Good

The First Course Menu
Colliding Worlds

Hot savoury custard, cold vanilla espuma, truffle

Grindewald’s revolution to destroy the peace between the wizarding and the no-majs (also known as the muggles) world serves as inspiration for the first course. You see, before Tom Riddle, otherwise also known as “He Who Must Not Be Named” became the most powerful and dangerous wizard, there was Gellert Grindelwald, a very dangerous half-blood wizard and prison escapee.

Zeehan brought out the first course – hot savoury custard and cold vanilla espuma topped with truffle filled inside a sterilized eggshell. It sat on a bed of what looked like hay. With a blow tourch in hand, Zeehan lit up the hay in a spectacle and slowly the light scent of smokey hay filled the room.

Copper Kuala Lumpur - Fantastic Beasts Dinner | Hello Raya BlogCopper Kuala Lumpur - Fantastic Beasts Dinner | Hello Raya Blog

This dish was a combination of all senses – it looked beautiful on the plate and the flame onto the hay was a real spectacle. The smokey scent of the hay filled our noses as we dove into trying this savory yet sweet first course.

In the mouth, the warmth of the savory custard combined with the cooling vanilla espuma (a type of mousse) was a very interesting sensation – a colliding of two worlds you might say.

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Second Course – Mist Over London, and the Meeting of Newt & Dumbledore

The Second Course Menu
Newt’s Ostreidea

Oyster, pineapple gazpacho, dill

Dumbledore’s Nebulous Mist

Grape vinegar, chrysanthemum tea, sakura, lychee

A refreshingly delicious second course – a beautifully decorated oyster marinated with a pineapple gazpacho and dill. Upon presentation, the oyster sat on top of the bubbling Dumbledore’s Nebulous Mist drink…because what Fantastic Beasts dinner would be complete without a little bit of magic.

Copper Kuala Lumpur - Fantastic Beasts Dinner | Hello Raya BlogCopper Kuala Lumpur - Fantastic Beasts Dinner | Hello Raya Blog

The drink was a bubbling concoction using grape vinegar, chrysanthemum tea, sakura, and lychee. The base was a rich blue color that tasted like Hubba Bubba bubble gum – ahh childhood memories. And to add to the drama, the mist over London, dry ice in the drink created a spectacular bubble-like mist that rose from the glass.

Third Course – Le Cirque Arcanus & the magical creatures and beasts

The Third Course Menu
Seared Western Seaboard Kappa

Sesame crusted blue fin tuna, crystalized ice plant, quinoa, herb emulsion, citrus peilla vinaigrette

Maledictus Charm

Cucumber, lemongrass, kaffir lime, telang ice

The travelling wizarding show, Circus Arcanus, served as inspiration for our third course, with Nagini the Maledictus (also known as Snake Girl) making a special appearance through our drink.

Burnt cucumber rind sat on top the drink adding a lovely smokey aroma to this concoction. You could feel Nagini’s presence through the burnt orange rind, and the telang ice (using butterfly pea) transformed the drink from a pale green to a pink color – just like Nagini’s curse that transformed her into a snake. This was one of my favorite drinks of the evening – the cucumber flavor of the drink was refreshing and paired deliciously well with the tuna…which oh my, how I could have this dish over and over again.

Copper Kuala Lumpur - Fantastic Beasts Dinner | Hello Raya Blog

The quality of the blue fin tuna was top notch and it was oh-so-fresh. The tuna was lightly seared topped with a lovely herb emulsion and citrus vinaigrette. The buttery tuna paired perfectly with the crunchy quinoa. And to top it all off, crystalline ice plant decorated the plate but also added a wonderful balance to the flavor and texture of this overall dish.

Fourth Course – Lestrange Tomb & Père Lachaise Meeting

The Fourth Course Menu
Fallen Raven

Black silkie chicken, bluecheese, chicken chorizo sauce 

Raven’s Blood

Warm mulling spices, vintense na merlot, ginger

The Lestrange Tomb, located at the Père Lachaise cemetery in the northern side of Paris serves as inspiration for the main course. Deep below the Père Lachaise cemetery, Grindelwald holds a rally sharing with the wizarding world his plan to destroy the no-majs’ (muggles) world – setting the stage for the showdown where the wizards have to pick between the forces of good or evil.

On the plate was a black coloured chicken – at first you might think it was burned. However Zeehan explains that this is called silkie chicken and is actually naturally black in color….Oh and did I mention how cute these chickens are? I dare you…google them!

Copper Kuala Lumpur - Fantastic Beasts Dinner | Hello Raya BlogThe meat itself is flavourful and so Chef Chai kept the seasoning of the chicken relatively simple – he first brined the chicken for 24 hours in salt and sugar water, before charcoal grilling. Paired with the chicken is a chorizo sauce which added a wonderful spicy kick to the meal. Mixed into the sauce is a combination of chicken chorizo, chicken feet skin, chicken gizzard and chicken heart.

Copper Kuala Lumpur - Fantastic Beasts Dinner | Hello Raya Blog

Whilst the festive season is a time for mulled wine, the Raven’s Blood drink served as inspiration for the Pere Lachaise scene. This non-alcoholic mulled wine was beautifully warm and topped with a deliciously cold creamy top. The combination of the cold creamy top and the warm merlot base was an interesting sensation, quite like the experience in our first course. This drink surprisingly balanced well with the chicken and it helped to cut through the spicy kick and bring the whole dish together.

The Finale Course – Hogwarts We’re Home

The final course brings us back to Hogwarts in the wizarding world with nostalgic treats to warm the soul.

