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Eating in Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

Ikan Bakar | Eating in Yogyakarta | Hello Raya Blog

I am always on the look out for local food to try wherever I travel. I find sampling local food provides valuable insight into the culture of a place. I also find that it helps me connect more with the place I am visiting, and in this case it’s Yogyakarta. Having lived in Yogyakarta as a […] Read more…

Places to Visit in Indonesia, outside of Bali

Lhoknga River | Places to Visit in Indonesia | Hello Raya Blog

When it comes to traveling in Indonesia, the place that first comes to mind is Bali. But there are so many other places to visit in Indonesia, that are simply breathtaking and worth the effort. I have spent a great deal of time in Indonesia, having lived a total of 5 years there. During my time […] Read more…