Dumbledore’s Acid Pops

“P.S….I enjoy Acid Pops” Dumbledore once wrote in a note to Harry Potter, which soon proved to be the password to enter Dumbledor’s office at Hogwarts. Whilst the acid pop for this dinner was not in the shape of a lollipop like sold at Honeydukes Sweetshop, it was a delicious chewable that had a citrus flavor.

Copper Kuala Lumpur - Fantastic Beasts Dinner | Hello Raya Blog

Copper Kuala Lumpur - Fantastic Beasts Dinner | Hello Raya Blog

Honeyduke’s Shock-o-Choc

The Shock-o-Choc is a chocolate sold at Honeydukes Sweetshop. In Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, Colin Creevey together with Harry Potter sent a box of the Shock-o-Choc that were filled with howlers saying really rude things to the Inquisitorial Squad.

Copper Kuala Lumpur - Fantastic Beasts Dinner | Hello Raya Blog

Copper Kuala Lumpur - Fantastic Beasts Dinner | Hello Raya Blog

Copper’s version of these ‘shocking’ chocolates were a chocolate cup filled with a chestnut cream and a hint of truffle.

Queenie’s Apple Strudel

QUEENIE: Hey, Mr. Scamander, you prefer pie or strudel?

NEWT: I really don’t have a preference

Queenie looks at Jacob and says…

QUEENIE: You prefer strudel, huh, honey? Strudel it is.

Of course, Queenie’s magical apple strudel made an appearance at this fantastical dinner…with a twist. While in the movie Queenie’s apple strudel is a long rectangular shape perfect for sharing, Copper’s versions are mini bite size perfect for each of us individually. The strudel was slightly crunchy, and it was tart and not overly sweet.

Copper Kuala Lumpur - Fantastic Beasts Dinner, Queenie's Apple Strudel | Hello Raya BlogCopper Kuala Lumpur - Fantastic Beasts Dinner, Queenie's Apple Strudel | Hello Raya Blog


“Under the influence of butterbeer”

Copper Kuala Lumpur - Fantastic Beasts Dinner Butterbeer | Hello Raya Blog

No Potter-spired dinner would ever be complete without the forever loved wizarding beverage, the Butterbeer. The only thing missing was a walk down Hogsmeade to pay two sickles at the Hog’s Head.

Copper’s butterbeer is made using a non-alcoholic beer infused with root beer as the base topped with a delicious creamy buttery form, salted popcorn and caramelized pecans.

Copper Kuala Lumpur - Fantastic Beasts Dinner Butterbeer | Hello Raya Blog

The drink was quite delicious, and it did bring back memories of when Hubby and I visited the Wizard World of Harry Potter at the Universal Studios in Los Angeles. The bitterness of the beer combined with the sweetness of the butterscotch was well-balanced and so easy to drink.

Two sickles for another one please!

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The Verdict

A Feast Fit for a Wizard

The creative minds behind this fantastical dinner, Chef Chai and Zeehan really pushed the boundaries and pulled off an ever so magical dinner that we’ll be dreaming about for years to come. We were transported into another world filled with wizarding magic, and for a moment we all forgot we were still in Malaysia.

Copper hosts themed dinners about 3-4 times a year, and Chef Chai and Zeehan go all out to bring it together– from the decoration to the lighting to the scents to the tastes to the everything.

At the helm of the kitchen, Chef Chai served up food that was delicious, well-balanced, and used such quality ingredients. And the beverage was truly interesting – an amazing creativity brought to you by master mixologist Zeehan. This particular dinner was RM220 per person (U$53 | A$73) which was well-worth it considering every single element that went to putting this event together.

Copper Kuala Lumpur - Fantastic Beasts Dinner Butterbeer | Hello Raya Blog

Located on the 5th floor of the Menara Shell building in Kuala Lumpur is where you’ll find Copper by FAV, a modern European restaurant. The restaurant is alcohol-free, but don’t worry because Zeehan has created a wonderful menu filled with great drink options so you won’t go thirsty.

Copper is open every day except for Sunday and you can book your table at Copper here. And if you want to attend one of their themed dinners, keep an eye out on Copper’s Facebook page for more information.

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  1. Copper looks an amazing restaurant! I really wish I discovered your article before I visited KL last year! (Can we just agree how amazing KL is?!?) I love how detailed your post is on the menu, the atmosphere and the service, as all three are very important when enjoying a restaurant experience. Also your pictures of the food are making me very hungry!!

  2. This is a completely new experience. I have never seen such a place hosting such different themed dinners. The photos are incredible and the whole concept is totally unique. I would love a Potter-dedicated dinner.

  3. I am not a Potterhead unfortunately but I do find the idea of themed dinners really exciting. I have never been for a themed dinner but I can imagine what one would be like. Copper in Kuala Lumpur looks pretty decent and I loved how they’ve manifested the theme of the movie in the small details.

  4. OMG…… what an incredible culinary experience! I love Harry Potter but not quite the fanatical Potter head but I reckon I would have loved it. So much detail in the decorations and theming and so much thought went into the food! Love their take on the Acid Pops….. that for some reason I do remember reading! Very, very cool.

  5. This is an awesome themed! I don’t think Harry Potter trend will fade away because of its awesome stories that are good in all ages. You gave me an idea for our next dinner party!

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  7. Copper looks an amazing restaurant and now I regret not visiting it while I was in KL. I have never seen any other restaurant that hosts so many different themed dinners. The Harry Potter themed dinner looks awesome! I absolutely love the concept! Thanks for sharing this and letting us know about this restaurant

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